The Journals of Sparrowhawk

Chapter 24 - I could get used to wings.....

Tor flies away with the man on the altar. Teghan says ‘Baa Az Galath’ and the statue starts to animate. Lady Wolvera pleads with the demonic statue, but it follows Teghan’s commands and slays the snake man. Lady Wolvera summons a snake monster from the lake, just in time for Sagramor to stand between them.

Teghan performs an evil incantation and then sacrifices Lady Wolvera to her dark god (or perhaps her father?)

A dark portal opens up behind her and everyone is blown down by a wave of force. Teghan is sucked into the portal.

Lady Wolvera
Ring (M)
Potion (M)
Huge mighty composite longbow (M)
Falchion (M)
Priestly scroll
Dagger (M)
Circlet (M)
Ring (M)

Teghan appears on the other side of the portal. Huge skull in the distance pushes out smoke.

Carafon – mummy – bids her welcome.

AdeMarcus – ruler of Incipitus – The place lies without a ruler – Teghan is a pretender to his throne. Given a lantern and told to follow its light to where she must go for the test.

Basin – surrounded by impossibly high mountains. Location of skull marked by amoeba like tendrils moving up from it.

Ground spongy underfoot. Ground appears to be skin, ulcerated and scaly. Rib like structures in forest dimensions. Other forests look like tentacles.

Floating blobs of plasma overhead shed light onto the ground.

Evil group’s plan was for Teghan to take a throne down here and become powerful in this land, then invade the Rhovaria cities and then the King’s Realm.

Cure lies after her ascension.

Pensa Main is not part of the same faction as Tyralandi but she pretends to be part of his. What they agreed on was to overthrow civilisation.

If we succeed here then we will be given a black seed that we can plant, cover in blood, place next to a capital city and it will release a horde of demons.

Tiralandi said that the Rhovarians and Thalimbarians have been watching the King’s Realm for weakness and now intend to invade.

Black Pyramid = where mortals go to become Gods

Must follow the Test of the Smoking Eye.

Discordant is made up of a number of different realms and all are very different. This is just one of them.

Teghan believes her father name is Azumreh. She called upon him earlier to open the portal. He is one of the ancient deities, the only one of the ancient Gods still to reside in Discordant (behind the walls of an ancient prison).

Teghan’s Mother is Desdemona. Most beautiful mortal who has ever lived. She was crafted by Mnemona for Kalzakar as a bride.

Teghan gives her word that she will change us back. Honest.

Tor tells us he had a vision from Vecna rune.
Vision – Tor was part of a great demonic swarm flying towards Rhovaria. This was what would have happened if we had allowed Lady Woolvera to go ahead with the sacrifice.

Despotic ruler commands people to descend and plunder and torture and murder. At head of host – disfigured demon – formally Lady Wolvera. She was in charge.

Wanted the head of her protagonist – Potentate Shasta Ormgrave – current lord of the land. A great favour will be given to whoever delivers the head.

All obeyed and Tor got the head. Within the nobles bedchamber – Lord was getting ready – but Teghan came out of the shadows and cut him down, slicing off his head. Tor killed Teghan and took the head.

Lady Woolvera sat on thrown surrounded by treasure.

Head towards the Skull – come across several large demons which we attack. We give them a good beating and all three teleport away.

Come across old battlefield with pus filled sacs that appear to be tapped by pipes.

Mummy umpire in the centre of the battlefield. We fly down to him.

Test of Resolve – Sparrowhawk is turned to stone by a creature before it is dispatched.

Every time Teghan stops she is teleported back to the beginning of the path.

Come across a retriever demon. Killed by summoned creature. This completed the first test.

Next was a partly ruined temple with a goodly aura – Stained glass. Umpire says that this is a test of judgement. Temple not dedicated to a single god but all good and neutral gods. As the building is not that old but is ageing rapidly we suggest that the last ruler of this part of Discordant was good or neutral and built the place.

Spells go off and people are caught in a web. Salamander appears to be casting spells at us. After a few spells are cast we exit left and explore the building from the outside.

We see pictures of angels that have been defaced and a library with books circling through the air rather than sitting on their shelves.

See a diabolic woman with leathery wings inside as well. Decide to speak with her. It appears she is also trying the test but has been blocked by the temple. “Any denizen of this world cannot progress in here”.

(From the Arena). “Delvanar”.. Tells us that the woman (Uvash) has a salamander and three driders with her. Decided not to take the test himself but hopes that Teghan will take it and win so that he can challenge Teghan once she has the throne. Remember him from the last time we were on Discordant.

We decide to wait 2 hours for the darkness to disappear.

After all the spells have gone down we return and attack the Succubus.
Teghan summoned a warhorse on the roof which promptly changed sides and started critting Teghan.

Tor tries to smash through a glass window (heavily promoted by taunts). When he misses the window and bounces off the frame the opposition start taunting him as well. He slinks away holding his sorry blue arse.

Kill the Salamander and one of the driders. The Succubus teleported away.

Long Spear (M)

Some of the books fly towards people who try to take them, searing them with holy fire. Clearly they are Devil’s Documents, or perhaps Hell’s Hardbacks, or maybe Bealzebub’s Books, or even Lucifer’s Library. Some white feathers fall down from the ceiling and the building appears to revet to its previous intact state.

Sagramor walks into the room of books and is killed. Epitaphs include “He read his final chapter” and “He was forced to eat his words” and “The pen is mightier than the sword” and “He made one mistake and someone threw the book at him”.

We go downstairs to speak to the mummy in the lower room. “So you are ready to undertake the second test” – Please proceed through the doors. Mummy has a holy symbol of Vecna (Eye held in a clawed hand).

We ask the mummy to cast the scroll which it agrees to do provided that we move onwards. It performs this service.

Beyond the door is a huge room filled with wooden walkways all connected by fine silken cords. Floor is covered in spikes. Pillars support the walkways. There is a spider at the far end of the room – enormous – dripping foul goo.

We rest in a rope trick and remove the stony effect on Sparrowhawk in the morning.

Move through the web and attack the spider. Eventually kill it using missile weapons.

Past this room is a secret door behind some webs. It leads to a group of 3 women (hags) surrounding a monk-like figure holding a small cage that appears to have a figure in it. Monk is barely alive having been tortured. In the cage appears to be a small elven child.

Lantern points through the circle.

Claim they have been forced to do this task against their will – break his spirit and damn his soul. The ‘Hunter’ gave them this task. Embroiled in something that they should not have got involved with.

They meddled and released things that were battling within him. The thing in the cage was the pray of the hunter.

Tears of shadows fall from the man’s eyes. The hunter is here – it has two very large legs.

Abilities reveal that overwhelming good and evil come from the Monk.

We consider that the shadow leaking from him may be part of the great shadow encountered on Mortarbi island and that he is containing it within himself (currently without turning undead as did the librarian on the island).

*Cast the runes
Would freeing the monk be beneficial to passing the quest of judgement.

No answer – but another direction would displease the gods and cause death, in another direction it would be a path of weakness, evil, destruction and hope.*



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