The Journals of Sparrowhawk

Chapter 50 - Dealing with the Weak Willed

Sagramor leaves for the upper level through a portal that closes with an invisible barrier. A death giant and two Carcosans enter and attack while a figure that appears to be Sagramor comes down and attacks Sparrowhawk.

Arbori struggles to breath while the other party members finish off Sagramor and the incoming monsters.

Sagramor was wearing one of the glass crowns. Sparrowhawk picks it up and rummages out the other one from storage.

We activate the Lich’s staff blindly and create a light spell similar to the one we saw him use on the caged elves.

We regenerate Arbori who had part of her brain removed.

Further experimentation proves the staff is unlikely to let us through the portal. Teghan tries to activate the portal and succeeds but is only able to pass through on her own.

Teghan tries to steal the crown but fails. Sagramor chases her around the room.

We are blasted down below right through a prismatic sphere before we try opening the portal and going through. Unfortunately as before only Teghan passes through and has to quickly flee.

We lift Sagramor from unconsciousness but he is still under the influence of the Lich.

Wookie takes a look outside and sees that the area is surrounded by elves that had been in the cages.

We teleport out of the way and are forced into the cages.

We attempt to leave but discover a host of mummies in armour in front of the door. Some mighty magics fell them but the door is blocked with yet another wall of force.

Over a hundred creatures gather in the corridor behind us and things look really really bad. Tor uses the last of his wishes from a ring to teleport us all into the chamber with the Lich/Sagramor. Sagramor duplicates himself but the duplicate is quickly felled.

The remaining Sagramor fells Sparrowhawk who drifts away. He then takes massive damage from Tor but ignores it all. Teghan manages to cause him some light wounds.

Wookie casts an antimagic field and Sparrowhawk stands up having regenerated a little.

Sagramor tries to leave but the dimensional anchor Tor cast prevents him from escaping.

A host of undead and Death Giants come through the portal. A cataclysmic battle ensues and ultimately Sagramor, devoid of his magic falls to Sparrowhawks claws.
Tor recovers Arbori’s body but falls to blows.

Seeing the desperation once again Wookie cast a miracle and asks Pelor to take them all out of the pyramid, sacrificing part of himself in the process.

The group decide to finish off the pyramid by going back and activating the light sources. We are attacked on the way and the Lich takes over weak willed Tor who attacks Sparrowhawk while demanding the crown returned. Tor is felled by Sparrowhawk and the other alien creatures run away. The rest of the group fly off using a wind walk towards the pyramid and Sparrowhawk and Tor remain, with the hope that the Liche is trapped within Tor’s unconscious body.

On arriving back at the pyramid they collect two of the light sources but the pyramid rises from the ground and moves towards them. The pyramid goes all “Death Star” and shoots a beam destroying the pillar. The top of the pyramid becomes transparent and Sparrowhawk is sat on the throne controlling it. One of the lights is shone at Sparrowhawk who is damaged but not destroyed.

The mists arrive and the scene is reset.

We have made the assumption that the light sources were present at the pyramid in order to contain the black mist while the pyramid was filled with it in order to power it.

{ Information gained from wearing the glass crown }

{ Legend Lore on Light Sources containing the great shadow }

Final note from the experience…. when Sparrowhawk was finally overcome

Independent entity within the crown that gives the wearer extra abilities. The black mist also overcame him when within the pyramid and freed him from all restraints.

A new day and a new place…….

We appear looking into a crystal ball. We are in a capital city on a hill, looking down on a city below. We are in different locations but being projected into the same room. Amigan is real and in the city room.

Master Theobald Silverforge.
Karanor albani of the Kings guard
Thalambarian Ali Al Samani
Ulfrek Valgalor – Giant
Also a number of empty chairs – 4 others missing

Also Kerwin introduced as volunteer to look after second group.

Thalibarian arrives late and seems distracted.

Asked here – update on groups gathering together. One will fulfil the prophecy. The other two are decoys to draw the attention of the dark forces.

Main Group
Experienced people
Toreth – Storm Lords Keep

The Decoys
Tor – Stunted younger brother
Teghan – Orphan teifling – provided Kerwin can calm her wayward tendencies
Sagramor – Inducted into the church of Mithras to complete the illusion of the hidden mind of the ……
Wookie – orphan of a boarder raid- Pelor
Sparrowhawk – Mother slain by Lycanthrope. Amigan knows his father
Unbeliever is not chosen yet.
Arbori – burned down orphanage. Close to being burned as a witch. Smuggled to the church of Auroa.

Trian – Tegans twin sister saved during the same raid

Theobald Silverforge is sceptical and not overly interested. Amigan has been working with sages and has cast runes with the giants and believes that these groups will allow the prophecy to be fulfilled.

Silverforge doesn’t believe in the runes. He also doesn’t believe in the prophecy itself because there are different versions due to translation. He also doesn’t believe the groups were put together properly.

Amigan thinks that the Gods believe that we should help ourselves but the prophecy may be fulfilled by more natural means.

Ali Al Samani – Will it be beneficial? The prophecy only says that they will have a choice.

Santalimous of the Hidden Eye – Many prophecy, many of which came true but some didn’t. He penned this one but he never detailed this in a book but instead he wrote it in the inside of his tomb and his body was removed.

Prophecy – At a certain point in time when there is a decision to make over what the Gods gave us. This group will make the decision for good or ill.

The gifts that the Gods gave us are there to allow us to recreate the sun. Only a few know of these and it is Amigan’s job to ensure that this knowledge is not lost.

Rumours will be planted about the decoy groups to make them seem important.

We find ourselves back on the Island with our ghost ship.

Possible locations of the Caves of Light

  • On the west coast – Owned by the greenskins
  • In the north – Owned by the Shepards of the Root
  • In the far north-east – Once owned by the Vampire but traded away
  • In the prison?
  • One under Bucastle?
  • One owned by elves?
  • One owned by dwarves?

We clear the ship of black mist using powerful light spells.

We recover several chests from the bay where the captain threw them overboard. They contained a small amount of valuable items. Cannons recovered from underwater and placed in the Tapestry.

The captain confirms that we were away for a couple of weeks.

Message from Tirlandi – Everything is ready for your ascension. I have gifts fit for your coronation.
She asks where Tirilandi is.

We decide to sail to Thalimbar and sell the Iron Duke.

Tirilandi offers to send an escort but Teghan after some conversation with the family tells her that she wants to make her own way. She says to meet her at Hellfire mountain.

We try sending to Bishop Orvil to see how he is but get no reply.

Vadan Kiang – Erin Yarn of the Tide Brethan would like to speak with you.

We can meet anywhere that is safe. Name a city port or inn. We name the city where we are heading in Thalibar.

Overnight Demogorgon attacks us, summoning in a Balrog immediately. He kills Brother Wookie in a single round and then rants at Teghan

There is only one of us that will become a god and only one of us that will lead demonkind.

Demogorgon hits with each head taking a lead so he attacks with two full rounds of attack.

Teghan falls but the family continues to engage Demogorgon. He runs away in fear of our power.

Powers of Demogorgon:-
Attacks 4 or 5 times PER HEAD i.e. 8-10 attacks per round
Was massive – Struggled to fight in a confined space
Tail attack delivered a life drain (Level Drain)
One of the other attacks drained CON
Was not automatically hitting – High 40’s AC was effective against him
High magic resist
Teleport at will
Summoned a Balor in 1 round.




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