The Journals of Sparrowhawk

Chapter 43 - A new Direction

A troglodyte approaches us as we discuss things with Master Carillo . It reads from a scroll and Teghan gains a glowing sigil on her chest.

A wall disintegrates and a huge ape appears in the room.

As we attempt to leave the troglodyte shouts up – Don’t think that Demogorgon will let you live. You will not rule over this land with Tiralandi at your side. We will hunt you down wherever you are.

They claim Balcuth is dead and Tyralandi is next and you will follow.

We eventually escape and check out the sigil on Teghans chest. It is the target for a teleport.

We discuss what we should do next.

1. Understand what occurred to create the sun
2. Understand how to create the great seal that locked away the darkness
Arduval the reborn had forged a great seal, giving his life to make it and had sealed away the darkness. The seal appeared to have been cracked when the volcano erupted and the insanity had been released.

We try and remove the sigil from Arbori but fail. Tor speaks to one of his ancestors to ask how it can best be removed. He is ancy about it and gives us no information.

We recover the body of Vaden Kiang and cast resurrection on him. He gets ansy and refuses to play with us. He eventually agrees to pass on to the Order of Dawn a message that the last Stormlord still lives, controls the castle at the end of the world and that our group wishes to one day restore the sun.

The locating beacon on Teghan shines and the followers of Demogorgon teleport in. Their huge apes cause massive damage but are dispatched and then the two other spellcasters flee.

Sending: Guru – Sparrowhawk would like to meet you and talk. Outside city at spot X. Midnight. Brother Wookie

Response: I’ll be passing through funeral way in a few hours time if you want to meet.

The library in Haalguard has been ransacked and the books burnt.

Meet with Guru – hundreds or possibly thousands of people enter Haalguard and burn the city. He knew that Master Carillo had been slain by Master Versice. When the mists descended the curse raised him up from his grave. He has walked within the darkness and feel unchanged except for the freedom that he now feels.

We decide to try and liberate Haalguard by attacking the master vampire to try and disrupt the advance of the shadow. We suceed in quickly driving off Master Lacivious but immediately encounter another master vampire with equal or even greater abilities.

Master Vampire Abilities
Suck damaging spells into himself
Sword impales and drains life
Sword stole CON
Sword cut through wall of force
Force effect – damage when you hit him
Dispelling armor spells on hit
(Suspected) – True Sight

Tor dies and we retreat, speculating that this master vampire was the boss of the Lacivious.

The next day we attempt a sending to Tzolo. We would like to purchase the location of the Library of Last Resort from you. Are you willing to trade? Sparrowhawk

A. I’ll send Magilor to take you there – where are you?

“The flying castle – East of Haalguard. When will Magilor arrive?”

A. It will take him about 3 weeks or he could meet you along the way

Sending to Master Versice “The threat from the great Shadow has returned. Can we meet to discuss”

A. Meet today outside city.

Scout the city – the city is burning in the NW. The shadow has stopped just short of the keep.

Representatives from the various cabals, clans and guilds that used to rule the city.

They have a large number of resources but they are not a large martial force and have no resources or plans that would help fight off the shadow.

They have tried to speak to Lacivious but he has a complete disregard for any semblance of humanity. He is not more just a force.

They are not willing to fight or draw the line anywhere. They are more afraid of loosing their free will to the Shadow. They are prepared to abandon Haalguard.

Go to the temple of Kord.

The priesthood of Pellor is cursed with misfortune. Tales of them all dying.
City is descending into Chaos.

Advertise our philosophy – Bring people in who believe in the same things. Appoint them to posts appropriate to the Leadership feat.

  • Justice and a fair society
  • The restoration of order
  • A new beginning
  • A safer place to exist than a city surrounded by darkness
  • Fresh food and water

We introduce some magical vetting and establish a cohort and followers


15th lvl cohort

This takes a couple of weeks. We look for Bishop Orvill but he is nowhere to be found.

We try to locate Master Carillo using a locate person but determine that he is somewhere within the shadow.

We do some goodly works around the city including making magic items for the temple of Kord and cleaning out the sewers.

The Uzrivoy arrives after 3 weeks and the boatman insists that we use it rather than take the flying castle. As Tzolo has never crossed us before we agree to the offer and to asking a question on her behalf. She is still considering what she would like to know.

We consecrate a temple within the cloud castle as a location for Brother Wookie to site his Word of Recall.

We travel for 2 weeks without incident when there is a sudden crashing sound that rouses us.

The front of the boat is gone – snapped off. We summon a whale and use waterbreathing. We get to the surface and see a huge ship, appearing to have just run us over.

Flagship of the Kings armarda – Flag White Castle above a sea with a ship on one side flanked by two prancing unicorns.

Sailors help our undead captain out of the water. They also appear to be some sort of undead.
Some of the crew are ghasts or wights.
Speak to Magalor who states that he didn’t see it coming.

Captain Jenson Wainright – 1st Sealord of the Kings Fleet. (Also undead).

Hunting down one of the Roviarian fleet – the Black Naga. It went into Bucastle and offloaded marines then fled. They have been following it but lost it in a storm.

Hanged man – swinging but still wriggling.

Attack was just a few hours ago.

The captain and crew do not appear to have any knowledge that they are undead.

On exploring we discover that the lower decks are full of the black mist. There are tapestries attached to the sails that contain a flight of griffins.

There is magic all over the boat. Partly keeping it afloat and protecting it.

The captain offers us jobs and we immediately plan a mutiny. We remember that the sentient undead we met last time that had been affected by the shadow had it inside them and so decided to do something about it. We clear the decks with a positive energy burst and take on the crew.

Sparrowhawk has the Captain grappled and pinned.

Teghans action next.



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