The Journals of Sparrowhawk

Chapter 53 - Becoming a God

Sparrowhawk ponders his contact with the artifact.

We enter the feast – Mephistopheles is late and sends his apologies.

We enters after we have eaten. A large winged fiery figure. Familiar skeletal figure (the Chancellor we met in [Chapter 47] – the Library of Last Resort – Events concerning the creation of Demogorgon.

He speaks of us knowing the process to become a God – and refers to the act happening within the Black Pyramid. He assumes we know how to enter and how to survive within.

He asks what kind of God she will be.

He brings out a gift – the head of our father on the body of the least form of devil. This form is all that is left of him and if left he will be able to speak to us.

Mephistopheles brings in three naked prisoners.

1st – Spying against Teghan but a servant of a powerful Demon prince that Teghan is intending to make a pact of convenience with.
2nd Virgin – Beautiful but paraded as the most beautiful woman in the land
3rd Owner of second woman

Which one would you save? Tegan orders 1 & 3 killed and 2 disfigured. All this happens then Mephistopheles rips out her throat and points out as Queen she can do as she likes.

The chancellor then takes Mephistopheles out of the room saying that there are preparations to make.

Mephistopheles appears to have contempt for Teghan – it comes out in his words and his body language.

Discussions around Mortarbi Island Prophecies
To see that which Mnemona left befind you must understand the nature of her gift of reunion. – The gift of reunion is a positive festival that allows the living to meet the dead.

Teghan summons but instead a fire giant and the chancellor arrive. Tyralandi has been captured and is with Demogorgon. Demogorgon wishes to prevent us from entering the pyramid. The Chancellor has a plan to get us in but we must all get into the tapestry and Teghan carry us.

The Chancellor casts an illusion over us to hide what we are doing.

Tor casts the runes:-
Q. What will happen if we follow the Chancellor’s plan
Pellor inverted – If we refuse to get into the rug it will be bad for us.
If we get into the rug then everything will become still/ nothing will happen
This is the will of the gods
Our path is taking us towards something forbidden.
The whole venture will meet with misfortune.

The Chancellor claims this isn’t about him becoming a god. He has been able to wind the paths of demonic politics while remaining true to his own goals. Tyralandi has made the ultimate sacrifice to allow her to become a god. He has worked for Demogorgon since the demon queen was consumed. He only changed sides because the demon queen had lost control of discordant and could not rule. We are being watched by someone who supports us.

He tells Teghan – Your male counterpart Hedrada is bound inside Demogorgan. He has woven an illusion around Hedrada to make him think that the plans arise from him. He can draw upon the power of Hedrada and Amiule to focus on a single goal. However this can be unpicked to allow them to be drawn back together.

Originally the male part of the queen was eaten and the female part was banished to the void and reborn time and time again. Teghan was the only one who they considered had the potential.

This form is simulacrum – the eye allows the chancellor to view proceedings and effect them.

We go into the bag and Teghan is manacled, hooded and taken past hordes of jeering demons and giants. She is taken down through caves and to the pyramid that sits at the heart of the volcano.

There are hundreds of demons here including several of the Demon Princes.
Balsometh – Prince of the beasts
Grast – Keeper of secrets
Pazuzu – Winged Prince of the lower kingdom
Ynoubu – Prince of Ghouls
Demogorgon – Prince of Demons who is here to become a god.
Mephistopheles who has provided this place to allow us to witness this event.

Tyralandi can be seen in a cage almost expired.

Demogorgon demands that she opens the door. She uses the hand to make this happen and quickly moves through the door, the chancellor moves in as well – the giant blocks the door before Demogorgon is able to rush forwards screaming obscenities.

A great red elemental closes as do demon hounds. A fireball that cannot be avoided or resisted breaks over Teghan.

Teghan is able to close the door and then gets the family out of the bag.

The Chancellor tells us he is the loyal servant of Azumray – who is imprisoned since the time the gods walked the earth. He is the one who has protected Teghan from scrying – done through the gift Azumray gave her. He contacts and talks to Teghan through this gift.

It appears that Teghan the traitorous has been revealing everything we have done.

Teghan goes off scouting and is immediately discovered and attacked by three huge shadows. All three are quickly dispatched but they cone of cold a lot of the party before they fall.

The cages now contain lava up to within a foot of the top.

Upstairs there is a large chamber with a pyramid inside on top of a ceramic bath. There are other chambers made of force above and surrounding gurneys.

Above is a huge empty black chamber with the portal in the centre that takes you to the top level.

We all run through a wall of fire and are immediately teleported into the cages under the lava. We take fire and hellfire damage. A large sword of force appears over the top of the cage. The room has a wall of force over the door.

The Chancellor destroys the wall and we exit, blocking the sword with a wall of force of our own. We return to the wall of fire this time protected from teleporting. Sparrowhawk goes through and is attacked by two creatures. At the same time an acid ball goes off draining the life from several people. We realise we cannot pass through the portal with the anti-teleport aura and that dispelling it is problematic.

Sagramor dispells his own anti-teleport while standing in a teleport rune. He is teleported into the cages with the lava. Unfortunately the passageway is blocked by our wall of force.

We remove the wall of force and return with Sagramor.

Using the teleport archway we enter the top chamber, Sparrowhawk followed by Sagramor. Just the Liche stands in the chamber. One more of us gets through each round as Teghan has to reopen the portal with every passage.

Tor lands some heavy blows but is then stunned. Sparrowhawk is teleported out into the lava and has to fly back at great speed.

We eventually fell him and the glass crown rolls onto the floor.

(M) Staff – Staff of Force Manipulation

Teghan the betrayer opens the portal and allows the liche into the room. It appears that she has no free will.

We kick off against the Liche simulacrum but it gets the drop on us and forcewalls itself. Teghan the evil once again opens the portal and allows it to leave. We check her motivation using spells and realise that she has been lying to us and is doing this of her own free will. We discuss the moments in time when she has become more and more evil and the rewards she gained when she performed evil acts.

We call upon Lucien the Angel to aid us at this critical time. He arrives and offers to call upon a higher power and take us from this place. He also tells us that the volcano is protected from teleportation. He says that our best bet to deal with the crown is to take it to a legendary artificer (such as the spirit of the giant in the flying castle).

We consider what the crown will do, calling on the knowledge from Sagramor’s time controlled by the Liche. He remembers that the crown controls the door and the portal. It does not control the force walls – that is done using the staff which is also used to repair damage.

We discuss a plan and then then after just a moderate amount of dithering Sparrowhawk gets his wish to drive the pyramid and puts on the crown.

Try to see an area in the pyramid and the black mist parts to allow us to see. In the room with the

Giant skeletons
Death Giants in force chambers wearing more sage-like robes. They are sat on chairs and have ghostly apparition faces floa around them.

Vitality chamber – heals living creates, undead or constructs over time
Binding chamber – body brought in it stops the spirit leaving
Enhancement chamber – extend or maximize
Viewing chamber – remote viewing of an area.
Extraction chamber – extraction of information – not just physical, also psionic elements
Possession chamber – extract a spirit from an individual and switch with that from a second chamber
Memory manipulation chamber – remove memories or create new ones.
Several preservation chambers – (Sages are in them) – physical body to exist in a timeless state.

At the centre of the room is:

Knowledge transfer chamber – Carcosan chamber that allows a rapid transfer of knowledge, understanding and capacity.

Sparrowhawk opens the portal we leave and then close the portal and removes the crown.

We travel down to the room of chambers where we are suddenly attacked by a group of ghostly death giants. They attack and then Sparrowhawk puts on the crown and commands them to desist. They leave but on removing the crown they reappear.

The aperitions around the elderly death giants are not screaming and instead appear aware and interested. They say that they are here to serve.

We can impart the knowledge of our spirits that we are connected to. They gather in the central chamber and place brother Wookie in the centre.

They submerge the Wookie in a fluid – he is not keen to be underwater but remains alive.
After 8 hours of spirits entering into the Wookie he is exhausted and unable to continue. He requires rest before he can continue and this cannot be healed with spells.

Once this is complete the giants were ordered to release their spirits. If unable to do this then they were killed in order to prevent the process from being done again.



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