The Journals of Sparrowhawk

Chapter 35 - Betrayed!!!!

Still in the tower the party attempt to rest in a spell created mansion but are rudely interrupted just an hour into their massages.

An shadow like creature was dispatched and an elemental (which dispelled the massage and dinner) ran away.

We attempt to rest again and are attacked again by the elemental creature. It has spell resistance greater than 29, AC something horrible and around 25 damage resistance. It dispells magic at a glance and imprisons multiple people in spheres of force just as easily. It also blasts a wall of ice with flames to move through it.

After 20 minutes the force cages disappear.

We rest in the caves beneath the tower and manage an uninterrupted sleep. The next evening we again venture back into the tower and assault a number of half half machine Minotaurs. On the next floor a shadow disappears.

After dispatching the shadow a huge one appears. A wave of darkness washes over us and causes huge damage to the living.

A powerful fey mage runs past us all shrouded in shadow. He casts several shadow spells and kills Teghan. After raising her we progress to the next floor.

On the next floor there is a large glass cube with electricity arcing down wires into it. The device is designed to trap a creature within and syphon off its innate magical powers.

We destroy the device much to Teghan’s annoyance who wanted to save it in case we needed to melt anyone.

We open the lift shaft and rust the roof. Above a lift shaft goes upwards. Around 160’ up the shaft a door opens into an other floor where we discover huge numbers of prisoners and two huge constructs.

Centre console allows scrying, teleportation and some sort of shadow portal.

We operate the centre console and teleport up to a higher level of the tower, arriving at another console. Naked humanoid in a glass jar.

We fight an epic fight with the cleaning lady and smash the glass, killing the man in the tube.

Brass Amulet (M)
Money – To be confirmed next session

The books on this level have been torn apart – leaving just the covers. The owner had sufficient knowledge to make, forge or craft anything.

We operate the final control panel and an image of the wall on the lowest level appears. From inside the wall we see thousands of automotons with a Gargantuan automonton red dragon ion the background.
A small number of live Thalambarians mill about at the front along with Sorashal Al Fahim

We send a message to Amigan saying Have discovered a huge atomiton army under the control of Sorashal Al Fahim – Instructions?

Reply: We need to talk – meet me at Ravenswatch Inn – Ebsworth Rising".

We speak to Sorashal who initially doesn’t recognise us.
“What are you doing in Keban-an Ex’s Tower?”

He suggests there are Liches and Shelaki around the tower.

Stay away from the east coast.

He gathers the army for others.

He was told that we were dead – told this by Uzumray and his children that we had been taken and used. Was not surprised that they had been lied to.

He asked to speak to the machinist – who we think was the red man in the glass tube.

We destroy the controls of the tower and then plane shift away.
Planeshift away and teleport to Ebsworth.

We arrive at the inn and a man claiming to be Amigan asked to speak to Sparrowhawk alone. He is obviously not Amigan – he hands over a note.




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