The Journals of Sparrowhawk

Chapter 19 - Exploring the Dungeon of the Mud Sorcerors

We decide to go back and check the places which seemed too dangerous on the basis that these fell into the pattern of the dungeon design.

Green key discovered in the right near of the Right ear of the windy face.

Down the corridor we enter the room with a pillar of green basalt. Teghan places the green key into a green keyhole.

When the key is turned there is an explosion and the pillar blasts out. This reveals a hole with a purple coffin inside. The coffin has a painting on it of a beautiful woman wearing a mud sorcerer symbol (Symbol 1). She appears asleep.

Female corpse inside – Appears to match the drawing.

It does not animate – Detect magic reveals strong conjuration magic on the necklace.

M – (Silver pendent).

Magic still in the pillar.
Paper inside the scroll tube – Written in a foreign tongue.

To sail the ship that is smiled upon my lady gave the silver necklace

Inside the pillar is a length of woven hair – Teghan pulls it and the pillar collapses.

Move onto the door with the knives – Teghan unlocks it.

Open the 1st Sarcophagus – Mans corpse. Rotting red robes.

Gold earrings – Small sapphires (1260g)
Gold rings – Symbol matches gem
Bronze mace
Gem between teeth – blood sorceror symbol on it (faint abduratrion magic) of Symbol 3

Inscribed on wrappings on chest is a message (foreign tongue).

Coloured stones to thee bequeath
Bitten tight in priestly teeth
Each a key to Tzolo’s wall
Sign to sign will make it fall

Wookie loots him and there is a banging from inside the two larger coffins. A large mummy emerges. A second one emerges and they pound several of us before they are dispatched.

Open a second small coffin:

Gold earrings with sapphires (1260g)
Carnelian gem with Symbol 1 in mouth
Golden Philactory set with gems
Gold ring with symbol that matches the one on the gem

Third Coffin:
Gem – Citrine
Plus the rest

Fourth Coffin:
Gem – Onyx
Plus the rest

Gate made of blueish metal – large symbol on the floor – Mosaic on the floor of Symbol 1.

Sparrowhawk enters the room and suddenly gets chopped to tiny pieces that immediately disappear.

Some experimentation later Wookie tried this and we work out that the effect was an illusion.

Sparrowhawk appears in a room – Lots of pillars. Carved with hands making strange signs. Pool in the middle. Cast defensive spells and wait against a wall. Hear the sound of crying down one corridor but ignore it.

A hag attacks Sparrowhawk but her gives her a beating and she runs off.

Fog banks appear blocking the view and the hag appears and lightning bolts us using a wand before disappearing again.

Down the corridor Tor and Teghan faff about and balls up the only exit. The rest of the party search the room.

The hag appears through an illusionary part of the wall and attacks.

She hits Brother Wookie but takes a beating from Sparrowhawk and then escapes and turns invisible. We dispel this and a further fog cloud but she keeps tumbling away. Eventually we surround her and finish her off.

(M) Wand of Lightning Bolt
Metal ring with brass keys

Open a series of jail cells with the keys but nothing inside any of them.

Rest overnight

New Day

Explore the jail passageway – room at the end with 2 suits of platemail apparently guarding a coffin.

Daubed inscription – “Let the chips fall where they may”

On lid of coffin – “Disturb not the slumber of Tzolo”

Weapon – Contains

Magic Scroll – Displacement
Potion Bottle

Open the coffin – Metal lid. The wall starts to move towards us and a gate drops to block the passageway. The body grabs Sparrowhawk. Fortunately Brother Wookie casts a True Sight showing the wall to be an illusion.

Remove body and find a compartment with 3 scrolls.

Control Weather
Raise Dead
Water Breathing

Check the next corridor which starts from one of the cells. There is a permanent wall of force but Teghan discovers it has a small gap at the top.

Down another passage there is a stone head – Squints in pain. Move the eyelid up and it opens its eyes revealing a small hole through to the other side.

The Wookie suddenly has a turn of speed and takes us forwards – using the ring to rock to mud the face.

Large room with a small island inside a moat like structure. Figure in the middle of the moat.
Two passages lead off – one a water passage.

Permanent magic on the figure in the middle of the room. Silver symbol on a silver chain with a mud sorcerer symbol on it. (Symbol 3 – Water)
Wraith -like creature emerges from the creature. Closely followed by 4 large water elementals. The wraith drains the life force from both Sagramor and Brother Wookie but is finally blown away by magic missiles. A further water elemental emerges from the pool as the others draw close to falling.

Several waves of water elementals attack us. They only settle back into the water when we leave the room.

Escape with the mummy – Examine it:

(M) Book –
(M) Silver necklace

Back at the wall of force we send Teghan over to explore.
She finds a stone face that seems to be modelled as though wet and holding its breath.

Appears to have frosted glass on part of the wall.

Secret door – goes down and joins the passageway where we destroyed the face.

We dash through the room with the water elementals and enter a long passageway that becomes quite wide – pillars down the centre.

Massive mausoleum – Groaning from one corner – when investigated a number of undead activate.

Wave after wave of them attack us – hundreds are destroyed by Wookie but the waves never seem to end. Except that it does…

Teghan discovers a secret door high up in one of the small alcoves. It descends into a large room with a long pool of water and 3 large piles of earth.
There is a silver ladle

Iron portal locked up tight
Pound and pull with all your might
Precious metal – waters clay
Earthen being makes the way

Pour water onto the right hand pile of dirt and it turns into a stone man with the head of a camel. It grapples Sparrowhawk and engulfs him.

New Day

We form a plan to deal with the creatures.

Summon the next one – it appears with the head of a hippo and proceeds to smash down the door.

Move into a room full of pillars – A single word is written on each pillar.

Tzolo / Knows / Where / Light / Hides

This leads to another large room with a long water pool in the centre. There are eight statues of tiger headed humanoids with polearms. Painting on ceiling depicts animal headed humanoids locked in battle.

Elephant headed human – massive statue. Stands with hands outstretched. Huge gems for eyes and huge tusks. Large red gem in the centre of its forehead.

Moderate conjuration from a green tusk
Strong evocation on the hands of the creature

Below navel there are 5 ivory tiles

L / K / H / W / T

Statue in far left corner is magical – Faint transmutation / Faint divination

We decide to explore the other chambers before we go further and go all the way back. We go back to the door where the numpties faffed about and broke it. Along the way we notice that the Hag’s body is missing.

The door opens into a 10*10 room – hundreds of symbols decorate the ceiling and walls. The 4th Mud Sorceror symbol is present in a large form on one wall.

It has Moderate Evocation magic

Turns out to be a blade barrier that catches many of the party. The same symbol is further down the passage but before we can touch it the blades strike us again.

This room teleports to the first step of steps that go down.

Return to the water elemental chamber and take the water exit. This leads to the room of green marble with 4 black stone pillars – each with a sorceror’s symbol on – A dome covers a pool at one end. A black metal door leads off – covered in glyphs and symbols.

There is a mummy at the bottom of the pool. Multiple magic sources exist on the corpse.
A wraith emerges from the body and attacks.

Tor unfortunately dies

Silver daggers – 120g
Gem – Black pearls (600g)
Ivory Tube – 3 Scrolls
Scroll Tube – 3 Scrolls
Greater Heroism
Gust of Wind
Lightning Bolt
Polymorph Other
Project Image

Talisman around neck – Symbol 2 – Strong Necromantic Magic

Massive bolt of cold rushes from the door as it is opened.

Small 10*10 room – Teleports to where we first met the Hag.

Back to the Elephant room – Investigate the statue in one corner – It contains several scrolls.
and piece of paper.
Purify food and drink
Bull Strength

Ivory blade – a crimson sword
Leads thee to the hidden horde

The runes are pressed in the correct order and its belly opens up revealing a passageway beyond.

We use a True Sight to explore the passageway back and discovered an illusion covering a hole in a wall.

Unscrew the green tusk – Fog appears in the room.
Tusk – Ivory (Green)
Tusk – Ivory (Red)

Put the Red horn into an illusion covered hole – (see the riddle above) Pull open to reveal a passageway.

Rug (250g)
2 gold candelabras (800g)

Inscription on the archway

You have reached the inner sanctum of Tzolo
Tzolo sleeps waiting for her predestined time
Gloat not – lest thy pride usher in a unalterable doom

Mud sorcerors symbols are inlaid on the casket.
Candles are burning – sweet smell. (Magical)

Loot the carpet

We put out the candles and cast gust of wind in order to remove the odour of the candles and stop people falling asleep. Move the coffin and there is a keyhole beneath. Unlocking this causes the wall to start moving towards us.

Search the coffin:
Figure in the coffin – Breastplate
Canadleabra – 500
Silver handles – 400
Bracelets -800
Collar – 850
Rings – 780
Circlet – 330
Mask – 950
Breastplate – 3100

Wookie and Sagramor jump into the hole but the bottom falls away and Wookie falls into a pit.

Search the area uncovered by the wall and discover a passageway going off.

We use various methods to escape the hole before the wall returns.

Uzrivoy – A boat 35’ tall room. Mastless ship made of red wood. Small cabin and covered stairway and wheel. Appears to be in drydock – supported on logs.

Stone face – evil fanged grin. Gritted teeth. Eyes appear to cry.

Two tusked heads spray water into the pool

In the passage a pit trap opens and Wookie falls in. Sparrowhawk follows him down and then uses the Mud ring to stone shape to remove the pit.

On one of the walls we find 4 indentations containing each of the 4 gems with the symbols.

Above the archway:

Those with naught to offer should turn back now
Even those who can shed light on understanding should tread with care

Boat – Doors locked
Wheel – Hundred of letters we don’t understand. (Don’t say anything in particular)
Inside the boat is bigger than on the outside. Great oak table – Cabinets.
Two huts – The larger one contains stairs leading downwards. The hold is 60’*30’
Wooden Sarcophagus in centre. – A figure lies inside.



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