The Journals of Sparrowhawk

Chapter 22 - Doing Time

We make a variety of plans to escape. Brother Quill says that he can get us all out with a spell that will transport us into a shadowy world and move us at great speed.

We agree that we have no interest in performing the actions for the Succubus. (Killing the Order of Dawn).

We speak to Moras – an old man in the prison who has been there for many years. He tells us that all escape attempts have failed over the years.

We have some discussions with Midnight and she tells us that she is interested in escaping. Sagramor gets paranoid and claims that everyone is out to get us.

Sister trades some food from a create food spell for a set of lockpicks. She breaks out during the night and climbs down the shaft. There are two twin clay golem like creatures guarding the passageway.

We suggest removing the tattoos and then trying to go past the golems again.

Sparrowhawk was shot with an arrow during the night. “Going down closed off tunnels can be fatal”

The attacker appeared to be a woman – probably not a guard as the shot hit a vital point. We suspect that there may be other people hiding down the tunnels that the guards don’t know about.

More of the family fall victim to the paranoia – Tor now believes that everyone in the prison is working against us.

Sparrowhawk passes a message to Talon – saying he got the message. Talon passes a message back suggesting he has no idea what I am talking about. It appears the paranoid brothers were correct….

Sagramor manages to remove the last of his Tattoos. Teghan goes down into the mining area and explores the tunnel that Sparrowhawk discovered boarded up.

Teghan discovers a very long passageway with various offshoots. One seems to go down to a volcanic vent that appears to vent to the outside. Another goes to a massive hole that goes down a vast distance.

The next day the chain holding the basket is broken and Sparrowhawk and Sagramor plunge downwards. Two other people in the basket die but we escape with some injuries. Sagramor experiments with the golems and discovers they are activated even with no Tattoos present. They beat him some more before the two spider climb out of the shaft.

Sagmramor gets another message from Lady Wolverasaying that we can have all of our items dropped off at the top.

This evening Teghan tries to go exploring again. She fails miserably and is pursued by guards.

Trying again she gets to the mine and comes past a blockage that she can just get past. Beyond is an Earth elemental so she flees.

She instead flies up the volcanic passageway and eventually comes out of the top of the volcano.

The island is tree covered, the prison is visible as is the port.

Contraband is found somewhere and the Warden (part Orc) – Red robes , black sash. Beats someone into unconsciousness and gives a speech.

We speak to Lady Wolvera – she agrees to drop off our gear and arrange a pickup at the docks. She asks how we are doing breaking out Karl Mandelhome – and describes him …. 5’11’ Mid-late 20’s Fair Hair.

Our weapons arrive on night 13 and we decide to break out tonight. We break out the other prisoners to provide a diversion.

We web the shaft and destroy the clay golums while activating our distraction in the form of all the other prisoners who now need controlling.

The plan being that the guards will most likely:-

a. Form a ring around the top of the shaft to prevent escape b. Send in a force to control the escaped prisoners c. Gradually work their way downwards securing the levels of the prison as they go

Based on this assumption we have 20-30 minutes before they again control the 2nd level and can progress through the webs to the third.

It appears that Clay Golem damage is very difficult to heal. Teghan begins to search the cells – discovers a variety of people and creatures in the cells as well as Brother Wookie.

We decide to call upon the RUNES….. Short term, messing with things that are forbidden. – Less advancement if we go down a different path. The disfavour of the gods. Long term despair and hopelessness. But this is a path of decisiveness.

Other prisoners:-

Arakbar – An assassin (Admits he is guilty) Karl Mandelhome

Werewolf – Vaden Kiang. Only reveals who he is after he has been un-manacled. Then demands that we get into the cells. Says that his current form does not allow him any control.

We kill him and bag him before casting a shadow walk

Lady Wolvera and a mage arrive floating above the water. She demands Karl but we refuse to supply him until she returns our items and places us on the boat. In particular Quill goes off on one having a good rant.

She returns some of our items but many important ones are missing.

We ask her about our missing items and she reveals that Tyralandi has them.

The family have a discussion about releasing the assassin and agree that the prison is an unjust institution and that we will release him. However we agree that there will probably be consequences.

Return to Porfory House in magical disguise. Return to our rooms.

Tyralandi arrives after an hour. It would be a surprise if the Order of the Dawn wanted to hurt us as they made us – We are their creation. They are the group that put us together. She refuses to tell us more – saying that Teghan and her share blood ties but are just starting their journey together.

There are factions that wanted us all killed – It is only Teghan’s presence that has kept us safe. She reveals that she is still interested in the prison.

Her associates are disappointed in our actions. Pensa Mane would like to speak with us regarding where our paths lie.

Message from Father – Cathedral nearly finished. Hope you are all well. Message from Amigan – Are you still alive? Need to talk to you Question to father – “Are you a member of the Order of Dawn”?

Pensa Mane arrives – (Human, Staff, Silver Torc, mid 30’s).

He realises we have a very mercenary like relationship. He is interested is getting our cooperation. Events are coming to a head very quickly. Time to build a relationship is running out.

He is part of a collection of interested parties under no banner. All of whom have bought into this shared goal. Tyralandi is part of this faction. However she has her own agenda.

He refuses to involve himself in the recovery of our items. He is offering an exchange of dirty deeds for power gained. He is saying that what he wants doing is not very nice.

He offers Quill unlimited access to the libraries of the Anathaium. In return he asked would Quill organise for a barbarian horde to descend on one of the major seats of power and destroy everything.

Quill said he would.

After he left the family had a discussion

Sister reveals a dream she had about Amigan – Controlling puppets that represent us. He plays with the pupppets for a bit and then drops the puppets and they go limp. He picks them up and begins again. There are several sets of puppets that represent the family but through the ages – the second set more correctly fit the people in the prophecy.

We contact Amigan via the Amulet and scrying.

He tells us that forces that seek to destroy the world as we know including the Kings Realm. If we stand by the Kings Realm then we should oppose these forces.

He says if we succeed we will be dammed forever – if we failed then everyone may be dammed forever.

He is a force for maintaining the balance rather than a force for good. He is part of the Order of Dawn – this order contains some goodly orders. They have existed since the beginning of the world when the Gods walked on the land and they were given specific duties to protect things in the world.

We agree to protect Lady Woolvera for 10000g.

We send a message to our father…. Q. Can we give Amigan our unconditional trust? A. I would trust Amigan with my life

New Day

The brothel is attacked by a demonic flesh golem and several apes wielding clubs. A bald headed harpy, Kedwood Bone and a demonic ape clad in close fitting black leather plus a few thugs.

A voice from outside shouts that everyone inside is guilty of treason against the city and will be torn apart by the Sister of Lamentation.

The Sister of Lamentation sings a song so dire that many party members suffer terrible losses to their STR and DEX. This happens several times. Other members of the family are beset by woefull songs and suffer bouts of confusion.



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