The Journals of Sparrowhawk

Chapter 34 - Exploring the Black Tower

We enter the ‘lift’ and press a button. A scan occurs and names us all in Silven. It also states all the spells we have running. It then says “Terminate” and starts to release poison gas into the lift. We blink out and open the door.

Blinking through the other door we discover a set of stairs going up.

We send the scouts upstairs invisible and moving silently. They are immediately spotted.

There are a large group of blind humanoids up there with 2 Fey spellcasters who engage Tor and Teghan. Tor runs away…..

We kill all the Grimloks and advance up the stairs.

We climb the stairs and see an area of darkness descending towards us.

In the centre of the darkness is a gargantuan bear headed automaton. We decide that this is the Fey that was having spells cast on it and we should run away and wait until it’s spells run out.

A truesight reveals that it is indeed a humanoid fey but polymorphed into a huge creature.
Attempts to hit it fail because of the number of spells protecting it.

We dispel several walls and retreat into the corridor below. Tor runs the other way and takes on the creatures on the next level above.

Tor reported that there were two dark fey at the top of the ramp. Cold damage and swords with shadow aura – striking from range. Shadow elemental with them.

We wait for a few minutes then scout out the levels above using a wizard eye. There is a shadow elemental guarding our way up and fog leading into the level above.

We enter the level above and are set upon by a number of fey and shadow elementals.

We fight them down to their last man and then offer him his life in exchange for information. He claims that there are many more of them.

We kill him and search the level with a truesight. These are mundane rooms with living quarters.



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