Murdering Red Avanti

Pirate Captain of the magical ship 'Crimson Maiden'


Murdering Red Avanti and the crew of the Crimson Maiden. A reknowned pirate of the high seas responsible for sending many a man to Davy Jones’ locker. Father of Jenny Liddle, a comely young woman washed ashore at Brides Bay in early Sarasvember.

The Crimson Maidens crew consists of:

1. Murdering Red Avanti: Charismatic leader 2. Bosun Hook: Peg leg, patch and hook for a hand. A teller or pirate yarns. 3. Blacky: Red Avantis black-skinned bodyguard 4. Ranting Jack: Bad tempered and bearing a permanent scowl. Has a tentacle for a hand. 5. Corwyn: A half-elven cook! 6. El Padre: Provides spiritual guidance to the crew

The Crimson Maiden itself has an imposing figurehead of a long, blond-haired woman in a scarlet dress.

Red Avanti boarded the Mary Anne and invited the party to join him aboard his own vessel. He later invited the party to take up piracy. After their refusal they were marooned upon a small tropical island.


Murdering Red Avanti

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