Kedwood Bone

bad mage in sewers of Scuttle Port


Known Locations

The drugs den – Scuttlecove A safe house location over the river in Scuttlecove -

to be investigated using the boat to gain entry – nice


First encountered in the drug den when we broke it up but he might have been the thief of the drugs in the cave we then met him in the sewer ambush deal that went wrong follow up up in the trap ambush

this guy can chuck some spells, at he cross roads we reckon the following
  • dispell x 4
  • fire ball 3
  • many arms spell (this wins most irritating spell of the day award)
  • summon 4 big crittas* burning something x 3
  • wall of ice but that might have been the bone devilsspell turning
  • force cage
  • mirror images x2
  • fire shield
  • displacement
  • mind jar (fuddle wuddle)
  • dimension door

boy he dont like us so that very night we go looking for him fireball x3 wand mass fire sheild slow x2 teleport and he gets away again

Kedwood Bone

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