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The only true tale of the strangest family in the land. A bunch of misfits in race, stature and outlook who only get along because “Dad sez so” and will have us all doing chores around the farm as the alternative.

The story starts in Wolsingham – A tiny fishing and farming community by the sea. Our father Kerwin is selling up the family farm and moving somewhere a little smaller. Time for the ragtag bunch of youngsters to move out!

Dad never explained where we all came from and our mother Madaline died 12 years ago. The only thing we can be sure of is that we were all adopted….

The world as you know it


The Kings realm stretches from East to West, coast to coast. Restricted by mountains in the main to the north and gently fading in power and influence to the south where vast plains and little rain make farming difficult and habitation by decent folk a rarity.

The Kings realm was not always so peaceful. Not three generations ago the empire was split into 5 individual waring fiefdoms; Ewland, Berwick, Egmanton, Strathland and Kilmuirland. Bitter fighting reduced many of the lands to over taxed and over levied ghost towns. That was until the Church of Kord managed to forge an alliance between the nations and united them under a single King. Since then Kord has been the patron deity of the Kings Realm.

To the north-west of the realm is a colder and more stark land; Frequent downpours wash away the topsoil making farming almost impossible with flashfloods liable to carry off whole villages. This vast swathe of land continues to the north jutting to a jagged set of mountains also extending in that direction. Hobgoblins, Orcs and goblins are known to live in this land in great numbers as well as many of the other green races. In the past there have been border wars where food shortage in the north have driven the creatures to pillage farm stocks. A few years ago there was one raid too many and the baron at the time eventually put a force together (after much petitioning) capable of driving the raiders back into their own lands.

Far to the north-east is the great Wyld Forest. Through the southern section of this great wood lies Wylds Way; a great road that joins the east to west; running for some 2000 miles in as straight a line as was practicably possible.

Your village, Wolsingham, is nestled at the very western edge of the Kings realm next to the sea. To the west of Wolsingham is Brides Bay beyond which lies the Raging Sea which extends beyond most local peoples experiences. Within this sea are many small islands, some of which are near enough to be visited on a quiet summers day. Wolsingham itself is primarily a farming community though with the border to the north being so close there’s definitely a martial element to the area. There’s obligatory training in the martial arts for all those not already undergoing tutelage in other more intellectual or spiritual pursuits.

The weather in Wolsingham is temperate with mild winters and pleasant summers. Spring brings the emergence of various crops and the gamboling of lambs under the warming sun.

There are many other land masses upon the world, of which the realm of King Artemis III is but one.


One of the 5 great nations that merged to form the Kings realm.


A small town of some 7000 inhabitants, Wheloon is mostly known as a border town between the Kings realm to the east and the great plains of Tasseldale to its SW. A great cathedral to Pelor has been built in the town, bringing some of the Splendour of the Kings realm further west.

To the far East

The over-riding authority in the realm is the King, currently Artemis III. A benevolent leader seeking the best for all those under his protection. On a smaller scale are a number of barons responsible for maintaining law and order, collecting taxes and keeping the general populace both under control and safe from the many dangers in the world. In reality the law-keepers and protective forces of the realm are very much gathered in the east where the three great cities of the realm are; Bewcastle (where the king has his seat of power), Gilsand and Lanercost. To the far south, and to a much lesser extent the west, people who venture out that far do so at their own risk.


Many hundreds of small islands are dotted around the Kings realm.

One such island is the sub-tropical Mortabi island. Here, two small tribes eeked out an uneasy existence separated by a small volcano and some ancient temples. A corrupting black smoke was also encountered.

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The Journals of Sparrowhawk

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