The Journals of Sparrowhawk

Chapter 25 - We decide on a direction!

The monk appears to be instantly healing the damage caused by the Hags.

The hags suggest that the hunter is actually the monk.

We were able to discern that the monk wasn’t the source of either good or evil.

The hags lived on an island in the middle of the sea. They are the hags from the island who crashed the Iron Duke. Until we got to him (being the monk) in the hold.

Two suggest they will leave and leave one behind who will tell us everything.

The hunter drew them here. Hunter – hunted down the child which was on another boat (crewed by elves). Hunter employed them to wreck the ship. The hunter is not the monk. The monk was on the Iron Duke but wouldn’t speak. The monk appears to be a member of the Order of Dawn.

Hagrid – (Hag)

(Lucien) Help me – I cannot continue to combat both the hunter and the Hags- will be the end of the world. Help me to slay the hunter and return the child of fate to his people.

Teghan and Tor – I am the dark the hunter. I have captured the Star Child – no longer can the elves complete their ceremony (Tehtaen ’ i’arvandor – Sign of the Heaven) ,aboard the ‘I-ra ear alqua’ – Great Sea Swan. The Avatar of Light. Their great vigil will have been for naught. Slay this creature and this child will be delivered to Balcuth (tentacle demon from Despair) and the knowledge of the chains will be in his hands.

If the seraph wins then I cannot get the child to Balcuth – then the plan to break the golden chains will not go ahead.

We decide to cast a number of restorative spells on the Monk to try and aid the Seraph within him.

Huge evil creature and the seraph emerge from the monk – both appear battered and broken.

The evil creature seems fairly evil but the angel emanates almost divine goodness.

The evil creature says that he does not understand why we risk upsetting Balcuth.

We begin to battle the evil stalker. We suggest that the Hunter leaves but he summons huge shadows which drain us. Sagramor turns one of them and it is destroyed.

The Seraph teleports away with the child and the monk.

It destroys Sagramor’s weapon and then teleports away.

The Seraph returns – Ver Finese deals with evil spirits and incarnations – he took on the hunter. Will see if the child is the one that they have been seeking.

He is Lucien – and offers to aid us if we follow the path of light. He will allow us to call upon him if we follow light or he will turn aside from us. He offers to take us away from Sister or take her away from us. We explain that we would like to stay and influence our sister.

Teghan complains that performing good deeds has caused several of her unholy powers to disappear. The rest of the family point out that the evil faction has robbed them blind as well. It seems the rest of the party miss the point.

We rest in this area overnight in the room that the demons could not enter.

The next morning we follow the lantern under the red sky. We walk for many hours in the direction of the skull.

We come across a skeletal dragon

After an epic air battle we defeat the dragon and collect a small horde and a magical mace.

We rest overnight and the next day approach the huge skull. The lantern draws us down into a hole. The red blobby sky things are flung into the air from one of its eyes.

We swim into the skull through a pus filled hole.

The passage comes up into air and spirals upwards. The party meets a giant dwarf – Tor feels that his kind have battled these creatures before. Flaming red hair and grey skin.
Believed to be some kind of fire giant.

We speak to it and it says that we should wait here as they need more time.
It groups up with another one.

Zow-a-zar – they are minions of his. He is a test aspirant.

Teghan runs away from a mage that is casting spells. The two minions are killed.

The end chamber has 8 undead giants and an ethereal fire elemental. We destroy all of the undead using spells and the creature fades into the wall.

Massive iron throne in the chamber with spikes pointing outwards.

Tor reveals his looting credentials by going back and checking the fire giants.

Stairs go upwards beyond the double doors. A number of passages lead off in different directions. A black bonfire crackles down one passage.

You tread a dangerous path – I require time – you have destroyed my guards.
He claimed he wanted to study the nexus. We finish him off but Sparrowhawk is drained.

A Place of Power- The Negative Energy Nexus
Nexus = Strong necromantic. It appears to be a crack between a place of negative energy and the land. Teghan promised that this would be the fountain of Sparrowhawk.

Talk about appointing the demon from the arena as regent of this realm to appease it.

Full Plate +1
Wand – Inflict Serious
Potion – Invisibility
Periapt – Wisdom +2

Party Gloat List
Teghan (35) + 5 somethings for being evil [only 5? ha ha (t)]
Tor (24)
Sparrowhawk (12)
Sagramor (38)

Sparowhawk suddenly feels hard done by when the party reveal they only lost one item to the Succubus and he lost 3.

Rest overnight and then venture into the eye socket. The blobs appear from nowhere in this room and fly out of the eye.

The mummy umpire is inside and tells us that Teghan must proceed alone. Also says that no one else has got this far in the test.

Teghan is told she failed the second test but she has powerful friends who have arranged for a third test. She is threatened that her toys will be taken away if she chooses the incorrect option then she will ""write herself out of the history of the immortals".

Teghan performs a despicable act and passes the Test of the Smoking Eye.

She admits that whatever she did was worse than sacrificing babies.

Responsibilities – fight off any challengers. Show strength.

Realm of Discordant – Divided and conquered all the time but it has many hundreds of realms. Prison created by the Gods to keep Azumray and all those of his bloodline within. Keep the world of men safe and separate. It has magics that those of a pure heritage can break through but only for a short time – e.g. gate or portals but that only lasts a short time.

Nexus – connected with the souls that are a currency on Discordant. These are captured and bartered. The nexus appear randomly and move. This one has been here for several months.

This is a small and backwater realm. Those who would seek to take it over must be sure they could keep it or they would be demoted / transformed into a lesser being.

“We are all Carafon” – the mummy umpires. It reveals that the church was manifest from the presence of the goodly being who was within it.

Guest – Gathra. Here to congratulate Teghan. Here to give her a gift, a small box containing a gold and leather choker and hidden under the padding, a large black seed. Told that she would be expected. She is told that the choker is a Device of protection.

As promised the demon Delvanar arrives the next day. We meet the challenger outside and combat him. He is incredibly hard to hit and stuns us every time he strikes us. We eventually wear him down and defeat him. He states that the realm is in good hands and teleports away.

The big reveal….

The cost of what she has just done.

She sacrificed our father in order to achieve this.



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