The Journals of Sparrowhawk

Chapter 33 - Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Its off to "makework" we go

We speak to the actress – She tells us of the person who gave her the book and the mask. Bard gave her to them in Duchemy Antanor Telthin. The Carcosa Codex – he had been searching for and eventually found. Spoke of alien cities , haunted lakes and mysterious places.

We rest for the remainder of the day releasing the bard in the morning. Amigan contacts us and tells us that some people got sucked into Discordant when Bucastle merged with the demonic forest and asks us to rescue them.

One was a sorceress who had the ability to get back and reported – bringing with her items from the plane (metal) that allow us to return there.

We planeshift to a plane of discordent – dark dense forest. Twisted and gnarled.

We locate 5 ogres and a Minotaur – all clad in plate dragging 3 humanoids behind them.

We very effectively dispatch them with no losses and little damage

Ogres – Plate armour fused with their skin. Alchemical substances were piped to their bodies in order to enhance them.

5 * Magical Great club

Find prisoners:-

Bartholomew – Merchant.
Drake – Priest of Kord
Jake – Farmer

We tapestry the three.

We scout using Sparrowhawk in bat form. Spots an area of volcanoes and a huge spire with a large dragon sat on the top.

We scout the tower (badly) and it swoops down and breathes acid. It then climbs back up – seemingly unable to fly back.

The numpty brothers go scouting again and this time set off the fire based defenders (cloud) and run around saying ouch! rather than doing any scouting.

The party rest overnight and spell up to take on the Hydra. We discover that it does not breath fire, instead breathing acid, sonic, lightning, cold and slow.

It was eventually dispatched without loss on our side.

Further down the tunnel a room opened up into multiple branches. A 20’ chimney of metal leads up from an empty cavern. A lockable (but unlocked) metal trapdoor covered the hole. In the room above a number of constructs work on a forge and two evicerators guard the chamber controlled by a metal plated salamander.

Exploring the chute revealed that it was formed of polished metal making normal climbing almost impossible. An enormous anti magic zone covered 100’ of the chute making magical climbing impossible.

As the antimagic zone extended up to the trapdoor there appeared to be no way to enter the room without being noticed. With no obvious way into the room and only one member of the party able to enter we sent one person up who attempted to tie a rope to allow the rest of the group up.

The guards on that level quickly activated an alarm and attacked – severing the rope and leaving just two people up top. Teghan was badly injured in just seconds and exited leaving Sparrowhawk to keep the guards occupied while the party came up with a new plan.

Much time passed……

and then some more time……

Sagramor remembered that walls were not always ‘up’ to him and walked up the walls.

Rust monster & comedy tensers floating disc episode.
Gun turrets – Zap us with stuff (weakness) – used a rust monster against them.

Salamander – Green piece of metal



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