The man at the duck pond


Teghan has dreamt of this man, she has seen him with three set of puppets each set looks a bit like us.

He keeps telling us we know enough to stave off the forces that seek to destroy the world. He holds by the kings realm and we should oppose the forces in the east.

He want us to pretend to be with them and inform him of the actions they wish us to undertake, this might even allow us to commit a terrible thing (such as wipe out a village).


Betrayed the family – selling them out to the Kings Justicars.

Known as “El Padre” to the members of the pirate ship crew (only other confirmed members of the Order of Dawn).

Contacted us via dads amulet – he knows a lot about our back history

He wants us to trust him (we dont).

He is known to Dad = true and he did bring us together.

Dad says he would trust him with his life.

He want to know everything in return for nothing.

He is part of the Order of Dawn = and is set to protect the world. He is not an agent of good but the Faction (Order of Dawn) does contain several goodly orders.

We encounter him at Mortabi island here he is with Avenging Red Avanti and Jenny Liddel among others. They claim to offer a new deal but want us to attack those others on Mortaib island and deal with as many as possible.


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