The Journals of Sparrowhawk

Chapter 37 - A New Day, A New Direction

We approach the gates of the city and prepare to be ambushed. A person approaches and hands over a letter which has had the seal broken. The ambush is launched but we get away before the were-bear can capture Quill.

We get a message from Arbori saying that she was progressing and had some help from an old man who was being particularly helpful.

A message arrives from Tzolo and she says that she had given Sparrowhawk eternal life and this is how he repayed her. He was now lost to her. He replied saying that his offer had been honest but if that was her decsion then so be it.

Quill scries Brother Wookie and sees him tied up on a ship. He is being guarded by minions and 1 humanoid Vanthus – Demonic wings, black metal armour, Flaming 1H weapons, Goat skull motif on the breastplate (Symbol of Orcus). Face or mask was a skull.

Divideads Ire – A prison in Discordent that is somewhere people don’t go.

We get a message a message from Arbori saying she has someinformation on the Black Pyramid and we might like to go and talk to her.

Teghan teleports off to Arbori and spends the night with her. She met the old man in the library and he was taken with her flaming hair. He has taken a shine to her and taken her to keepers of oral lore who hold most of the information regarding Thalimbar. She hands over some information.

She has mentioned the Carcosa codex to Abas Samir bin Abib and he is interested in reading it.

Powerful divination – Wookie is on a boat in the gaping Maw in Discordant (a body of water). There is an island in the Gaping Maw called Abysm. Ruled by Demigorgon – Two gigantic towers in the centre of his realm.
Ship is trying to pass this area on its way to Dividens Ire – Another island in Gaping Maw. Tropical island split in half by volcanic eruption.

Sending to Bishop Orvil but he doesn’t reply.

We discover that Wookie is concious but he appears to be drugged.

We plane shift to Incipidus and speak to the butler. He tells us that Balcuth has been flying around here and ensuring that everyone knows that Teghan rules here.

We explore the perameters of using the powers of the realm – we discover that they are limited to the bounds of this realm.

Arbori sends to us – Abas Samir bin Abib has a brother who knows about Dividens Ire.

Original Ancient Gods
Nemona – Lover, Keeping the memory alive
Getha Main – HE pursuaded the gods to leave. Great warrior. Fought in the great battle. Architecture, weapons and armour.
Selecia (Great Shepess)
Shalack – Sea
Marukin –
Auara – Light and Love

Valarian – The Herder. Believes all creatures have a right to life. Higher creatures have a responsibility to aid the lesser creatures. He was killed by the first great evil (first victim of the great black plague).

Tor receives a crown in his communication bag. Testing confirms it is an artefact.

He then receives a head of a Storm Giant complete with some crumpled notes.

During the night we are attacked. Two dark skinned sand giants.

They were carrying one of our wanted posters which have allegedly already reached Thalimbar. We check out the story in the marketplace looking for wanted posters. There are none there – making us believe he is lying. He claims he was given the poster by a woman who had a stack of them..

We cast analyse dweomer on the Storm Giants Crown.

Artifact – Storm Lords Crown
Wearer may move Storm Lords Keep
Wearer has DR/30 Electrical
Cast Storm of Vengeance 1/day (PHB p287)
10d10 Lightning ball 10’ radius 1/10mins
Alter weather around keep
Teleport to keep 1/day to keep gates
Race required Giant(Good)
Needs attunement over time.

5225 Gold from selling items.

Legend Lore on the crown: “Given to Fyorgin Heimdall, last of the Storm Lords, killed in battle against Demogorgon himself. The wearer of the crown yields command of the Storm Lords Keep to the wearer if the blood line matches the faithful. The stronger the line of blood to the Storm Lords, the greater the Keep will yield to the will of the Crown. A bastion against devil and demon it’s fall was long yearned for. The greatest symbol against their imprisonment and a rallying cry for all of Discordant. Who will now dare to tread in those once hallowed hall?”.

Legend Lore on the Giants head: “Gulveig Algron, the scribe to Fyorgin Heimdall. Like father and father before, his line chronicled the history of the Storm Lords Keep. Small for his kind and born deformed, his body twisted and wracked with pains. He was the last to live within the Storm Lords Keep and died as he lived, in regret at his physical weaknesses. He died with the pen in hand and not the sword, against a long held promise he made to himself for in the end terror gripped his soul and his death unglorious.”

Cast Speak with Dead on the Giant Head
When was the Storms Lords Keep last move
3 Days before my death.

Describe the forces arayed against you at the point of your death
Huge demon – 4 arms 2 heads and great talons. I died alone.

Who is Stars Watch reached
A great climb up stairs beyond the clouds

Where was the keep when you died?
The keep was moved to where the fighting was greatest. To where the need was large. It was moved 800 miles NE of Stars Watch.

Which demon’s domains boarder the pass you guarded?
Grast owned the pass beneath the mountains on the southern side – he is the dark price.

How long will it take for Tor to attune himself to the crown.
A small number of days or not at all depending on how you want to use the crown.

Cast Speak with dead on the dead giant mercenary
How did you find us?
Sexy lady told us where to go

What did you do for a living
Killed a lot of people

What proof of our death did you intend to present
The entire body

Describe the sexy lady
Typical Thalimbarian, raven black hair, piercing green eyes.

Where were you to meet her afterwards
No plan to meet anyone- take bodies back and get rich.

We discuss the journey to Dividens Ire. Abas Samir bin Abib agrees to exchange knowledge of the end of the world and a trip to the giants in exchange for a trip to find the Wookie. This also fulfils the last request of the giants to ensure their tale is told.

We plane shift to the prison plane and travel on a flying carpet to the prison itself.

Attacked by demonic creatures.



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