The Journals of Sparrowhawk

Chapter 44 - The battle for the Sea Tiger

We attempt to clear the boat of undead but wave after wave drive the party below decks. Arbori falls to fire damage, dying mainly of embarrassment.
We clear the second floor and spend a short while raising Arbori while waiting for a huge summoned dragon to disappear. Arbori casts a couple of Sunburst spells and manages to drive off the darkness from the level below.

We descend and the captain orders his remaining men up to fight us. There is an epic fight with the captain and his mage almost impossible to hit.

Arbori is hit by another lighting bolt and slain again.

Looted the Captain.
Rapier +3 Keen
Ring of Protection +3

The Ship
Magic – prevents it from sinking
Magic – Forces it to sink at the will of the captain
(Can travel under the water)
Magic – Fire Resistant
Magic Sails – Griffins

Travel for a further 2 weeks into the frozen north, breaking ice to get to a small island.

The captain tells us that Master Versice has paid the cost for our journey here.

1. How can we replace the sun? – Brother Wookie
2. How can the great shadow be destroyed or locked away? – Arbori
3b.What was the purpose of placing groups like our family together? – - Teghan
4. Why does Demogorgon fear Teghan – Tor
5. Who else is working to restore the sun to the world? – Sparrowhawk

Arduval the reborn had forged a great seal, giving his life to make it and had sealed away the darkness. The seal appeared to have been cracked when the volcano erupted and the insanity had been released.

3a. Who created the black mist, why, where did it come from

We scout the island – a maze lies broken on the surface. Stone rimmed circles lie in the maze with a plinth in the middle.

Rat man drinking from a barrel – lives here and assists those who come. Library becomes impatient of people who stay too long and outstay their welcome.

Arbori and Sparrowhawk ponder the nature of magic and come up with the idea that because the black mist gives its minions the ability to remove all armour protection magics it was created to be the antithesis of everything the gods created and gave to the world.

Thick mists roll in and cover the island.

[Reminder from a previous conversation from Tzolo – Library of Last Resort – Mnemona one of the ancient Gods to record the history of the world so that people can learn from past mistakes. Can recall a specific point in history – answers often not what you expect but library uses its initiative to provide you with a more rounded understanding. Test at every stage – feel that events may not be real but actually may have consequences outside / back in the land. We pose a question and throw it into a well.]

Loud buzzing – large grubs fly in. The mists fade and we see we are surrounded by a large swarm of these creatures. We appear to be in a different place.

A large grasshopper comes to join the swarms. A better look around suggests that the location is more like a forest within Discordant than one on the land – the forest is stunted and twisted as though it has never grown is the light.

We communicate with the insect people but they just say that we will all die before their masters.

Elone El-roheam – an elf suggests that we run. We are in the great forest of Mortarbi. We meet other elves. The creatures are from Carcosa. He leads his forces against the people of the Gods.
(Link: The Carcosa Codex and the Palid Mask).

Even the Gods themselves do not confront Carcosa – the Gods are here. He is a massively powerful Human with a massive mask. The elves are evacuating. We suspect we have been flung into the past. They are evacuating into the Silver Vale and hope that they have some idea of how to survive there.

Carcosa the Devourer.
Even Mnemona herself was slain by a desolation Dragon whose breath extinguishes life.

The Palid Mask – Strong Conjuration. Identify – Can be used as part of a ceremony to open a gate or portal to another place (place unknown).

We leave the trees and come across a massive cliff with a passage inwards. Opens up into a wooded valley. 200’ tall trees with thousands of elves around them. Refugees from the surrounding land.

Read the Carcosa Codex – This book details the great city of Carcosa and its inhabitants. Paints an ominous tome of what is coming up ahead. Continue only is you have no fear of the darkness. Carcosa is a City, a King and a World.

The elf tells his friends how mighty we are and is happy that we are willing to help. The next day he takes us to meet Larnafell.

Larafell wears a toga and has a headband floating above his head. Carries a hammer of black iron, containing the faces of an Angel and a monster. Larnafell is an Avatar of Hedrada the Lawgiver. Nearing the time of a great plan – sacrifice from the children of the Gods and the Gods themselves. Symbol will appear in the sky and will banish Carcosa. We must labour to create that which will aid the world should the gift ever fail.

Our task is to help clear the site of Taer-Bidari – Gethra is well on the way to completing this. She has been sent to talk to some inhabitants for a possible alliance. Build a temple in the shape of a great oak tree. Mnemona will then move the temple from the sight of Humankind. Mnemona was slain but has returned and is not the same. Not even the Gods themselves thought she could return but she has and is much changed, wiser and more contemplative – perhaps even distracted.

We are to help Gethra plant a seed in the right place. We must ensure she is safe. She is a small green skinned creature of the woods.

[Gethra we met but was hag-like and vastly aged. She gave us the seed that destroyed Bewcastle].

You must travel to the top of Taer-Bidari the volcano at the top.

[Reminder of the information we have on the Temple of Mnemona]

Welcome stranger to this great island – if you are no simple grave robber and the Lerenderath have guarded this place appropriately then your presence here comes at a grave time in your civilisation. You have our greatest sympathy. But with what we leave behind, we provide at least hope that all is not lost. We trust you now seek to reveal that which the gods originally provided by their great sacrifice. Here within lies a little information towards your goal though the true secret is available only to those that share an understanding of Geometry and the Gamatria. For as the numerologist told us – the path to understanding the will of the gods is through an appreciation of mathematics.

Know that we have built our temples in accordance with the will of Marakin himself whose guidance in the arts of stonemason have been among the gods greatest gifts. Our understanding of the Gamatria and geometry have been essential in deciding the locations of the temples and are essential for you to understand if you are to map the temple thrones to the imaginary plane required.

Know also that this map is only one of some. Others such as these temples exist though most more subtly woven into the fabric of the world than these great god inspired constructs. To be fully successful you must locate most if not all and anchor your sacrifice in the same way. Good luck and gods speed for your world will never be the same again.

When the temples have been mapped you must locate the temple of Mnemona – a temple that no living man has ever seen. This temple drifts as the anchor for the ethereal chains itself moves through your world and in doing so maps its movement. To see that which Mnemona left behind you must understand the nature of her gift of reunion. From this understanding a grave realization should befall you. A journey that one of you must surely make upon this island

Q. What is the nature of the artifact of the Gods once located on Mortarbi Island
A. The artifact of the Gods is a temple hidden from view that can only be accessed or considered by the dead.

Q. How can we locate the hidden temple that is the artifact of the gods?
A. Those that die on Mortarbi island – their souls remain here and they can view the temple as it drifts.

Q. What is the relevance of the constellation of the great bear in relation to the temples.
A. Once you have obtained the mapping of the temples to the orthogonal plane – you will see the constellation of the great bear – the temple of Mnemoa then drifts on that 2D plane. The location of the real world artifact of the gods can be found using an understanding of the mapping of the great bear onto the physical locations of the the world – mapping the drift of the temple of Mnemona allows you to map the real world location of the artifact of the Gods.

Gethra is seen flying away from a giants village at the top of the volcano. A cyclops throws a rock at her. Tor catches it.

She wanted the tribal forces to help fight the forces of Carcosa. The giants have a spirit shaman who has power over the other tribals in the area.

She has a crystal seed that needs to be planted into a cave near the front line. Celecia herself asked her to craft the seed and then block off the cave. She will create a great cave to ensure it will never be opened. The cave will feed the crystal and grow over 1000’s of years. It then can be used to create a sun.

We agree to send in Teghan to scout out the leader and see if there is anything influencing him.



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