The Journals of Sparrowhawk

Chapter 49 - Within the Black Pyramid

We decide to try and save some of the elves in cages by attacking the Lich and the undead giant.
The lich casts a wall of force and attempts to bypass it with a dimension door cause three of the party to end up in cages with the elves. Sparrowhawk and Teghan continue to press the attack.
The group find ways of leaving the cages while the lich and giant engage. The giant is felled but the lich continues to cause great damage.

Teghan feels that we are being watched ever since we have entered the pyramid.

Eventually the Lich is felled using spells.

Spell effects continued and parts of us continued to teleported into the cages. The wall of force continued as did the blade barrier. The body of the lich disappears but the crown remains. It is not magical. We ask the runes if we should break it.

Yondalar, Thor and Pellor inverted. – Should we break the crown.

It is hopeless / futile.

We break it anyway and eventually the wall disappears

Tor is possessed and lashes out. We grapple him and cast an antimagic effect and he appears to come back. Tor saw Death Giants, a Carcosan creature and found himself in the body of a Lich on the throne in the top level.

Teghan convinces us to save several elves which are then killed in a blast of air.

We try to sleep overnight but a gigantic gelatinous ooze attacked and we were forced to dimension door away.

A Death Giant and two huge elementals take a large group of elves into the pyramid in the night.

We rest and then send Teghan off scouting the light sources. We have a plan to destroy them. Teghan comes back with tales of construct creatures and shadows on the sides of the towers that contain the light sources.

We dispatch the giant shadows and antimagic the sphere of annihilation. The crystal falls to the ground. The muppets argue if they should baseball it or carry it as a better class of torch. Our Suenga points out that the sphere of annihilation will return when his spell wears off so keeping it in our pocket is not a classy idea.

After hitting it with a club Tor is blinded. He then uses his blindfold and hits it again with TOMP55. It snaps.

Tor returns the parts saying “It is worth TomPi55 now”.

Teghan suggests that Sagramor puts it in his pocket and waits for the sphere of annihilation to return.

They collect the crystal and carry it to the next tower, all the time shining like a small sun.
A nightstalker attacks them as they travel.

We identify the crystal but gets nothing because they are minor artifacts.

The party move to the pyramid and attempt to enter but the Lich prevents us with a simple web. Teleporting into the structure appears impossible.

Tor is whittled away very quickly by a large group of undead just inside the pyramid. He then runs away and we block the door with a wall of force. Sagramor says that nothing can go wrong and takes a light out of his backpack. Sparrowhawk runs away.

We cast Legend Lore and confirm that the black mist was being contained by the lights and that it is considered very dangerous if it escapes.

We fight past some undead at the pyramid entrance and climb the pyramid. At the next level we are beset by three Death Giants and two red Carcosan spellcasters.

The Carcosans cast:

Other slow effects

Death Giants cannot see invisible

We block off several passages and then drop the Lich again.

Up another level we encounter a huge death giant who is dressed in finery along with a second smaller giant. The Lich herself can be seen in the level above us casting spells at us.

When the giants eventually fall the Lich spells up and comes down to meet us. She carries a staff with a large amber gem. We finally manage to kill her at which point the crown falls to the ground and Sagramor the weak willed picks it up, puts it on his head and walks towards the throne.



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