The Journals of Sparrowhawk

Chapter 57 - The Final Days (Part 2)

We enter the final season (autumn / Decay) and approach the tree.

We are attacked by massive swarms of insects while we take out the tree.

The tree is felled relatively easily but a caster made of insects proves much harder to combat.
It stops time and moves around the decaying battlefield, drawing the life from the party.

We manage to hurt the insect mage and it vanishes into a pile of insects.

We move to the plinth and place the Autumn disc into it where it clicks into place.

As the part move out of the room the insect mage reappears and starts to move towards the plinth. Sparrowhawk engages again and drives it off but it escapes before being destroyed. The disk is recovered.

We return and place all 4 symbols into the four pillars. The woods around the centre area vanish allowing us to progress.

This area contains thick forest that claws at the party.

The druid and an even larger tree attack the party. The tree runs over us twice and the druid mounts a large wolf and moves quickly around the area. A summoned celestial creature summons walls of force and hampers the tree’s movement while Sparrowhawk strikes the head off the wolf.

Tor suggests that the druid may be linked to the tree in some way and suggests that we kill it first. After a truly epic battle with the tree Sparrowhawk finally fells it despite the druid repeatedly healing it.

The plane appears to start to collapse in on itself when the tree falls. The druid becomes incoherent and while Sparrowhawk tries to get her to fall back and save what wildlife that she can she attacks uncontrollably.

Just before she is felled the druid burrows into the ground. Templeton manages to dimension door out but the rest of the party are stuck within by spells cast upon them. The brier wall has reformed and appears impenetrable – we exit via the hole that has formed in the ground and fall with the rest of the contents of the plane.

We get back to the castle and the Chancellor and a host of demons appear to have taken over the castle. He tries to tell us that he is here to help.

He led Teghan along a successful path to fulfil her role. She has ascended and gone beyond the mortal. She has released her father father and in doing so released her own divinity. She has gone into the prison and Azumray has come out.

The Storm Lord is appreciated for nurturing Teghan and then abandoning her. He gives Tor a gift of the head of King Artimis saying that this will help post sunrise as he was our enemy.
Tor accepts the head but offers no thanks.

Do you still wish to become the sun – Yes
Is Azumray is a real God – Yes
Can Azumray be re-imprisoned – No
Can Azumray be killed – Yes
Does Azumray have any weaknesses – Unknown
Do you wish to become a sun as quickly as possible – Yes
Will you ascend as Aurora did and ascend in a way which will allow followers to pray to you – Yes
Do you think Azumray is truthful in wishing the suns return – Unknown
Can any of the gifts of the Gods be used to combat Azrumray – No
Why did Teghan do it? – She would never have volunteered
Can Teghan be released – Ultimately Yes- Practically – No
Is the successor of King Artimis a better man than he was- The Throne is being contended
Did the Gods provide any aid in the event that Azumray may emerge – Not that he is aware of
Do the Carcosans remain a threat – I know of nothing immediate

“See you at Starswatch”.

Sending – We have heard the king is dead. Are the locations of the chains secure.
Answer – King Artimis was slain in the night and all of the chain locations are secure.

Have attempts been made to resurrect King Artimis – Yes they failed.

Which factions are vying for the succession – “All manor of distant relatives but the realm is a chaotic place so ascension will result in conflict”

Tor sends to the Order of Dawn that we have the head of the King. Tor mucks up the message and does not exactly clear our name. Then has no way to deliver the head.

We identify the crown of the king – Blocks all influence and persuasion
Large bonus to sense motive
Keyed to Throne in Bewcastle and releases other abilities that are currently unknown.

The Fort will raise the crystal onto Starswatch and then Starswatch will raise into the sky.
Each of the Gifts of the Gods needs to be at one of the chain attachment sites.

We approach Starswatch and are within an hour. The demons suggest they depart so that they do not anger the Wookie., We lower the crystal into Starswatch and the Wookie returns.

Sparrowhawk asks one last favour of the Wookie. That he tell the truth of our tale and what we have done rather than the lies and stories that may have been told.
He agrees to this and offers Sparrowhawk a gift – the ability to walk in the sun and not be harmed by his light.

The chains are put in place and the Wookie flies into the crystal. His light diminishing as he enters. Half an hour passes by the castle is moved. Starswatch flies into the sky and it gets brighter over a number of hours.

The sun is reborn and the castle falls. The crystal is however not as pure as the last one made by the gods and the sun is slightly red.

Sparrowhawk finds his old master and raises him from the dead. Together they re-establish their Monks order.



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