The Journals of Sparrowhawk

Chapter 31 - Those bards are up to no good

Teghan reports back after investigating the theatre. Bards in masks inside. Giant figures in costume. She came across a symbol of pain and screamed the house down fetching up all the company.

Read the runes – Proposed action of going in and murdering them was the favoured action of the gods but was doomed to fail.

We write a letter to Lady XXX stating that we require any assistance she can give and explain what has happened so far. Teghan teleports off so far.

Tor flew back into the building in the form of a fly but set off 3 symbols and became insane. As Sagramor was looking through his eyes at the time he was also affected and became insane. This was quickly removed by Templeton.

Tor was captured and instructed to strip off all his clothes and weapons.

Tor comes out of the building unconscious and the two militia blow whistles. One runs off to get help while Sparrowhawk flies in invisibly and flies off with Tor after healing him. Unfortunately the guard is attached to Tor by a rope. Tor is still insane. Sparrowhawk drops Tor on the guard, cuts the rope and then takes Tor to safety outside the village before beating him unconscious.

Note from the Lords wife returned by Teghan. It says that we are a group trusted by a close associate of the Lord. Someone has planted evidence that says we are devil worshippers.

We present our case to the mayor and a meeting is arranged to meet Sophia Lazileran with him.

We restore several people and eventually find one who was not brain fried. He tells a story close enough to our own and offers a direct contradiction to what she said – she claims rapturous applause and the witness.

Tors brother Torath has been killed in Bucastle as he tried to fight the monstrous growths. Thousands have been killed and many creatures have been crawling out of places and taking people back to Discordant. He entered the demon trees souls and fraught a battle with a great worm of bile, he was lost for all time, unable to be restored to life.

There is a meeting of the Mayor and the Guard chief where the guards are over-ruled and the play is allowed to go ahead. We decide to enact the plan to disrupt the play.

1. Turn people away at the roads entering the town
2. Release summoned demons to frighten people into locking themselves in their homes
3. Burn down the playhouse
4. Attack the players inside if necessary

During 2 the actors draw a number of townspeople into the playhouse to seek ‘refuge’. We begin to burn down the roof but heavily armed warriors move to attack us.

Upon entering the playhouse Sagramor suffers his daily death (One every day this week).

The players have the playhouse locked down. Their warriors appear to be considerably tougher than us and the bards have the townspeople held in place (despite the roof being mostly burned away). Attempts to get the people to flee using darkness and even rampaging elephants are unsuccessful.



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