The Journals of Sparrowhawk

Chapter 45 - The Library of Last Resort

We believe that the leader of the beast men may have been influenced by part of the Carcosa forces and so we send Teghan into the camp to scout it out and see if our theory has any substance.

Teghan reliably fails in her scouting and we form a new plan to find Chalgar the chieftain.

We plan to try and cast a spell to remove mental influence from Chalgar – one group of us including Tor will distract the giants by asking to speak with him, expecting to be driven off. While we have them distracted we aim to send in the others to cast the spell.

Tor manages to gain an audience and is taken back into a set of caves. Chalgar is huge, even larger than Tor. He admits he was given the armour by another person. This person turns out to be a Carcosan Death Giant. A gift from the grave – He can now consult with him. He speaks of a giant skull that manifests from the mist around him (something he has risen from the grave of one of his ancestors).

Chalgar has been well bribed rather than mind controlled.

We make a plan and approach the giants living caves. We aim to avoid fighting most of them but some have to fall along the way.

We progress slowly closing off the way behind us.

Karma uses baleful blink to render the ghost creature less effective.

Many of the party are rendered as useful as a chocolate fireguard by an antimagic effect.
We are split up and the mage and Death Giant fight Tor while the other run from the undead creature.

Sparrowhawk is blinded and forced to retreat. The rest of the group finish off the recently created ancestor undead and join the fray.

The Carcosans retreat behind doors and the party gather and lick their wounds until the worst of the spells wear off.

Spell Effects from the Spellweaver
Sonic Ray
Antimagic ray
Polar Ray
Greater Dispel Magic
Short Range Teleport
Ray of Enfeablement

Effects of the Death Giant
Acid Damage
Level Drain?
Stat (Strength)

We arrive in a cavern and encounter Chalgar riding an enormous worm. He says he would rather fight than talk.

After an epic battle we manage to subdue Chalgar and slay the giant worm, however Arbori falls in the battle.

After speaking the Gathra we release Chalgar with a promise not to return to this place and then follow her into a mighty tree followed by several other hops covering a great distance.

We see many regiments of large humanoid creatures. Behind each 1000 large humanoids – there are 16 pyramids in total each with an army of 1000s of creatures. She views a scrying pool and views an army of 3600 death giants in front of a pyramid, Kalzakar the Deformed rides atop the pyramid and a desolation Dragon flies around.

Tor tells us a tale of “Splashy” one of the oldest gods who fell out of favor through a slight misinterpretation of his name.

A message to the future.

We must understand how to recreate the sun. She takes out a crystal and places it into a cave with a 3000’ ceiling. The largest cave we have ever ventured into.

Eventually this seed will be nourished by the cave and will fill this cavern. Then within this crystal needs to be a sacrifice. As Aurora is preparing to do. It will take a great deal of the inner spark – whoever sacrifices themselves must be a god themselves. They must have transcended beyond the mortal.

This cavern will be blocked and the oceans will not penetrate when the oceans they cover this place. When it is opened it must be taken to Stars Watch – a place which will be created by others – Among Stars Watch there will be a way to take this seed to the heavens.

When the sun has been raised golden chains will need to be attached to guide its path. There will be monuments to house these chains – to access the chains there will be a gift from the gods to remind us their presence will be with us always. This will be a gift given personally from them. If you control one of the gifts of the gods then you are able to manipulate the chains.

She has some wooden blocks with her – with a needle floating (like a compass). Etching on the side of the blocks. One has the crystal on it. Seed is eggs shaped with crystals growing from in it one box.

Two other boxes look like the box stolen by the Shepards of the Root. Both are compasses – one has an oak tree on the top and the other has an image of a seed. She is evasive as to what they do.

There will be messages to allow people to piece together the location of the Seed.

There are 7 chains. Whoever holds the gift of the Gods (there may be a number of them) can drive the chains to do as they will.

At this stage we are taken from the dream and awaken refreshed in a wooded glade.
1. How can we replace the sun? – Brother Wookie
2. How can the great shadow be destroyed or locked away? – Arbori
3b.What was the purpose of placing groups like our family together? – – Teghan
4. Why does Demogorgon fear Teghan – Tor
5. Who else is working to restore the sun to the world?

Letter – You have been given a vital task – To ensure our plans are not rendered worthless by the establishment of safe humanoid habitation. This compass will lead you to first victim – meddlesome individual – hope compass will lead us to the right person. After this it will leads you to a second victim. It will then lead us home. Take the second victim outside and place him in the light. Druid scroll – renders a body impossible to resurrect or raise.

Compass – etched on it are two figures. Human in skullcap and staff. The other is dressed in priestly robes with a symbol of a sun above him.

This is the manor of Sansom Thatch.

We rest for spells and knock on the door. Samsom doesn’t respond as though he knows us or the Wookie.

We break down the door and fight a variety of golums. Sansom falls but following a major search of the building it appears that he left immediately via a teleport behind the door.



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