The Journals of Sparrowhawk

Chapter 56 - Beneath the Waves

The Mermen take us to a plinth of rock. We bring Tor back to life and recast water breathing.

A little time later they take us into the city to their leaders. We enter a pocket of air.

The leader grows legs as she enters the air pocket – ‘Sala Swary’. The fabric she wears seems alive.

She welcomes us to Pearl Haven. We are not the first to visit us in recent months. Not after ones of the pearls from the shadcar pools. Pearls were given to them to guard on behalf of our kind to create lesser suns. A number of them have recently been claimed.

The real crystal is well guarded and the guardians want to see that the correct people turn up and have been fated to restore the sun. They require a legacy of the time when the Gods walked the land.

We confirm we have such an artifact with us.

She tell us that someone will test us as we should not risk angering these guards.

We are taken to a feasting room. She tells us of the effect of the lack of sun on the people under the sea. The food is running out. A very elderly Merman arrives. He checks out the tears of Aurora. He tests the tear with a small pearl – creating a light of the sun, driving Sparrowhawk from the room. He agrees that it is indeed real and agrees to take us to the cave.

Sparrowhawk turns to Shadow and enters the rock, searching for a way through. He finds collapsed tunnels 120’ into the rock. We retreat to the castle to learn the correct spells.

We are attacked by a large group of ancient (prehistoric) sharks which we dispatch. This is followed by a massive underwater wave. This is followed by attacks by a druid in the form of a gargantuan whale. We chip away at it as it refuses to engage us.

People are poisoned, turned to different forms and drained of their life.

After an truly epic battle it escaped because we were never supposed to kill it.

We retreat to the caste and cast limited wish in the morning to return all of our items to metal.

After a day of rest we teleport down to the base of the mountain – as we start to tunnel a shark appears scouting us. A few minutes later while we dig, the druid arrives.

We keep the druid busy for a short while and the party recover themselves and move into the tunnel. Arbori turns etherial and passes through the crystal.

The group teleport into the crystal cave and declare their intention. A group of crystal guardians close and examine the Tear of Arora.

We command them to help us free the crystal. We take several weeks to free it and raise it using mithral chains from the castle. We contact the Order of Dawn and inform them. They move to retake various locations where the chains are attached. We set off towards Starswatch. Four days later we are attacked.

We speak to Gethra who attempts a totally half hearted attempt at persuading us to drop the crystal and delay for two years (until she can wipe out all civilization).

We consult the runes……

What will happen if we delay for two years?

Fehu Inverted – Delaying is the path to ruin
Odin Inverted – The other path we follow is one of delusion
Yondalar – The gods wish us to follow another path
Pellor – The end of this path is light (Yeh thanks Pellor for a blast of the obvious)
Borias – There will be progress along this path – change will happen

Is it any wonder why people worship trees when this bunch on on the job? I’m thinking of applying to be the ‘unbeliever’.



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