The Journals of Sparrowhawk

Chapter 56 - The Final Days

She serves the will of the gods (Selicia) in keeping the world pristine.

We engage and she summons a colossal Tree Ent. She then turns into a form that is almost impossible to hit. Riders on griffins attack us with bows. Tor is thrown into another plane.

We catch her in an antimagic shell and she turns back into a woman, Sparrowhawk manages to whack her and she runs away. The Tree Ent stomps on Karma and fells him like a sapling.

Arbori assaults the tree with acid while Sagramor strikes it with a blade barrier.

Sparrowhawk draws the life energy from the Tree Ent.

Several riders of the griffins are felled by the party. The druid approaches and is hit by Sparrowhawk but then retreats again. We fell the Tree-Ent and manage to drop the druid as well but she teleports away as she falls.

We enter the nature plane that she attached to the castle. Birds merge together to form wing creatures. After dispatching the birds and another colossal Tree-Ent we search the area. We discover a plinth with a socket and the Tree-Ent contains something magical.

It is a circle of wood with markings that do not match those on the plinth. Spring.

On the plinth is the symbol is autumn.

In the next room the temperature is much higher and a light source (not real light) shines brightly in the sky. Fire rages but we defeat the tree and suppress the fire elementals.

Discs – Spring and Summer, Winter
Slots – Autumn Winter, Summer

We rest overnight and return to find the first two rooms still empty. We scout the third room and discover ice and snow with another huge tree. We enter and engage the tree when a colossal kraken comes out from a frozen lake. It gives us a good beating and while we fell the tree the Kracken escapes back into the water having only been lightly wounded.
We recover the Winter rune and can see the summer slot.

In the room close to this one is autumn. Rotting bodies can be seen around on the floor.

The theme of the room is decay and small whirlwinds drag bodies and worms together to form horrible undead.



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