The Journals of Sparrowhawk

Chapter 52 - Battling Demons

We enter into battle with an armoured pit fiend and several other demons.

The huge Pit Fiend was covered in an illusion. It was actually a smaller demon but still most unpleasant. It’s thick skin absorbed many of the blows that were successful.

Over time we wear it down and it flies off.

Filth demon Belshamoth is in a cage.

Talk to the angel and then the Filth Demon – A foul demon made from the corrupted form of a corrupted God. (An infernal). Probably just a smaller Balor.
He tells us he thinks this is improbable as even Demogorgon would not dare to engage with such powerful creatures.

We speak to the hook headed demon and it offers to take us to the box (artifact) it stole. We blag it with a fake offer and it takes us to the edge of a bridge where it threw it into the lava. It believes that the Dragon took it. (an assumption – it doesn’t say this specifically).

We summon a huge fire elemental and send it into the lava instructed to return with the artifact.. It doesn’t return.

We think about how to get into the lava.
Divination – How do we find and retrieve the artifact from this lake of lava.
For 2000 years this Dragon has sat on its horde. There is no reason to believe that an item dropped will be anything other than there. It cannot be bartered with as it died and lost its soul long ago.

We send Karma down into the lava. We send an earth elemental down the side of the lava lake to try and find caves. After a few minutes it comes back and tells us of a location 100’ down.

Karma goes down again and tries to sense the presence of the artifact. He casts a detect magic. He feels very calm in the vicinity of the tunnel.

Some low level abjuration has gone off. (A depleted alarm spell)

Karma discovers a cave that opens out into air in some way underground.

We return to Teghan who has lost the hook demon. It turns out she has some temporary resistance to the effect of the prison and is willing to come with us.

We teleport into the cave. In the cave is a Gigantic dragon sat upon a huge pile of treasure. It attacks soon after Teghan “scouts” near it.

It appears to be undead but breathes fire. The fire clings to those it hit. It attacks us and we send Teghan to recover the artifact while we distract it. It gazes at Sagramor and he stops moving.

We manage to hit it with an antimagic ray and beat it down. It flees going down the lava tunnel. We search the treasure pile for the Relic using Aura sight while also looting magic items.

It appears that the dragon had buried the artifact under a side passage by causing a landslide.

large drinking horn – emblazened with dragons
Skull of ancient reptile
Small jeweled skull
Clockwork songbird
Chain shirt
Prayer Beads
Morning star

We do a couple of minutes of looting while trying to think of a way to recover the artifact. Just as we come up with a way the dragon reappears.

Sparrowhawk turns to shadow – enters the box, turns into a rat, turns back to physical form, picks up the tear and then turns to shadow again and flies out carrying the artifact.

Meanwhile the party hold off the dragon and prepare to teleport away. Teghan is grabbed.
It holds Teghan in front of its mouth and breathes fire on most of the group (including her).

We retrieve Teghan using benign transportation and gather together to leave, We dimension door out and plane shift away then teleport to the Keep.

Back at base several people have thrown themselves off the keep (dead).

We do a sending to the Order of Dawn – We have recovered the item. If you have a location for another one please inform us.

Reply – Congratulations – We do not have any other details available at present.

We cast speak with dead on the people who fell from the castle.

Do you know what caused you to fall from the castle
Did you see what picked you up

We issue instructions that people not walk the walls unless they are in groups of 3.

Teghan gets a message – the pyramid await but I can’t keep it hidden from Demogorgon forever – please hurry.

We discuss this option as it raises the potential of raising a person to Godhood.

We agree with Teghan that we will come here on the basis that we make Wookie a God first and foremost.

We break for a short shopping trip.

We contact ‘Jabba’ and go to contact the demons to discuss Teghans ascension. Teleport to Esterville – an abandoned port.

The motley crew (demons, devils and tieflings) ‘man’ the only ship in port.
Jagsapor – Captain
Jabba – Human

Journey will take a week. There are chests of jewelry for Teghan in her quarters.

We exit on a volcanic island and are met by an honour guard.

The place is built for giants – Fire giants serve as guards. Huge black hounds are sitting in a huge room.

Banquet with Tyralandi and other honoured guests will be arriving.
This location is in the middle of the open seas and is very defensible. The location has been made with giants in mind. This used to be home to sea faring stone giants. Helfire Mountain. They opened a rift to discordant – veins from Discordant flow into the volcano here. It powers some of the weapon smithing. It also emboldens some of the natural abilities of fire giants. Going near the flames will burn even through magical resistances as this is fire from the pits of Hell.



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