The Journals of Sparrowhawk

Chapter 55 - The Family divided

Teghan is missing.

Possible paths:-

  • Scry to locate Teghan in some way
  • Gru Sharak
  • Gethra

We work out that Teghan is actually one quarter demon queen. Teghan is one quarter and Demogorgon contains the male half.

We believe that the demon queen part is taking her over and it trusts the chancellor more than it trusts the family.

We believe that we can use the pyramid chambers but may lack the knowledge to use them properly. (Use a wish?). Suggested that we switch the spirit of the queen into the body of her sister.

*Perhaps capture Teghan’s sister (Triam) and then wait for Teghan to come to us?

We scry on Triam and she appears to be dead and buried.

Hedrada is the male part in Demogorgon.

Can we kill Demorgon to free Hedrada and thus remove the emphasis from Teghan and the demon queen?

We remember we have a link to Orgosh – Free Shemy a Mora (ex-lover of Demogorgon) in Demodans Ire. (Demon prison) and she will tell us the secret of how to defeat him.

The body of her sister was buried in Rovaria. She has been dead for years. Had been badly beaten. We recover the body.

The next day – message from the Order of Dawn. “Everything is in place to reattach the golden chains – Is there anything we can do to help”.

Arbori awakes from a nightmare – Being immolated by primordial elemental flame. This is something that druids do to turn themselves into pillars of fire.

We see a new sun raise over Walsingham. We teleport to Bransom fort where the greenskins had taken it over. It is now well fortified. Shanty town is also fortified. Large watchtowers are dotted around.

Above the tower is a silvery stick on a tripod. It is shedding an extremely bright light which burns Sparrowhawk. It could be the ones that the elves were offering as gifts to the monks long ago.

We remind him that he first told us of the prophesy and that we are the characters in it. The translation he has is that she was the betrayed that rides on demon wings rather than the “betrayer”.

They know of the food chambers and they offered food to Walsingham but they tried to take it from the greenskins. The keepers of the tapestry – they revealed to him the location of the food halls. He agrees to discuss the gifts of the gods with them and asks us to return or contact him in two weeks.

We teleport to the area where we believe Gethra to live. It has very wild and thick foliage.

We meet a humanoid figure that looks like it is made of mud and foliage. Tor introduces himself as the last Stormlord.

She asks if we are looking after Teghan, the Wookie and the Castle. We explain what we aim to achieve. She says that the Vampires of Halgaard were unhappy with her for a while but it has now been resolved. The council didn’t last long – there were greater forces that overcame their plans. The council has fled from Halgaard and is no longer a cohesive force capable of affecting her.

She wants us to delay for a few months while her plans come to fruition. She says that soon humanity will no longer be a problem. A year or two more and she thinks the humans will have fallen. One or two problems will delay things.

We say that the black mist will consume nature but she tells us of an arc that was prepared to restore nature after the fall of man.

She tells us that we have no choices and should wait for the fall. We point out that she has confirmed that Teghan is important.

Sparrowhawk scouts the city of Halgaard – it is now populated by more undead corpses than people. The barons keep is the only place with living people. Halgaard is uninhabitable – some vampires have left for other cities.

Sparrowhawk contacts Master Versice and tells him of the plan to restore the sun. Versice says that they now admit that their plan was flawed and they have switched to survival mode. Sparrowhawk explains that the Vampires can once again rule the night and that he wishes to rule the vampire council. He says that there can be a place for them and that the first stage is to gather those who wish to do more than just hide and survive and speak to them. Sparrowhawk agrees to contact Versice again in two weeks to see how many he has managed to persuade.

We travel to the demon prison and enter a new crack in the wall. A magical alarm goes off and the party are attacked by a mighty demon. The party split up and are pounded from above by flying demons losing much of their vitality.

Sparrowhawk cut the head off the new warden Beltorious – an armored Pit Fiend (twice) but it was regenerating and its minions carried it off to heal.

Teghan was here already (weeks ago) and Orgosh took her to Shamy Armoura. Someone who looked like Tor was with them.
They went to a friend and then traded some knowledge and goods. They took Teghan to the Wells of Darkness. It lies between the world and the edge. If you want someone removed then you give someone of greater worth and can then remove someone from the pits. Even Gods are bound by the pacts they make with this place.

We remember that we have her ring – discovered in a pile of poo. Orgosh casts a sending and she agrees to meet us in return for her ring. She will come here.

Orgosh offers to turn off the anti-teleport feature of the prison allowing us to dimension door to the edge of the island and then meet her there.

We return the ring to her. She was instantly taken by Teghan. She implies that Teghan promised to return someone to the pits in the future as part of the pact she made. If Teghan doesn’t pay then she will be the one in the Pits.
This demon doesn’t care if Teghan dies in the attempt but hopes she suceeds in killing Demogorgon.

The secret of how to kill Demogorgon is her greatest secret and she refuses to share it with us. It appears that we cannot offer her anything she wants and we depart, saying that should Teghan fail she should track us down to perform the deed.

We meet the Order of Dawn in Gilsand. They suggest that 5 chains will be enough and that we can add more in the future.

We set off for the crystal flying in the castle and rumors reach us (from the Order of Dawn) that Azumreh is now also walking the world.

We continue for a while and then launch a boat. We stop and blow a horn to contact the people under the sea. A whale surfaces nearby followed by a huge wave that that throws everyone overboard.

Tor and Sagramore are turned to stone by the whale. We rescue Sagramore but Tor is dragged down by the whale. The two sailors are lost as is the horn they were blowing. The boat survives and is recovered.

We return Sagramore to flesh the next day and use spells to locate Tor on the bottom of the ocean 2 miles away. We teleport directly there and immediately spot a city in the distance. A shark is towing off Tor. We speak to two creatures who are with the shark and they lead us towards the city.



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