Two headed Prince of Demons


Apelike body, two heads that act independently and give him two full sets of actions.

Huge body – Was hampered by confined spaces
Two full rounds of actions
Able to Summon a balor (explodes on death) – once per combat
Drains life [Energy Drain]with a tail hit (random number of levels)
Drains CON with a tentacle hit (2 tentacles)
Can be hit with magic weapons – was not too hard to hit
Was not automatically hitting – High 40’s AC was effective against him
High magic resist
Teleport at will

Was seen at the sacking of the temple at Wheloon.

A demon prince released from Discordant. The Vampire Council have given this creature the city of Lanercost.

Seems to think Teghan is out to get him.

Has a twin towered stronghold – Abysm in the Great Maw Sea

Had a pleasure palace – Dividends Ire, which may have been given to a succubus.



The Journals of Sparrowhawk Theurgy