Lady Wolvera

The Lady of the House - ? - in Scuttlecove


After failing to complete her tasks she turns on us.

While fighting the porting monkeys she sends a message

“Dont Struggle too much, your captivity is expected to look hard earned but not impossible! I have a task for you to perform at Blackmaw prison. I’ll reward you for your only success upon your return.”

“Oh, and by the way, don’t cast any priestly spells just now or things will become extremely difficult.”

“I had no choice over this as Kedwood has forced my hand.”

We will go to prison ship in a few days there you will get my achemist (Karl Mandelhome) then escape and bring him back alive. Becarful life is cheep where your going. Our things will be returned to us upon our return.


We have been paid to come here and provide assistance Task one was to see who was after her special delivery – we failed and had to follow the drugs back to a drugs den that went better but two leaders got away. Then we went out to the cold and where supposed to sort that out but came back with a boat and a vampire – that didn’t go well Then we were supposed to trap Kedwood and he escaped, we are not doing very well.

She is still dealing with us but I really dont know why The brothal dont open in the day but we have loding here.

Lady Wolvera

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