The Journals of Sparrowhawk

Chapter 39 - Assulting the Prison

Teghan goes scouting over the bridge and has her face torn off and stretched over a framework.

Tor turns into a roper and when she attacks him turns strength drains her into the ground.

After some powerful magic Teghan admits that she put her face against the machinery and had it ripped off. We cast a restoration and regeneration to restore Teghan.

We cast an anti-magic shell and proceed past the iron totem with the spikes.

Much of the entrance to the building is dusty and doors have been broken open in the past.

Come across two trumpet arcons – who follow Seriah. They think we follow the Lich. Dinell & Ouza.
We agree an audience with Sereya and some of the party. Seriah is an angel with stumps where wings have been torn off. They came years/decades ago to chase a demon who was corrupting a merchant. He has his own plans for Cubulax. He hopes to torture the demon.

Dread Wraiths, Great Shadows, dozens of Spectres under the control of Orgosh. He was an original warden and helped create some of the magical protections of the prison. We offer to restore his wings but he says that he might do this after he has tortured Cubalaxe. He is broken mentally as well as physically.

Offers to allow us to stay in his chamber and for Sparrowhawk and Teghan to stay in the chamber outside.

If we wish to attack Cubalaxe then he will send an angel to aid us.

We explore in the direction of the filth demons.

Lillith has the Wookie – She feels she was betrayed by someone during an assassination. The cultists of demogorgon captured her and handed her over and he put her here.

Some minions – a babarou rogue (gaunt dark skinned demon with sharp teeth, talons and a hook on the back of its head. Plus a succubus. She plans to take control of all the demons and undead and then move against Grast’s son – Athuse and his army. She could be bargained with.

She can move around the island at will because she is so powerful. Terexia would have been listening in and so she would already know our plans.

Matricide – killing items that you sleep on
plus a long long list of others……
Ironside – killing people in a wheelchair

Lillith needs your friend to keep Vanthus in check and she needs Vanthus to remove Orgosh.

Vanthus has been promised Wookie if he takes out Orgosh – he cannot do this on his own and so he is creating some undead.

He stays here through fear and wisdom. He knows of Demogorgons plans and things about him. Info on this polace – who used to live here and where she has gone. He will destroy our world as he did Discordant. He knows of his weaknesses. Someone who understands him better than any – and will be useful when we face him.

The death of the lich (Orgosh) would not drop the wards but would give access to something that would allow the demons to escape.

Shav-i-a-mor-ay the succubus who Demogorgon was most enamoured with – she is in a prison. She knows all and is willing to tell all.

Vanthus is on the island. Can fly across but gargoyles will attack. He is a mighty warrior and draws undead to his side.

We can summon the great drake that resides in the lava. Any large disturbance will cause it to wake and come out. However this would be a desperate measure.

The death knight has been tasked with bringing wookie here and keeping him safe.
He claims that Orgosh’s minions have already been neutralised by him and now would be a good time to attack him.

After some small amount of bimbling we decide to attack.

We immediately lock Vanthus down by grappling him despite a beating from a number of dread wraiths fly off with his corpse; however Tor is possessed and flies over and steals the corpse.

On the way back two gargoyles attack. They drain levels with their gaze and are able to link to an person and share any damage with an opponent. Tor comes to his senses (presumably after transferring Vanthus spirit to a Dread Wraith) and then flies back with the body.

Mithril Breastplate
Flaming Longsword
Flaming Sickle

A number of the party took wounds from the undead that would not heal. We ask the angels and discover the damage can be healed in a holy area. However he cannot remember which spell exactly is needed.

We return to Orgosh with the corpse of Vanthus. Sham-i-a-more-a is in the Well of Darkness. She committed some treachery against Demogorgon. A place of legend. Mal-kan-thay usurped Sham-i-a-more-a. Orgosh was responsible for placing some of the wards and protections in this place because Demogorgon has his soul.

Orgosh offers to take us to the Well of Darkness anytime we wish. It is a place of legend. He wishes the destruction of Demogorgon. Our paths lead in the same direction.

She has a number of Hezeru demons. and will only have shown us exactly what she wants us to see. Whatever plan we have to rescue our brother we should have other options. If she believes we are weak she may underestimate us.



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