The Journals of Sparrowhawk

Chapter 28 - Playing to the tune of the Order of Dawn

The party decide to attack the druids and mages on the island.

We scout the location – it is a highly defended position cut into the side of the mountain. At the top of the mountain there is a way in down a ladder. Quill casts an invisible eye that takes a look inside. There is a pile of leaves at the base of the ladder and an ogre guarding the room.

We decide to fly up while Tor spider climbs up the side.

Tor, Teghan and Sparrowhawk form a shock team to drop quickly inside and subdue the ogre.

The ogre lights the pile of leaves and it ignites immediately filling the ‘chimney’ with smoke and fire.

Kill one ogre – the rooms appear to be designed to protect from attackers from below.

Many other Ogres fall along with an invisible mage (Rory). A giant battles on but is eventually worn down and falls.

10 * +1 Greatclubs
10 * +1 Hide Armour

Horrible undead creature guards the mages possessions in a small tower – built in one of the caves. Teghan opened the trapdoor at the top and it attacked. Horrible gloop spreads from it with a hideous smell. This acidic gloom dissolves people in it and heals the creature.

We recover a spellbook and the notes that Rory had made.

Lots of equations – working out what is missing. Drawing of the numerologist tomb – ray from his eyes to the temple. Details of secret passage – Ways to define the imaginary plane in relation to other landmarks. Notes on Mortarbi people. Black smoke that destroyed the islands inhabitants – avoid going into any deep caves but will not come out.

Line on map that details should not be crossed – author believes no-one should be able to get to the fey glade alive. Leader of Shepherds of the root may be able to talk to the Fey.

We then fly off to the boats in the harbor whereupon figures appear from within. We quickly discern that most of the figures are illusions. Arjuth Halabi should return with the map once correctly mapped the temples and mapped to the bear constellation. Falfor Entwhistle also teleported back with completed map that should allow the location of another set of golden chains.

Early resurrection of Guidean was successful. He had managed to map the hidden location of the passage of the temple of Mnemoa. Route is not regular – movable area under some kind of influence. Falfor must set off soon and time is of the essence. Guiden is altered by his experience – distant. Altered form of speak to dead because the process of raising him will cause him to forget what he knew.

We cast a number of darkness spells and attempt to get the rest of the party out of the tapestry. A large number of real individuals come out of the hold and drive off Teghan. Sparrowhawk kills one of the plate clad warriors but was driven off by a turning from a powerful cleric.

We return to the Uzrivoy and pursue the ships as they sail away. We receive a message from Amigan who suggests we work together to attack the ships.

Admitted that their plans didn’t go well and El Padre started to panic when he realised that we had left the island under our own steam. They spent quite a long time looking for us.

We agree to attack the same ship as before while Red Avanti and crew take on the Ogre ship.

Places serve to both destroy and recreate

Speak to Amigan (Priest of St. Cuthbert)
Control over the caves is more important for the people of this world than the forces that oppose us. Places are there to provide benefit to the common man in times of need. The locations are linked and it would be good to prevent the other side from controlling it.

The BOX contained an image of the Fey Queen – who on her wings is a representation of some of the locations of the special places of the world. There are a number of maps that represented the thoughts of the gods at the time.

Amigan hands Tor a draft that his brother prepared for him. If drunk before sleep then they will be able to go on a journey and he will reveal some details.

The next night we approach the two boats but are driven off by a hail of canon shots. We approach from the rear and cast a spell to open a hole in the boat.

Tor cast 11 spells and then dicks about for the entire combat while the rest of the party engage the enemy.



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