Kalzakar the Deformed


Original ancient god. His favored soul was Magluvia – a revered hobgoblin figure.


Glass Crown

One of the saints of Kalzakar the Deformed took the crown from atop a pile of dust and rags and held it aloft in triumph. He raised the crown high above his head and paused momentarily, but before he could be stopped he lowered the crown until it rested upon his head. At that same moment, the great pyramid once again started to rise in the air and obey the command of the crown bearer. And so began the final battle of the final war before it could be proclaimed that the dawn of a new age had been reached, and the time of darkness had passed. And after this last battle, where the angel Belithan fell to the might of Marukin himself, there was sadness and joy in equal measure. And so the last of the Spell Weavers and their lords were destroyed or banished back to the great grey void, never to return. And the sacrifice of Aurora, to become the great Sun was honoured from this day forth.

Kalzakar the Deformed

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