The Journals of Sparrowhawk

Chapter 46 - Finally giving Sansom Thatch his due

As each of us enter the portal we appear in the entrance hall but each door is a glowing portal and each person is alone.

Sparrowhawk ends up in a room that involves climbing. Teghan goes to a room that is underwater and a huge shark attacks her.

Another room contains poisonous spores.

Sagramor finds a room with a different number

Kharma meets up with Sagramor who then leaves. Tor meets Kharma and tells everyone that the portals appear to be closing behind him.

Tor enters a bar with 12 Sansom Thatch sitting at seats. A Minotaur is tending the bar. Tor orders a drink. Sparrowhawk catches up with Tor but passes on a message to the rest of the party to stay where they are when they feel safe.

Sparrowhawk and Teghan meet and go through a portal together. The portal separates them both.

Sagramor enters a room that appears to be a cavern with a sun in it.

Sparrowhawk and Karma battle the huge scorpion and defeat it. Sparrowhawk enters the room containing a Samsun Thatch sitting at a console with various buttons and settings. He says Sparrowhawk shouldn’t be there and attacks but is quickly defeated. He is able to cast some high level spells.

Sparrowhawk changes a dial to read “1” at the same time that Sagramor pulls a lever. All the walls turn transparent. We are in a grid of 16 rooms. A switch moves to “On”. Sparrowhawk determines by experimentation that the switch makes the walls transparent.

We use the transparent walls to meet up in the control room just as the mechanical bear approaches. As it took a few rounds to cast spells we thought it might be Samsun Thatch.

The automaton casts a prismatic wall and retreats. We fly over and it retreats again.

Teghan casts break enchantment from a party scroll and turns Karma back from a stony form. We chase him through a door and into the sun room. In there, Tor destroys the hand that was holding people. A greater dispell magic is used to reveal Samsun himself. We pursue him into other rooms and he retreats every time, re-casting his defensive spells as we dispell them.

He backs himself into a corner and tries his wall of force but we counterspell it. He puts up a prismatic wall with disintegrate and lightning. Sagramor steps through and almost topples him but is felled. With just a few moments before Sagramor expires Sparrowhawk steps through and defeats Samsun Thatch.

As he falls all of the ice-clones from the bar come running in.

Loot Samsun
Amulet that is the same shape as the indentation on the control panel – Wearer can activate the control panel without the defensive damage, pass through wards unaffected, rooms do not rotate
Skullcap – +6 Chrisma
Potions – Lifes Grace
Amulet – Natural Attacks +4
Ring – +4 Con
Ring – Protection +4
Staff – Abduration

Notes on Icy duplicates – Don’t have a lot of life. Can cast some spells. Explode in a large radius when killed. Can cast two prismatic walls spells on themselves as a defensive spell.
Yellow – Lightning (80)
Indigo – Antimagic
Violet – Disintegration

Teghan plays with the dials. On/Off makes the walls transparent. The centre dial turns up the intensity of the damage effects. One dial makes the rooms rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise. Two levels indicate the room and other dial ‘A’ turns an effect on or off.
‘S’ button summons creatures.

“Should we proceed with the assassination”?
We will make progress
A great deal of death and destruction
It is the will of the gods that we follow this path
We are trying to find out something that we cannot discover or is forbidden
May result in a family crisis

We exit the complex and enter a huge cavern with alchemical items on tables and a huge black dragon with pipes sticking out of it.

It flies around the cavern staying out of our reach and trading blows. Kharma takes away some of its armour. The dragon bites Sagramor and takes him away in its mouth. We give chase and pass into another large room – a cathedral but underground.



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