The Journals of Sparrowhawk

Chapter 42 - The End of the World (has just happened)

We consider possible ways forward:-

Lover of DemoGorgon
Fill the giant castle with minions
Check out the cities of the empire
Check out the tidal wave cities (Pyramid)
Seek a seat on the Vampire Council in Halgaard
Where did the Tear relic end up
Check out caves of light
Visit the library of Last Resort and see the event when the goddess became the sun (ie how it was created).

We hear that the brightest stars have fallen to earth with cataclysmic effects. There are only small stars left

We travel for 3 months in the castle towards civilization. Attacked by a female wailing undead. She said that Orcus wanted his Crown and Castle back.

Thalibar – City of many magic items.
Little food available – just mushroom based mush. Just enough to go around but guarded jealously. Tidal waves from starfall in the water.

The Augmented army is present here.

We send a message to Amigan saying that Tor is now the Storm Lord and controls the keep. We receive a reply from an unknown person.
“Sorry previous owner dead – really dead. Now serving another.”

We fly the castle back to the Kings realm and Haalguard. Place the castle in cloud.
It is noted that the Baron’s fort is now glowing for 400’ around it.

Sending to Master Monk – “We are now in the vicinity of Haalguard – where can we meet?”
“We should meet in Three Hills at the Queens Crown Inn”. Part of Haalguard.

Scout out this area and building. Continual lights flicker but are sparse in this region of the city. Teghan spots a person being dragged into a building and takes a closer look. They are feeding on this person (blood drinking). They appear to be vampires.

Old Order is no more – Master Versice no longer trains. The Temple of the Winding Way has also gone. They have moved to Haalguard. He is also a Vampire now.

Our discussion with Master Versice: We were once shunned by society. We now have an opportunity to reverse that. There is an imperceptible mist over the graveyard in the north which creates undead which attack the city – not under their control. Their longer term goal to rule a civilization. They will help to protect the city, aim to crush the will of the people – the people need to understand that the Council can protect them but they will remake the city in our image. Other vampire spawn created by the mist.

Necrotic curse roams the land. Rises all over the continent. City is running out of food. Priests of Kord providing what they can.
Currently fourteen vampires form the council.

We decide that Sparrowhawk joining the Council makes sense so that we can learn what is happening.

We meet again and agree – he asks us to destroy the nest of Vampires that is roaming wild and creating spawn. The Council say Sparrowhawk will have to keep the family under control.

We approach the mansion house – apparently the black mist does not cover this area. As we scout it out a large number of undead horsemen ride by.

We talk to the lead rider – He says Lacivious will feast upon our family. We kick off.

Thrithane Revalvi – she tries to talk her way out of a fight by saying she will destroy the existing vampires – we attack anyway. It is later noted she has an extra eye on a stalk.

Tor is invited to engage in the feast by Lacivious – it consists of parts of children and blood. He is mentally overpowered and engages with the feast.

Lacivious claims he serves darker beasts than the council – closer to the time before the Gods.
From no-where he summons an ornate longsword and ornate (ancient) metal shield.

He proves to be a mighty opponent – a Vampire Lord powered by something other than just negative energy. We fight him off but have to retreat multiple times. We formulate a plan involving an Antimagic shell and then go back in. We barely beat him off, destroying several of his followers.

3 Scrolls
Greater Dispell Magic (12th) Flesh to Stone Prismatic Spray
2 * Dwarven Urgrosh (+2)
+2 Unholy Heavy Mace
Wand of Cure Moderate (12)
Scroll Flamestrike
Scroll Raise Dead
Potion of Invisibility
Spellbook –
Greatsword +1


Sending to Master Versice – Arrange to meet immediately.
Perhaps he is working with the Demons and possibly with the Elder Mists.

Allies used to be – Demonic forces including Demogorgon and Orcus.

Demogorgon – Given Lanercast – Large City. His forces are trying to batter down the city walls

Major cities will be given to the Vampire Councils. Councils exist in all cities including Bucastle.

The Thalimbarians have stayed in Thalimbar and seek to rule their own lands.

Their plan is to create smaller suns with a local permanent effect. Above Welloon – where the great temples to Pelor there will be small suns to grow crops and feed the people.

Medium term – those who have wealth will come inside the city walls including new Welloon. Already a vast amount of gold has been pulled into the town. There are a number of these locations around the world including Walsingham. People were removed from the land by legal means (disease etc) and bought up.

Everywhere outside the great cities where the suns do not shine will be given over to Orcus to create a wasteland.

During the initial assault many demonic and diabolic princes were lost in breaking the chains. Other personalities have stayed in Discordant. Demonic numbers in our lands are not great.

Shepherds of the Root – Opposed to the fast breeding humanoid races – They considered the removal of the greenskins to be more important than the preservation of the land.

Bucastle still glows with Daylight.

Caves of Light – One in Welloon – great reserves of food. Ready for transport to Haalguard. Ancient food hall given to them by Tzolo. They know of the one near Walsingham and are extremely interested in.

In private – Teghan & Sparrowhawk. Creating suns requires free willed sacrifice of High Priests of Pelor and Aurora.

Who is arrayed against the Council?
Priests of Kord – spend their resources feeding the population. They can feed a small army with items and artifacts. The Bright Lady – relation of the old baron who the Council have been sponsoring. It is important that the people have someone to believe in.

Demons should not be in Haalguard and should be killed on sight as demons meddle and have places they have been allocated. They should be sent a message if found elsewhere.

Sansom Thatch is working with us to secure Bishop Orvill to sacrifice himself. He also secured the resources to create the temples and to create the sun.

Great pearls from the sea used to house the sacrificial light.



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