The Journals of Sparrowhawk

Chapter 30 - The blind leading the blind

We decide to attack the strange creatures despite being underpowered. Arbori accompanies us.

Haldine Hornswagle

We enter retrospective debate mode – and send a message to Amigan asking what he would like done. We hope that the answer is to attack the village as we are halfway through that anyway.

We attack the village. Several smaller creatures fall to fire damage but the party are drained by many mind effects and function erracticly. Sagramor is killed and the family retreat.

Two of the leader creatures are killed and the bone pile begins to move.

We retreat and raise Sagramor and then return to find the huge creature had gone along with most of the others. It had cut a huge swathe throught the forest and so was easy to track – eventually ending in a larger village further away.

On the village sign some sort of pyramid has been burnt into the sign.
The giant is whittled away one spell at a time and eventually falls. Two armoured trolls cause some concern.

There was a sign up on a building that announced the Kings Players in this location for 1 night only. (This was a week ago).

Teghan gets permission to slaughter a few innocents and goes at it like bunnies in spring.
Sagramor tries very hard to die underneth a zombie mob but is rescued.

We regroup and rest overnight. In the morning the bone creature is still there but the trolls and leader creature appear to have left.

We eventually kill the bone undead and rescue and cure a villager. He told us that there were banks of fog and strange creatures with drained them.

Martock Ampithertre – Dated tomorrow at dusk. A sign says “Martok – pop 1124 Enough?”

+1 Longsword
+1 Shortsword

Symbol of Hastur – Discovered. Makes us feel queezy to look at. Person who can cast symbol of insanity would use this to enhanse it.

Elder of the village of Fallowfield restored.

Play – King & Queen spoke to man in a mask – Didn’t like him and killed him. City in the distance “Carcosa”. Things were not looking good for them. Legend says Carcosa is parasitic, drifts and feeds off other cities.

Play involved magic and dragged them in. Black pyramid was part of the set. Multiarmed creature with an orb was important but didn’t join until the end.

The person is released and warned not to interact with the villagers.

We travel to Martok



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