The Journals of Sparrowhawk

Chapter 57 - The Final Days (Part 2)

We enter the final season (autumn / Decay) and approach the tree.

We are attacked by massive swarms of insects while we take out the tree.

The tree is felled relatively easily but a caster made of insects proves much harder to combat.
It stops time and moves around the decaying battlefield, drawing the life from the party.

We manage to hurt the insect mage and it vanishes into a pile of insects.

We move to the plinth and place the Autumn disc into it where it clicks into place.

As the part move out of the room the insect mage reappears and starts to move towards the plinth. Sparrowhawk engages again and drives it off but it escapes before being destroyed. The disk is recovered.

We return and place all 4 symbols into the four pillars. The woods around the centre area vanish allowing us to progress.

This area contains thick forest that claws at the party.

The druid and an even larger tree attack the party. The tree runs over us twice and the druid mounts a large wolf and moves quickly around the area. A summoned celestial creature summons walls of force and hampers the tree’s movement while Sparrowhawk strikes the head off the wolf.

Tor suggests that the druid may be linked to the tree in some way and suggests that we kill it first. After a truly epic battle with the tree Sparrowhawk finally fells it despite the druid repeatedly healing it.

The plane appears to start to collapse in on itself when the tree falls. The druid becomes incoherent and while Sparrowhawk tries to get her to fall back and save what wildlife that she can she attacks uncontrollably.

Just before she is felled the druid burrows into the ground. Templeton manages to dimension door out but the rest of the party are stuck within by spells cast upon them. The brier wall has reformed and appears impenetrable – we exit via the hole that has formed in the ground and fall with the rest of the contents of the plane.

We get back to the castle and the Chancellor and a host of demons appear to have taken over the castle. He tries to tell us that he is here to help.

He led Teghan along a successful path to fulfil her role. She has ascended and gone beyond the mortal. She has released her father father and in doing so released her own divinity. She has gone into the prison and Azumray has come out.

The Storm Lord is appreciated for nurturing Teghan and then abandoning her. He gives Tor a gift of the head of King Artimis saying that this will help post sunrise as he was our enemy.
Tor accepts the head but offers no thanks.

Do you still wish to become the sun – Yes
Is Azumray is a real God – Yes
Can Azumray be re-imprisoned – No
Can Azumray be killed – Yes
Does Azumray have any weaknesses – Unknown
Do you wish to become a sun as quickly as possible – Yes
Will you ascend as Aurora did and ascend in a way which will allow followers to pray to you – Yes
Do you think Azumray is truthful in wishing the suns return – Unknown
Can any of the gifts of the Gods be used to combat Azrumray – No
Why did Teghan do it? – She would never have volunteered
Can Teghan be released – Ultimately Yes- Practically – No
Is the successor of King Artimis a better man than he was- The Throne is being contended
Did the Gods provide any aid in the event that Azumray may emerge – Not that he is aware of
Do the Carcosans remain a threat – I know of nothing immediate

“See you at Starswatch”.

Sending – We have heard the king is dead. Are the locations of the chains secure.
Answer – King Artimis was slain in the night and all of the chain locations are secure.

Have attempts been made to resurrect King Artimis – Yes they failed.

Which factions are vying for the succession – “All manor of distant relatives but the realm is a chaotic place so ascension will result in conflict”

Tor sends to the Order of Dawn that we have the head of the King. Tor mucks up the message and does not exactly clear our name. Then has no way to deliver the head.

We identify the crown of the king – Blocks all influence and persuasion
Large bonus to sense motive
Keyed to Throne in Bewcastle and releases other abilities that are currently unknown.

The Fort will raise the crystal onto Starswatch and then Starswatch will raise into the sky.
Each of the Gifts of the Gods needs to be at one of the chain attachment sites.

We approach Starswatch and are within an hour. The demons suggest they depart so that they do not anger the Wookie., We lower the crystal into Starswatch and the Wookie returns.

Sparrowhawk asks one last favour of the Wookie. That he tell the truth of our tale and what we have done rather than the lies and stories that may have been told.
He agrees to this and offers Sparrowhawk a gift – the ability to walk in the sun and not be harmed by his light.

The chains are put in place and the Wookie flies into the crystal. His light diminishing as he enters. Half an hour passes by the castle is moved. Starswatch flies into the sky and it gets brighter over a number of hours.

The sun is reborn and the castle falls. The crystal is however not as pure as the last one made by the gods and the sun is slightly red.

Sparrowhawk finds his old master and raises him from the dead. Together they re-establish their Monks order.

Chapter 56 - The Final Days

She serves the will of the gods (Selicia) in keeping the world pristine.

We engage and she summons a colossal Tree Ent. She then turns into a form that is almost impossible to hit. Riders on griffins attack us with bows. Tor is thrown into another plane.

We catch her in an antimagic shell and she turns back into a woman, Sparrowhawk manages to whack her and she runs away. The Tree Ent stomps on Karma and fells him like a sapling.

Arbori assaults the tree with acid while Sagramor strikes it with a blade barrier.

Sparrowhawk draws the life energy from the Tree Ent.

Several riders of the griffins are felled by the party. The druid approaches and is hit by Sparrowhawk but then retreats again. We fell the Tree-Ent and manage to drop the druid as well but she teleports away as she falls.

We enter the nature plane that she attached to the castle. Birds merge together to form wing creatures. After dispatching the birds and another colossal Tree-Ent we search the area. We discover a plinth with a socket and the Tree-Ent contains something magical.

It is a circle of wood with markings that do not match those on the plinth. Spring.

On the plinth is the symbol is autumn.

In the next room the temperature is much higher and a light source (not real light) shines brightly in the sky. Fire rages but we defeat the tree and suppress the fire elementals.

Discs – Spring and Summer, Winter
Slots – Autumn Winter, Summer

We rest overnight and return to find the first two rooms still empty. We scout the third room and discover ice and snow with another huge tree. We enter and engage the tree when a colossal kraken comes out from a frozen lake. It gives us a good beating and while we fell the tree the Kracken escapes back into the water having only been lightly wounded.
We recover the Winter rune and can see the summer slot.

In the room close to this one is autumn. Rotting bodies can be seen around on the floor.

The theme of the room is decay and small whirlwinds drag bodies and worms together to form horrible undead.

Chapter 56 - Beneath the Waves

The Mermen take us to a plinth of rock. We bring Tor back to life and recast water breathing.

A little time later they take us into the city to their leaders. We enter a pocket of air.

The leader grows legs as she enters the air pocket – ‘Sala Swary’. The fabric she wears seems alive.

She welcomes us to Pearl Haven. We are not the first to visit us in recent months. Not after ones of the pearls from the shadcar pools. Pearls were given to them to guard on behalf of our kind to create lesser suns. A number of them have recently been claimed.

The real crystal is well guarded and the guardians want to see that the correct people turn up and have been fated to restore the sun. They require a legacy of the time when the Gods walked the land.

We confirm we have such an artifact with us.

She tell us that someone will test us as we should not risk angering these guards.

We are taken to a feasting room. She tells us of the effect of the lack of sun on the people under the sea. The food is running out. A very elderly Merman arrives. He checks out the tears of Aurora. He tests the tear with a small pearl – creating a light of the sun, driving Sparrowhawk from the room. He agrees that it is indeed real and agrees to take us to the cave.

Sparrowhawk turns to Shadow and enters the rock, searching for a way through. He finds collapsed tunnels 120’ into the rock. We retreat to the castle to learn the correct spells.

We are attacked by a large group of ancient (prehistoric) sharks which we dispatch. This is followed by a massive underwater wave. This is followed by attacks by a druid in the form of a gargantuan whale. We chip away at it as it refuses to engage us.

People are poisoned, turned to different forms and drained of their life.

After an truly epic battle it escaped because we were never supposed to kill it.

We retreat to the caste and cast limited wish in the morning to return all of our items to metal.

After a day of rest we teleport down to the base of the mountain – as we start to tunnel a shark appears scouting us. A few minutes later while we dig, the druid arrives.

We keep the druid busy for a short while and the party recover themselves and move into the tunnel. Arbori turns etherial and passes through the crystal.

The group teleport into the crystal cave and declare their intention. A group of crystal guardians close and examine the Tear of Arora.

We command them to help us free the crystal. We take several weeks to free it and raise it using mithral chains from the castle. We contact the Order of Dawn and inform them. They move to retake various locations where the chains are attached. We set off towards Starswatch. Four days later we are attacked.

We speak to Gethra who attempts a totally half hearted attempt at persuading us to drop the crystal and delay for two years (until she can wipe out all civilization).

We consult the runes……

What will happen if we delay for two years?

Fehu Inverted – Delaying is the path to ruin
Odin Inverted – The other path we follow is one of delusion
Yondalar – The gods wish us to follow another path
Pellor – The end of this path is light (Yeh thanks Pellor for a blast of the obvious)
Borias – There will be progress along this path – change will happen

Is it any wonder why people worship trees when this bunch on on the job? I’m thinking of applying to be the ‘unbeliever’.

Chapter 55 - The Family divided

Teghan is missing.

Possible paths:-

  • Scry to locate Teghan in some way
  • Gru Sharak
  • Gethra

We work out that Teghan is actually one quarter demon queen. Teghan is one quarter and Demogorgon contains the male half.

We believe that the demon queen part is taking her over and it trusts the chancellor more than it trusts the family.

We believe that we can use the pyramid chambers but may lack the knowledge to use them properly. (Use a wish?). Suggested that we switch the spirit of the queen into the body of her sister.

*Perhaps capture Teghan’s sister (Triam) and then wait for Teghan to come to us?

We scry on Triam and she appears to be dead and buried.

Hedrada is the male part in Demogorgon.

Can we kill Demorgon to free Hedrada and thus remove the emphasis from Teghan and the demon queen?

We remember we have a link to Orgosh – Free Shemy a Mora (ex-lover of Demogorgon) in Demodans Ire. (Demon prison) and she will tell us the secret of how to defeat him.

The body of her sister was buried in Rovaria. She has been dead for years. Had been badly beaten. We recover the body.

The next day – message from the Order of Dawn. “Everything is in place to reattach the golden chains – Is there anything we can do to help”.

Arbori awakes from a nightmare – Being immolated by primordial elemental flame. This is something that druids do to turn themselves into pillars of fire.

We see a new sun raise over Walsingham. We teleport to Bransom fort where the greenskins had taken it over. It is now well fortified. Shanty town is also fortified. Large watchtowers are dotted around.

Above the tower is a silvery stick on a tripod. It is shedding an extremely bright light which burns Sparrowhawk. It could be the ones that the elves were offering as gifts to the monks long ago.

We remind him that he first told us of the prophesy and that we are the characters in it. The translation he has is that she was the betrayed that rides on demon wings rather than the “betrayer”.

They know of the food chambers and they offered food to Walsingham but they tried to take it from the greenskins. The keepers of the tapestry – they revealed to him the location of the food halls. He agrees to discuss the gifts of the gods with them and asks us to return or contact him in two weeks.

We teleport to the area where we believe Gethra to live. It has very wild and thick foliage.

We meet a humanoid figure that looks like it is made of mud and foliage. Tor introduces himself as the last Stormlord.

She asks if we are looking after Teghan, the Wookie and the Castle. We explain what we aim to achieve. She says that the Vampires of Halgaard were unhappy with her for a while but it has now been resolved. The council didn’t last long – there were greater forces that overcame their plans. The council has fled from Halgaard and is no longer a cohesive force capable of affecting her.

She wants us to delay for a few months while her plans come to fruition. She says that soon humanity will no longer be a problem. A year or two more and she thinks the humans will have fallen. One or two problems will delay things.

We say that the black mist will consume nature but she tells us of an arc that was prepared to restore nature after the fall of man.

She tells us that we have no choices and should wait for the fall. We point out that she has confirmed that Teghan is important.

Sparrowhawk scouts the city of Halgaard – it is now populated by more undead corpses than people. The barons keep is the only place with living people. Halgaard is uninhabitable – some vampires have left for other cities.

Sparrowhawk contacts Master Versice and tells him of the plan to restore the sun. Versice says that they now admit that their plan was flawed and they have switched to survival mode. Sparrowhawk explains that the Vampires can once again rule the night and that he wishes to rule the vampire council. He says that there can be a place for them and that the first stage is to gather those who wish to do more than just hide and survive and speak to them. Sparrowhawk agrees to contact Versice again in two weeks to see how many he has managed to persuade.

We travel to the demon prison and enter a new crack in the wall. A magical alarm goes off and the party are attacked by a mighty demon. The party split up and are pounded from above by flying demons losing much of their vitality.

Sparrowhawk cut the head off the new warden Beltorious – an armored Pit Fiend (twice) but it was regenerating and its minions carried it off to heal.

Teghan was here already (weeks ago) and Orgosh took her to Shamy Armoura. Someone who looked like Tor was with them.
They went to a friend and then traded some knowledge and goods. They took Teghan to the Wells of Darkness. It lies between the world and the edge. If you want someone removed then you give someone of greater worth and can then remove someone from the pits. Even Gods are bound by the pacts they make with this place.

We remember that we have her ring – discovered in a pile of poo. Orgosh casts a sending and she agrees to meet us in return for her ring. She will come here.

Orgosh offers to turn off the anti-teleport feature of the prison allowing us to dimension door to the edge of the island and then meet her there.

We return the ring to her. She was instantly taken by Teghan. She implies that Teghan promised to return someone to the pits in the future as part of the pact she made. If Teghan doesn’t pay then she will be the one in the Pits.
This demon doesn’t care if Teghan dies in the attempt but hopes she suceeds in killing Demogorgon.

The secret of how to kill Demogorgon is her greatest secret and she refuses to share it with us. It appears that we cannot offer her anything she wants and we depart, saying that should Teghan fail she should track us down to perform the deed.

We meet the Order of Dawn in Gilsand. They suggest that 5 chains will be enough and that we can add more in the future.

We set off for the crystal flying in the castle and rumors reach us (from the Order of Dawn) that Azumreh is now also walking the world.

We continue for a while and then launch a boat. We stop and blow a horn to contact the people under the sea. A whale surfaces nearby followed by a huge wave that that throws everyone overboard.

Tor and Sagramore are turned to stone by the whale. We rescue Sagramore but Tor is dragged down by the whale. The two sailors are lost as is the horn they were blowing. The boat survives and is recovered.

We return Sagramore to flesh the next day and use spells to locate Tor on the bottom of the ocean 2 miles away. We teleport directly there and immediately spot a city in the distance. A shark is towing off Tor. We speak to two creatures who are with the shark and they lead us towards the city.

Chapter 54 - Becoming a God (Part 2)

Sparrowhawk considers how to use the various chambers

Vitality chamber – heals living creates, undead or constructs over time
Binding chamber – body brought in it stops the spirit leaving
Enhancement chamber – extend or maximize
Viewing chamber – remote viewing of an area. You send a projection of yourself – long duration, long range – can touch things but cannot interact.
Extraction chamber – extraction of information – not just physical, also psionic elements
Possession chamber – extract a spirit from an individual and switch with that from a second chamber
Memory manipulation chamber – remove memories or create new ones.
Several preservation chambers – (Sages are in them) – physical body to exist in a timeless state.

At the centre of the room is:

Knowledge transfer chamber – Carcosan chamber that allows a rapid transfer of knowledge, understanding and capacity.

Sparrowhawk tries to find Teghan and the Liche – He cannot see either of them.

To get to the carcosan home world – use a gate or similar – can fit a pyramid through with a ceremony scale gate. Require a focus from that world.

This is a support vessel rather than a front line vessel.

They carry metals that =may= be used to fashion a portal, they are unsure if that will work.
We take these metals and store them in the tapestry.

Sparrowhawk can release the mist from the pyramid.

The Liche disintegrates the wall of stone and wanders in while we are resting. He says he is here to stop us and tries to force the issue about her being untrustworthy. He constantly reinforces the fact that she cannot be trusted and that we suspected this all along.

He casts a cold ball and then a ray of light from his eye. He then casts a searing light as well.

Teghan is outside of our reach and being led away so you did my job for me.

He then expires as Sparrowhawk rips him apart. The simulacrum falls apart and a quick check shows that the eye was a magic item with a powerful spell – It allows 3rd level or lower spells cast throught it. He had no real possessions.

We do a sending to Teghan – Chancellor dispatched, we are prepared to talk if you want to.
“I think our paths have diverged – say goodbye to Tor for me.”

We rest and relearn spells.

Wookie rapidly advances in knowledge and understanding as the spirits pass through him. They tell us that only one in three survive.

At the end of the second day the giants themselves look exhausted as does the Wookie.

We attempt to locate Teghan using powerful spells but it appears she is protected by higher powers.

Wookie continues through a third and fourth day and is astounded at the level of knowledge he is gaining.

We do a discern location on Gethra. She is on the mainland in a heavily wooded area 250 miles NE of Halgaard. The projection cannot get past an area of thorns. Projection should be able to go anywhere on this world so I assume that this area inside the thorns is not on this world.

Outside the Pyramid is Mephistopheles and Demogorgon but the others are not in view.

Back at the Storm Lords Keep the guards are looking at two dead bodies who have thrown themselves from the walls.

Day 6 – Wookie undergoes the process again.

We cast the runes and ask what will happen if we do not intervene in Teghan’s current path

Pellor – Inverted – She is beyond help
Morathin – Inverted – If we do try and help her it will be death / something will be finished forever
Hextor – An act of great generosity or holding together a group or alliance – perhaps global concequences
Borias – Inverted – Helping her will be very difficult and hard to make progress
Thor – Conviction and the will to succeed. Dynamism when positive. A worthy cause.

The runes say that there is a greater cause here.

Sending to Teghan – Message from Tor – Runes say that you need the support of your family however difficult – Tor sends his love.

That is good to hear. I ask something difficult then – Remove yourself from the pyramid and allow me to embrace my fate.

Overnight we advance to 21st Level.

After 43 days the Wookie has gained all he can and he now needs time to contemplate and go on a spiritual journey.

He suggests that there is some power/knowledge left in the people and that a day each might benefit the party. The Wookie releases one of the Giants who is about to die – sending him away to live out his last days in a world far away.
Each of the party absorb something – Some people gain greatly from this but Arbori and Sparrowhawk only gain in a very minor way.

The remaining two giants are sent away by the Wookie.

Sending to Teghan: The God making machine is now used up – Come back to us – Tor

There were originally 9 chains but only 8 of them were ever attached. Azumray would have have the power to attach the ninth but he was banished before the chains were attached.

The five known artifacts include elven but not greenskin. Some races have lost their artifacts (such as the halflings) and the humans have gathered.

There ensued a long discussion about how to remove the crown from Sparrowhawk – who enters into the discussion.
Why did the liches work for the Carcosians? – Most of them are from Carcosan High Society. There is some creature in the crown that controls the pyramid. The Liche is not part of the equation.

The party cast a spell on Sparrowhawk and the Crown reacts by killing Arbori. As the family are threatened Sparrowhawk tells them how to bring him low.

The party carry out his suggestion while protecting Tor with Spells. Tor spends several hours trying to destroy the crown and suceeds but destroys part of his forge.

They then debate for hours about how to feed Sparrowhawk to revive him. Eventually Sagramor decides to offer up himself and lets Sparrowhawk feed a little.

Chapter 53 - Becoming a God

Sparrowhawk ponders his contact with the artifact.

We enter the feast – Mephistopheles is late and sends his apologies.

We enters after we have eaten. A large winged fiery figure. Familiar skeletal figure (the Chancellor we met in [Chapter 47] – the Library of Last Resort – Events concerning the creation of Demogorgon.

He speaks of us knowing the process to become a God – and refers to the act happening within the Black Pyramid. He assumes we know how to enter and how to survive within.

He asks what kind of God she will be.

He brings out a gift – the head of our father on the body of the least form of devil. This form is all that is left of him and if left he will be able to speak to us.

Mephistopheles brings in three naked prisoners.

1st – Spying against Teghan but a servant of a powerful Demon prince that Teghan is intending to make a pact of convenience with.
2nd Virgin – Beautiful but paraded as the most beautiful woman in the land
3rd Owner of second woman

Which one would you save? Tegan orders 1 & 3 killed and 2 disfigured. All this happens then Mephistopheles rips out her throat and points out as Queen she can do as she likes.

The chancellor then takes Mephistopheles out of the room saying that there are preparations to make.

Mephistopheles appears to have contempt for Teghan – it comes out in his words and his body language.

Discussions around Mortarbi Island Prophecies
To see that which Mnemona left befind you must understand the nature of her gift of reunion. – The gift of reunion is a positive festival that allows the living to meet the dead.

Teghan summons but instead a fire giant and the chancellor arrive. Tyralandi has been captured and is with Demogorgon. Demogorgon wishes to prevent us from entering the pyramid. The Chancellor has a plan to get us in but we must all get into the tapestry and Teghan carry us.

The Chancellor casts an illusion over us to hide what we are doing.

Tor casts the runes:-
Q. What will happen if we follow the Chancellor’s plan
Pellor inverted – If we refuse to get into the rug it will be bad for us.
If we get into the rug then everything will become still/ nothing will happen
This is the will of the gods
Our path is taking us towards something forbidden.
The whole venture will meet with misfortune.

The Chancellor claims this isn’t about him becoming a god. He has been able to wind the paths of demonic politics while remaining true to his own goals. Tyralandi has made the ultimate sacrifice to allow her to become a god. He has worked for Demogorgon since the demon queen was consumed. He only changed sides because the demon queen had lost control of discordant and could not rule. We are being watched by someone who supports us.

He tells Teghan – Your male counterpart Hedrada is bound inside Demogorgan. He has woven an illusion around Hedrada to make him think that the plans arise from him. He can draw upon the power of Hedrada and Amiule to focus on a single goal. However this can be unpicked to allow them to be drawn back together.

Originally the male part of the queen was eaten and the female part was banished to the void and reborn time and time again. Teghan was the only one who they considered had the potential.

This form is simulacrum – the eye allows the chancellor to view proceedings and effect them.

We go into the bag and Teghan is manacled, hooded and taken past hordes of jeering demons and giants. She is taken down through caves and to the pyramid that sits at the heart of the volcano.

There are hundreds of demons here including several of the Demon Princes.
Balsometh – Prince of the beasts
Grast – Keeper of secrets
Pazuzu – Winged Prince of the lower kingdom
Ynoubu – Prince of Ghouls
Demogorgon – Prince of Demons who is here to become a god.
Mephistopheles who has provided this place to allow us to witness this event.

Tyralandi can be seen in a cage almost expired.

Demogorgon demands that she opens the door. She uses the hand to make this happen and quickly moves through the door, the chancellor moves in as well – the giant blocks the door before Demogorgon is able to rush forwards screaming obscenities.

A great red elemental closes as do demon hounds. A fireball that cannot be avoided or resisted breaks over Teghan.

Teghan is able to close the door and then gets the family out of the bag.

The Chancellor tells us he is the loyal servant of Azumray – who is imprisoned since the time the gods walked the earth. He is the one who has protected Teghan from scrying – done through the gift Azumray gave her. He contacts and talks to Teghan through this gift.

It appears that Teghan the traitorous has been revealing everything we have done.

Teghan goes off scouting and is immediately discovered and attacked by three huge shadows. All three are quickly dispatched but they cone of cold a lot of the party before they fall.

The cages now contain lava up to within a foot of the top.

Upstairs there is a large chamber with a pyramid inside on top of a ceramic bath. There are other chambers made of force above and surrounding gurneys.

Above is a huge empty black chamber with the portal in the centre that takes you to the top level.

We all run through a wall of fire and are immediately teleported into the cages under the lava. We take fire and hellfire damage. A large sword of force appears over the top of the cage. The room has a wall of force over the door.

The Chancellor destroys the wall and we exit, blocking the sword with a wall of force of our own. We return to the wall of fire this time protected from teleporting. Sparrowhawk goes through and is attacked by two creatures. At the same time an acid ball goes off draining the life from several people. We realise we cannot pass through the portal with the anti-teleport aura and that dispelling it is problematic.

Sagramor dispells his own anti-teleport while standing in a teleport rune. He is teleported into the cages with the lava. Unfortunately the passageway is blocked by our wall of force.

We remove the wall of force and return with Sagramor.

Using the teleport archway we enter the top chamber, Sparrowhawk followed by Sagramor. Just the Liche stands in the chamber. One more of us gets through each round as Teghan has to reopen the portal with every passage.

Tor lands some heavy blows but is then stunned. Sparrowhawk is teleported out into the lava and has to fly back at great speed.

We eventually fell him and the glass crown rolls onto the floor.

(M) Staff – Staff of Force Manipulation

Teghan the betrayer opens the portal and allows the liche into the room. It appears that she has no free will.

We kick off against the Liche simulacrum but it gets the drop on us and forcewalls itself. Teghan the evil once again opens the portal and allows it to leave. We check her motivation using spells and realise that she has been lying to us and is doing this of her own free will. We discuss the moments in time when she has become more and more evil and the rewards she gained when she performed evil acts.

We call upon Lucien the Angel to aid us at this critical time. He arrives and offers to call upon a higher power and take us from this place. He also tells us that the volcano is protected from teleportation. He says that our best bet to deal with the crown is to take it to a legendary artificer (such as the spirit of the giant in the flying castle).

We consider what the crown will do, calling on the knowledge from Sagramor’s time controlled by the Liche. He remembers that the crown controls the door and the portal. It does not control the force walls – that is done using the staff which is also used to repair damage.

We discuss a plan and then then after just a moderate amount of dithering Sparrowhawk gets his wish to drive the pyramid and puts on the crown.

Try to see an area in the pyramid and the black mist parts to allow us to see. In the room with the

Giant skeletons
Death Giants in force chambers wearing more sage-like robes. They are sat on chairs and have ghostly apparition faces floa around them.

Vitality chamber – heals living creates, undead or constructs over time
Binding chamber – body brought in it stops the spirit leaving
Enhancement chamber – extend or maximize
Viewing chamber – remote viewing of an area.
Extraction chamber – extraction of information – not just physical, also psionic elements
Possession chamber – extract a spirit from an individual and switch with that from a second chamber
Memory manipulation chamber – remove memories or create new ones.
Several preservation chambers – (Sages are in them) – physical body to exist in a timeless state.

At the centre of the room is:

Knowledge transfer chamber – Carcosan chamber that allows a rapid transfer of knowledge, understanding and capacity.

Sparrowhawk opens the portal we leave and then close the portal and removes the crown.

We travel down to the room of chambers where we are suddenly attacked by a group of ghostly death giants. They attack and then Sparrowhawk puts on the crown and commands them to desist. They leave but on removing the crown they reappear.

The aperitions around the elderly death giants are not screaming and instead appear aware and interested. They say that they are here to serve.

We can impart the knowledge of our spirits that we are connected to. They gather in the central chamber and place brother Wookie in the centre.

They submerge the Wookie in a fluid – he is not keen to be underwater but remains alive.
After 8 hours of spirits entering into the Wookie he is exhausted and unable to continue. He requires rest before he can continue and this cannot be healed with spells.

Once this is complete the giants were ordered to release their spirits. If unable to do this then they were killed in order to prevent the process from being done again.

Chapter 52 - Battling Demons

We enter into battle with an armoured pit fiend and several other demons.

The huge Pit Fiend was covered in an illusion. It was actually a smaller demon but still most unpleasant. It’s thick skin absorbed many of the blows that were successful.

Over time we wear it down and it flies off.

Filth demon Belshamoth is in a cage.

Talk to the angel and then the Filth Demon – A foul demon made from the corrupted form of a corrupted God. (An infernal). Probably just a smaller Balor.
He tells us he thinks this is improbable as even Demogorgon would not dare to engage with such powerful creatures.

We speak to the hook headed demon and it offers to take us to the box (artifact) it stole. We blag it with a fake offer and it takes us to the edge of a bridge where it threw it into the lava. It believes that the Dragon took it. (an assumption – it doesn’t say this specifically).

We summon a huge fire elemental and send it into the lava instructed to return with the artifact.. It doesn’t return.

We think about how to get into the lava.
Divination – How do we find and retrieve the artifact from this lake of lava.
For 2000 years this Dragon has sat on its horde. There is no reason to believe that an item dropped will be anything other than there. It cannot be bartered with as it died and lost its soul long ago.

We send Karma down into the lava. We send an earth elemental down the side of the lava lake to try and find caves. After a few minutes it comes back and tells us of a location 100’ down.

Karma goes down again and tries to sense the presence of the artifact. He casts a detect magic. He feels very calm in the vicinity of the tunnel.

Some low level abjuration has gone off. (A depleted alarm spell)

Karma discovers a cave that opens out into air in some way underground.

We return to Teghan who has lost the hook demon. It turns out she has some temporary resistance to the effect of the prison and is willing to come with us.

We teleport into the cave. In the cave is a Gigantic dragon sat upon a huge pile of treasure. It attacks soon after Teghan “scouts” near it.

It appears to be undead but breathes fire. The fire clings to those it hit. It attacks us and we send Teghan to recover the artifact while we distract it. It gazes at Sagramor and he stops moving.

We manage to hit it with an antimagic ray and beat it down. It flees going down the lava tunnel. We search the treasure pile for the Relic using Aura sight while also looting magic items.

It appears that the dragon had buried the artifact under a side passage by causing a landslide.

large drinking horn – emblazened with dragons
Skull of ancient reptile
Small jeweled skull
Clockwork songbird
Chain shirt
Prayer Beads
Morning star

We do a couple of minutes of looting while trying to think of a way to recover the artifact. Just as we come up with a way the dragon reappears.

Sparrowhawk turns to shadow – enters the box, turns into a rat, turns back to physical form, picks up the tear and then turns to shadow again and flies out carrying the artifact.

Meanwhile the party hold off the dragon and prepare to teleport away. Teghan is grabbed.
It holds Teghan in front of its mouth and breathes fire on most of the group (including her).

We retrieve Teghan using benign transportation and gather together to leave, We dimension door out and plane shift away then teleport to the Keep.

Back at base several people have thrown themselves off the keep (dead).

We do a sending to the Order of Dawn – We have recovered the item. If you have a location for another one please inform us.

Reply – Congratulations – We do not have any other details available at present.

We cast speak with dead on the people who fell from the castle.

Do you know what caused you to fall from the castle
Did you see what picked you up

We issue instructions that people not walk the walls unless they are in groups of 3.

Teghan gets a message – the pyramid await but I can’t keep it hidden from Demogorgon forever – please hurry.

We discuss this option as it raises the potential of raising a person to Godhood.

We agree with Teghan that we will come here on the basis that we make Wookie a God first and foremost.

We break for a short shopping trip.

We contact ‘Jabba’ and go to contact the demons to discuss Teghans ascension. Teleport to Esterville – an abandoned port.

The motley crew (demons, devils and tieflings) ‘man’ the only ship in port.
Jagsapor – Captain
Jabba – Human

Journey will take a week. There are chests of jewelry for Teghan in her quarters.

We exit on a volcanic island and are met by an honour guard.

The place is built for giants – Fire giants serve as guards. Huge black hounds are sitting in a huge room.

Banquet with Tyralandi and other honoured guests will be arriving.
This location is in the middle of the open seas and is very defensible. The location has been made with giants in mind. This used to be home to sea faring stone giants. Helfire Mountain. They opened a rift to discordant – veins from Discordant flow into the volcano here. It powers some of the weapon smithing. It also emboldens some of the natural abilities of fire giants. Going near the flames will burn even through magical resistances as this is fire from the pits of Hell.

Chapter 51 - Back to the Demodans Ire

On the Iron Duke traveling to Thalambar, the day after the attack by Demigorgon, so effort is put into removing the target on Teghan’s chest. We are still a couple of weeks away from Thalambar

We plan to teleport Sagramor and Arbori ahead to arrange the deal with messaging ahead we track down the magic carpet guy but he is not in Thalambar however for 7% (who would have thought that vampires haggle) he will find someone to deal with.

One of the gifts of the gods is probably Mithral.
We also have some magical inspection from the swenger, Teghan squeals and squirms her way out of it – ah boy we don’t trust her now.

Tor wants to return to the castle as other people might take it over, we plan to teleport and set teleport marker on the ship so we can return. The castle is still ours – they report a glow a long way to the north east in the direction of Bucastle

Tor talks with the master smith about the possibility of removing sparrowhawks mithral implants this might take some more work than we first thought. as Tor cannot read the instructions by Teghan is keen to help what could possibly go wrong! Sparrowhawk appears to be one tentacle short.

We consider what else needs to be done, we think knowing more about the Order of the Dawn would be useful – location of the sun, process to restore the sun and location of the chains, it was the Order of the Dawn that were supposed to keep this information safe.

Tor and Sparrowhawk investigate:
Orville and Samsunthatch – A quick visit to the cathedral in Wheloon to find him turns up little they suggest a lesser sun has been created in the east (north of Bucastle). Wheloon has now got a lot of fortified towers, humans appear to be in control. Move on to Samsunthatch’s a few undead on the road before arriving at the manor house. No one appears to have been here for some time. The damage to the interior suggests that our dream damage has carried over although not quite the same.

Sagramore and Karma
Head to the light – 400 miles north of Bucastle Small town with a cathederal to Pellor the town appears very well fortified town with elemental creatures guarding the walls humans farming outside. A shanty town has sprung up outside the town and stories abound that the refugees might go missing or be chased off so that rich can live here. The light in sky looks like a sun but is only two miles up moving closer feels good. Outside the area the evil undead still exist but make no inroads to the sunny day.

Send to Tiralandi to find the location of Hell Fire Mountain – she says meet Jabba in Esterville and he will take you.

Sparrowhawk feels the temptation to be free of the bounds that constrain him from drinking more freely?

Visit to Gilsand to sell some stuff and a mini shopping spree ensues.

We meet Elin Yari in an inn in Gilsand.

Vaden Kiang suggested the meeting to work out a post-darkness way forward. We introduce ourselves with respect to the prophecy, our Library / new Sun story, the temple of Mnemona and our connection with Amigan.

She never knew Amigan. She understands what needs to happen and it’s quite a lot. She is unsure why Sparrowhawk and Teghan would be interested in the return of the Sun.

The crystal is well hidden and well guarded. It would create the sacrifice of hundreds of the great and the good in the King’s land to create the new Sun. Or the sacrifice of a god. There is discussion on ascension to godhood. She has never heard of Gathra, we let her know about her extinction plan.

The crystal is called Beleg Maril Anor Ad Onen. The crystal must be taken to Starswatch and people must be give themselves freely, saying what and why they are giving themselves. Once the crystal is seeded the Sun will light and take its path. The chains bend to the will of those who bear artifacts of the gods. They are god touched and have been handed down through generations. Wielding these items allows one to command the chains. They may be mundane items but are known by their guardians.

Sparrowhawk thinks that the Castle is controlled by the Boreas giants and we have the lifetime of Tor to achieve what we need.

Do the items include the Tears of Aurora? Time to talk to Bishop Orville. The Wookie certainly carried it to Dividens Ire, but we lost track of it there.

The Order knows the location of a small number of these items. She doesn’t think we need all of the artifacts. Sparrowhawk indicates our willingness to fetch any that the Order doesn’t control.

The chains are in a number of places including the Stormlord’s keep. She suspects you need the artifacts to enter such places. They have four or five and she thinks this may be sufficient to hold the Sun. Some locations move and they used to be tracked using the constellations but that isn’t possible any more since many stars have fallen.

We tell her of the Golden Child, the Hunter and the Monk. She says the child has a constellation birthmark showing the location of a set of Golden Chains. The Order
succeeded in stopping the chains being severed there, King Artemis stopped another but it wasn’t enough to hold the Sun. She suspects the items aren’t keyed to a location.

She will return, contact the holders of the items and places. We can contact her with sending. We were invisible to her – probably while we were in the Library. Sagramor does some kind of detect and finds her to be Good as do most of her followers. They teleport away.

Recap: Discussion on Dividens Ire, the angel, She’Shara, Vanthus (Death Knight), Orgosh the Lich and the artifact. (Chapter 39). Shami-Amora is Demogorgan’s mistress who is trapped in the Well of Darkness and Orgosh can take us there. The Barabu demon escapes and knows where the artifact is.

To Do List:

  • Check out Bishop Orville via Sansom Thatch’s mansion.
  • Return to Dividens Ire, find Shami-Amora in the Well of Darkness and recover the Tears
  • Sell the boat

We return to the boat and talk to the Captain. He has been visited by a Balrog and a flock of demons looking for Teghan. He tells them we went to the Stormlord’s Keep and are coming back. They search the boat and leave. We find two teleport markers and try with standard dispels which aren’t powerful enough suggesting they were cast by the big D himself.

We arrange for the sale of the boat and receive 260,000 for it and the mithril parts that were once part of Sparrowhawk. After an epic shopping trip we plane shift to the prison dimension.

We attempt to gain entry via a door and are attacked by the Gargoyle like creatures who immediately drain the life of many of the party.

Walking inside Arbori, Tor and Teghan immediately throw themselves onto the pillar of flaying and have their faces ripped off.

Arbori then realizes she can cast antimagic shell.

Speak to Orgosh the malformed Lich
Beltaurious has been around and gathered up everyone and placed them in cells.

The new warden Beltaurious (an armored pit fiend) is no in charge.
The half fiend has left the complex.
Teghan plays in the Poo and discovers a grand ring (10k gold) with the name Shamiamoray engraved onto it.

We explore this area fully and then move on. On opening the door two Hezeru demon appears and attacks. We kill both of the demons and proceed to the area with the Chasm.
Some failed scouting later we discover Cubalex and three more hiding around a corner.

Cubalex and 9 Heraru are quickly dispatched.

He has

Magical Ring
Magical Ring
Magical Battle Axe (Huge) *2

Opening the next door we discover Beltaurious (pit fiend) guarding the way across the bridge and 6 green skinned demons flying nearby.

Chapter 50 - Dealing with the Weak Willed

Sagramor leaves for the upper level through a portal that closes with an invisible barrier. A death giant and two Carcosans enter and attack while a figure that appears to be Sagramor comes down and attacks Sparrowhawk.

Arbori struggles to breath while the other party members finish off Sagramor and the incoming monsters.

Sagramor was wearing one of the glass crowns. Sparrowhawk picks it up and rummages out the other one from storage.

We activate the Lich’s staff blindly and create a light spell similar to the one we saw him use on the caged elves.

We regenerate Arbori who had part of her brain removed.

Further experimentation proves the staff is unlikely to let us through the portal. Teghan tries to activate the portal and succeeds but is only able to pass through on her own.

Teghan tries to steal the crown but fails. Sagramor chases her around the room.

We are blasted down below right through a prismatic sphere before we try opening the portal and going through. Unfortunately as before only Teghan passes through and has to quickly flee.

We lift Sagramor from unconsciousness but he is still under the influence of the Lich.

Wookie takes a look outside and sees that the area is surrounded by elves that had been in the cages.

We teleport out of the way and are forced into the cages.

We attempt to leave but discover a host of mummies in armour in front of the door. Some mighty magics fell them but the door is blocked with yet another wall of force.

Over a hundred creatures gather in the corridor behind us and things look really really bad. Tor uses the last of his wishes from a ring to teleport us all into the chamber with the Lich/Sagramor. Sagramor duplicates himself but the duplicate is quickly felled.

The remaining Sagramor fells Sparrowhawk who drifts away. He then takes massive damage from Tor but ignores it all. Teghan manages to cause him some light wounds.

Wookie casts an antimagic field and Sparrowhawk stands up having regenerated a little.

Sagramor tries to leave but the dimensional anchor Tor cast prevents him from escaping.

A host of undead and Death Giants come through the portal. A cataclysmic battle ensues and ultimately Sagramor, devoid of his magic falls to Sparrowhawks claws.
Tor recovers Arbori’s body but falls to blows.

Seeing the desperation once again Wookie cast a miracle and asks Pelor to take them all out of the pyramid, sacrificing part of himself in the process.

The group decide to finish off the pyramid by going back and activating the light sources. We are attacked on the way and the Lich takes over weak willed Tor who attacks Sparrowhawk while demanding the crown returned. Tor is felled by Sparrowhawk and the other alien creatures run away. The rest of the group fly off using a wind walk towards the pyramid and Sparrowhawk and Tor remain, with the hope that the Liche is trapped within Tor’s unconscious body.

On arriving back at the pyramid they collect two of the light sources but the pyramid rises from the ground and moves towards them. The pyramid goes all “Death Star” and shoots a beam destroying the pillar. The top of the pyramid becomes transparent and Sparrowhawk is sat on the throne controlling it. One of the lights is shone at Sparrowhawk who is damaged but not destroyed.

The mists arrive and the scene is reset.

We have made the assumption that the light sources were present at the pyramid in order to contain the black mist while the pyramid was filled with it in order to power it.

{ Information gained from wearing the glass crown }

{ Legend Lore on Light Sources containing the great shadow }

Final note from the experience…. when Sparrowhawk was finally overcome

Independent entity within the crown that gives the wearer extra abilities. The black mist also overcame him when within the pyramid and freed him from all restraints.

A new day and a new place…….

We appear looking into a crystal ball. We are in a capital city on a hill, looking down on a city below. We are in different locations but being projected into the same room. Amigan is real and in the city room.

Master Theobald Silverforge.
Karanor albani of the Kings guard
Thalambarian Ali Al Samani
Ulfrek Valgalor – Giant
Also a number of empty chairs – 4 others missing

Also Kerwin introduced as volunteer to look after second group.

Thalibarian arrives late and seems distracted.

Asked here – update on groups gathering together. One will fulfil the prophecy. The other two are decoys to draw the attention of the dark forces.

Main Group
Experienced people
Toreth – Storm Lords Keep

The Decoys
Tor – Stunted younger brother
Teghan – Orphan teifling – provided Kerwin can calm her wayward tendencies
Sagramor – Inducted into the church of Mithras to complete the illusion of the hidden mind of the ……
Wookie – orphan of a boarder raid- Pelor
Sparrowhawk – Mother slain by Lycanthrope. Amigan knows his father
Unbeliever is not chosen yet.
Arbori – burned down orphanage. Close to being burned as a witch. Smuggled to the church of Auroa.

Trian – Tegans twin sister saved during the same raid

Theobald Silverforge is sceptical and not overly interested. Amigan has been working with sages and has cast runes with the giants and believes that these groups will allow the prophecy to be fulfilled.

Silverforge doesn’t believe in the runes. He also doesn’t believe in the prophecy itself because there are different versions due to translation. He also doesn’t believe the groups were put together properly.

Amigan thinks that the Gods believe that we should help ourselves but the prophecy may be fulfilled by more natural means.

Ali Al Samani – Will it be beneficial? The prophecy only says that they will have a choice.

Santalimous of the Hidden Eye – Many prophecy, many of which came true but some didn’t. He penned this one but he never detailed this in a book but instead he wrote it in the inside of his tomb and his body was removed.

Prophecy – At a certain point in time when there is a decision to make over what the Gods gave us. This group will make the decision for good or ill.

The gifts that the Gods gave us are there to allow us to recreate the sun. Only a few know of these and it is Amigan’s job to ensure that this knowledge is not lost.

Rumours will be planted about the decoy groups to make them seem important.

We find ourselves back on the Island with our ghost ship.

Possible locations of the Caves of Light

  • On the west coast – Owned by the greenskins
  • In the north – Owned by the Shepards of the Root
  • In the far north-east – Once owned by the Vampire but traded away
  • In the prison?
  • One under Bucastle?
  • One owned by elves?
  • One owned by dwarves?

We clear the ship of black mist using powerful light spells.

We recover several chests from the bay where the captain threw them overboard. They contained a small amount of valuable items. Cannons recovered from underwater and placed in the Tapestry.

The captain confirms that we were away for a couple of weeks.

Message from Tirlandi – Everything is ready for your ascension. I have gifts fit for your coronation.
She asks where Tirilandi is.

We decide to sail to Thalimbar and sell the Iron Duke.

Tirilandi offers to send an escort but Teghan after some conversation with the family tells her that she wants to make her own way. She says to meet her at Hellfire mountain.

We try sending to Bishop Orvil to see how he is but get no reply.

Vadan Kiang – Erin Yarn of the Tide Brethan would like to speak with you.

We can meet anywhere that is safe. Name a city port or inn. We name the city where we are heading in Thalibar.

Overnight Demogorgon attacks us, summoning in a Balrog immediately. He kills Brother Wookie in a single round and then rants at Teghan

There is only one of us that will become a god and only one of us that will lead demonkind.

Demogorgon hits with each head taking a lead so he attacks with two full rounds of attack.

Teghan falls but the family continues to engage Demogorgon. He runs away in fear of our power.

Powers of Demogorgon:-
Attacks 4 or 5 times PER HEAD i.e. 8-10 attacks per round
Was massive – Struggled to fight in a confined space
Tail attack delivered a life drain (Level Drain)
One of the other attacks drained CON
Was not automatically hitting – High 40’s AC was effective against him
High magic resist
Teleport at will
Summoned a Balor in 1 round.


Chapter 49 - Within the Black Pyramid

We decide to try and save some of the elves in cages by attacking the Lich and the undead giant.
The lich casts a wall of force and attempts to bypass it with a dimension door cause three of the party to end up in cages with the elves. Sparrowhawk and Teghan continue to press the attack.
The group find ways of leaving the cages while the lich and giant engage. The giant is felled but the lich continues to cause great damage.

Teghan feels that we are being watched ever since we have entered the pyramid.

Eventually the Lich is felled using spells.

Spell effects continued and parts of us continued to teleported into the cages. The wall of force continued as did the blade barrier. The body of the lich disappears but the crown remains. It is not magical. We ask the runes if we should break it.

Yondalar, Thor and Pellor inverted. – Should we break the crown.

It is hopeless / futile.

We break it anyway and eventually the wall disappears

Tor is possessed and lashes out. We grapple him and cast an antimagic effect and he appears to come back. Tor saw Death Giants, a Carcosan creature and found himself in the body of a Lich on the throne in the top level.

Teghan convinces us to save several elves which are then killed in a blast of air.

We try to sleep overnight but a gigantic gelatinous ooze attacked and we were forced to dimension door away.

A Death Giant and two huge elementals take a large group of elves into the pyramid in the night.

We rest and then send Teghan off scouting the light sources. We have a plan to destroy them. Teghan comes back with tales of construct creatures and shadows on the sides of the towers that contain the light sources.

We dispatch the giant shadows and antimagic the sphere of annihilation. The crystal falls to the ground. The muppets argue if they should baseball it or carry it as a better class of torch. Our Suenga points out that the sphere of annihilation will return when his spell wears off so keeping it in our pocket is not a classy idea.

After hitting it with a club Tor is blinded. He then uses his blindfold and hits it again with TOMP55. It snaps.

Tor returns the parts saying “It is worth TomPi55 now”.

Teghan suggests that Sagramor puts it in his pocket and waits for the sphere of annihilation to return.

They collect the crystal and carry it to the next tower, all the time shining like a small sun.
A nightstalker attacks them as they travel.

We identify the crystal but gets nothing because they are minor artifacts.

The party move to the pyramid and attempt to enter but the Lich prevents us with a simple web. Teleporting into the structure appears impossible.

Tor is whittled away very quickly by a large group of undead just inside the pyramid. He then runs away and we block the door with a wall of force. Sagramor says that nothing can go wrong and takes a light out of his backpack. Sparrowhawk runs away.

We cast Legend Lore and confirm that the black mist was being contained by the lights and that it is considered very dangerous if it escapes.

We fight past some undead at the pyramid entrance and climb the pyramid. At the next level we are beset by three Death Giants and two red Carcosan spellcasters.

The Carcosans cast:

Other slow effects

Death Giants cannot see invisible

We block off several passages and then drop the Lich again.

Up another level we encounter a huge death giant who is dressed in finery along with a second smaller giant. The Lich herself can be seen in the level above us casting spells at us.

When the giants eventually fall the Lich spells up and comes down to meet us. She carries a staff with a large amber gem. We finally manage to kill her at which point the crown falls to the ground and Sagramor the weak willed picks it up, puts it on his head and walks towards the throne.


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