The Journals of Sparrowhawk

Chapter 26 - The aftermath

The family discuss the direction that we have taken and Tegan’s actions.

Tor travels to Wheloon where he learns that the order for the arrest of Sagramor is still in existance. In Halguard the area of slums has been destroyed and started to be rebuilt as quality housing.

vmb\sdThe monks lodge has been destroyed – there had been battles in the place. Master Carillo has not been seen. Master Versice took an element of the temple out before the main battle to a place of safety.

Guru has taken the initiates to the temple of the winding way.

The rule of law is poor in the city and the militia do little to keep control. There is a great deal of suffering and a lack of food and water.

Many people in the city feel they have been abandoned by the King.

Tyralandi visited – She reminded Teghan that she was supposed to gather the horde of demons and send them against Umbaria. She has sent them on their way but they need leadership. Balcuth wanted this but she was prepared to lead them if Teghan wouldn’t do it.

She was also pushing to ensure that Teghan used the seed in the right place and that the fey who created it would be displeased if we used it in any other way.
She returned one more of the parties items but notably retained all of Sparrowhawks’ as leverage. Quill suggested using party funds to replace the items lost.

Sparrowhawk suggested using the seed in this realm that would mean that they remained trapped and would remove the threat that the seed presented to us.

Over in Walsingham (our old home) – a huge cathedral has been built and is just a few months from being completed. Many people have died due to a disease and others have left the place, unhappy with the changes. There is a 10,000 gold reward for the removal of the Greenskins from the fort.
People are subdued and somehow tired of living. This is all somehow suspicious.

When mortals die on Discordant their souls are trapped there and they manifest in negative energy portals where their souls can be extracted if you know how.

We discover that the seed will break of it’s own accord eventually but to willingly break it we will have to sacrifice an innocent. This will have major negative effects on Sagramor and will tip others towards evil.

We open a gate to Scuttle Cove and then shadowwalk to land.

Scuttle Cove Loot*

Meet up with the boat. Sail towards Tzolo but stop off on the way to allow Sparrowhawk to snack.

Library of Last Resort – Nemoa one of the ancient Gods to record the history of the world so that people can learn from past mistakes. Can recall a specific point in history – answers often not what you expect but library uses its initiative to provide you with a more rounded understanding. Test at every stage – feel that events may not be real but actually may have consequences outside / back in the land. We pose a question and throw it into a well.

There were originally 3 massive libraries
There are now libraries in Haalguard, Larnacost, Bucastle, Gilsand,

Anathanaum – Sought to gather all knowledge and hide some knowledge. Attempt to hide some knowledge from the world but that has a price. Originally 3 libraries – same aim but different Suliman Orban brought them together. Libraries are a place where knowledge can be found and lost.

Sphinx of Time – Desert South of Thamimbar – Take any mundane object obect there and it can reveal its history. Sand Sphinx is often the final option.

Examining the maps we discover that Umbaria is actually a lesser city and somewhat inland. It appears that Tzolo may have been onto something when she suggested that the targets of the attacks (Demons and Seed) are important for another reason. It is possible that the Human ‘Caves of Light’ are all in cities.

After much discussion we agree that we have no method of finding the demons or of finding a reliable target if we did find them. We travel to Mortarbi island instead.

We have a map that shows the two ‘lost’ temples.

In the cove we discover two ships alreasdy landed on the island and sneak towards them to investiage. Two large merchant vessels.

Humans on the ships. Flirty Knave & the Hired Wench.

When we find one of the ‘lost’ temples it has a wooden lookout structure built on top of it.

We are chased by a huge mammoth but drive it off with fire.

Investigate both the temple locations but they are just pyramids with no interiors. Both have wooden structures built on top of them.

We investigate the green hand orc camp. There are around 30 elves bound in huts with a small number of orcs remaining in the camp.

Rescued one of the elves – claimed they are lackies of Ogres and Giants who rampaged through the village. Given to the Orcs to look after. They are required to spend their days clearing the area around the temples. They also take food to one of the ancient structures. Seem to be excavating this site. Humans are in charge.

Chop down a wood and carry it to the temples for them where they build platforms. They then have people flying above the volcano and signalling to other people on the platforms. They appear to be making some sort of measurements.

Make our way to the temple near to the location the elf mentioned. There is a female ogre guarding the enterence. Teghan explores a little and then returns. We remember that we reached an area of plants inside last time we were here that attacked us and we never progressed past them. We ascend the pyramid but are chased in by arrows and a huge monster that we strongly suspect was being controlled.

Inscription above the door
“Here lies the body of Tyr Venardi – Greater than any king. From where he lies may he still gaze upon the seat of his great vision.”

Kill two Ogres and subdue a third.

In the crypt are 4 huges trees that have been burnt and hacked down.

Above in the ceiling is a shaft that leads to the sky.

We search the room but it appears the crypt was looted a few days ago.

Sparrowhawk flies off to the base camp site that the Elf mentioned. He finds a tiered hill with an encampment of ogres halfway up and a hole in the top of the hill with a ladder going down. Sounds of guards echo upwards at the bottom of the ladder.

Name of Ancient God = Mnemona"



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