The Journals of Sparrowhawk

Chapter 54 - Becoming a God (Part 2)

Sparrowhawk considers how to use the various chambers

Vitality chamber – heals living creates, undead or constructs over time
Binding chamber – body brought in it stops the spirit leaving
Enhancement chamber – extend or maximize
Viewing chamber – remote viewing of an area. You send a projection of yourself – long duration, long range – can touch things but cannot interact.
Extraction chamber – extraction of information – not just physical, also psionic elements
Possession chamber – extract a spirit from an individual and switch with that from a second chamber
Memory manipulation chamber – remove memories or create new ones.
Several preservation chambers – (Sages are in them) – physical body to exist in a timeless state.

At the centre of the room is:

Knowledge transfer chamber – Carcosan chamber that allows a rapid transfer of knowledge, understanding and capacity.

Sparrowhawk tries to find Teghan and the Liche – He cannot see either of them.

To get to the carcosan home world – use a gate or similar – can fit a pyramid through with a ceremony scale gate. Require a focus from that world.

This is a support vessel rather than a front line vessel.

They carry metals that =may= be used to fashion a portal, they are unsure if that will work.
We take these metals and store them in the tapestry.

Sparrowhawk can release the mist from the pyramid.

The Liche disintegrates the wall of stone and wanders in while we are resting. He says he is here to stop us and tries to force the issue about her being untrustworthy. He constantly reinforces the fact that she cannot be trusted and that we suspected this all along.

He casts a cold ball and then a ray of light from his eye. He then casts a searing light as well.

Teghan is outside of our reach and being led away so you did my job for me.

He then expires as Sparrowhawk rips him apart. The simulacrum falls apart and a quick check shows that the eye was a magic item with a powerful spell – It allows 3rd level or lower spells cast throught it. He had no real possessions.

We do a sending to Teghan – Chancellor dispatched, we are prepared to talk if you want to.
“I think our paths have diverged – say goodbye to Tor for me.”

We rest and relearn spells.

Wookie rapidly advances in knowledge and understanding as the spirits pass through him. They tell us that only one in three survive.

At the end of the second day the giants themselves look exhausted as does the Wookie.

We attempt to locate Teghan using powerful spells but it appears she is protected by higher powers.

Wookie continues through a third and fourth day and is astounded at the level of knowledge he is gaining.

We do a discern location on Gethra. She is on the mainland in a heavily wooded area 250 miles NE of Halgaard. The projection cannot get past an area of thorns. Projection should be able to go anywhere on this world so I assume that this area inside the thorns is not on this world.

Outside the Pyramid is Mephistopheles and Demogorgon but the others are not in view.

Back at the Storm Lords Keep the guards are looking at two dead bodies who have thrown themselves from the walls.

Day 6 – Wookie undergoes the process again.

We cast the runes and ask what will happen if we do not intervene in Teghan’s current path

Pellor – Inverted – She is beyond help
Morathin – Inverted – If we do try and help her it will be death / something will be finished forever
Hextor – An act of great generosity or holding together a group or alliance – perhaps global concequences
Borias – Inverted – Helping her will be very difficult and hard to make progress
Thor – Conviction and the will to succeed. Dynamism when positive. A worthy cause.

The runes say that there is a greater cause here.

Sending to Teghan – Message from Tor – Runes say that you need the support of your family however difficult – Tor sends his love.

That is good to hear. I ask something difficult then – Remove yourself from the pyramid and allow me to embrace my fate.

Overnight we advance to 21st Level.

After 43 days the Wookie has gained all he can and he now needs time to contemplate and go on a spiritual journey.

He suggests that there is some power/knowledge left in the people and that a day each might benefit the party. The Wookie releases one of the Giants who is about to die – sending him away to live out his last days in a world far away.
Each of the party absorb something – Some people gain greatly from this but Arbori and Sparrowhawk only gain in a very minor way.

The remaining two giants are sent away by the Wookie.

Sending to Teghan: The God making machine is now used up – Come back to us – Tor

There were originally 9 chains but only 8 of them were ever attached. Azumray would have have the power to attach the ninth but he was banished before the chains were attached.

The five known artifacts include elven but not greenskin. Some races have lost their artifacts (such as the halflings) and the humans have gathered.

There ensued a long discussion about how to remove the crown from Sparrowhawk – who enters into the discussion.
Why did the liches work for the Carcosians? – Most of them are from Carcosan High Society. There is some creature in the crown that controls the pyramid. The Liche is not part of the equation.

The party cast a spell on Sparrowhawk and the Crown reacts by killing Arbori. As the family are threatened Sparrowhawk tells them how to bring him low.

The party carry out his suggestion while protecting Tor with Spells. Tor spends several hours trying to destroy the crown and suceeds but destroys part of his forge.

They then debate for hours about how to feed Sparrowhawk to revive him. Eventually Sagramor decides to offer up himself and lets Sparrowhawk feed a little.



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