The Journals of Sparrowhawk

Chapter 25 - We decide on a direction!

The monk appears to be instantly healing the damage caused by the Hags.

The hags suggest that the hunter is actually the monk.

We were able to discern that the monk wasn’t the source of either good or evil.

The hags lived on an island in the middle of the sea. They are the hags from the island who crashed the Iron Duke. Until we got to him (being the monk) in the hold.

Two suggest they will leave and leave one behind who will tell us everything.

The hunter drew them here. Hunter – hunted down the child which was on another boat (crewed by elves). Hunter employed them to wreck the ship. The hunter is not the monk. The monk was on the Iron Duke but wouldn’t speak. The monk appears to be a member of the Order of Dawn.

Hagrid – (Hag)

(Lucien) Help me – I cannot continue to combat both the hunter and the Hags- will be the end of the world. Help me to slay the hunter and return the child of fate to his people.

Teghan and Tor – I am the dark the hunter. I have captured the Star Child – no longer can the elves complete their ceremony (Tehtaen ’ i’arvandor – Sign of the Heaven) ,aboard the ‘I-ra ear alqua’ – Great Sea Swan. The Avatar of Light. Their great vigil will have been for naught. Slay this creature and this child will be delivered to Balcuth (tentacle demon from Despair) and the knowledge of the chains will be in his hands.

If the seraph wins then I cannot get the child to Balcuth – then the plan to break the golden chains will not go ahead.

We decide to cast a number of restorative spells on the Monk to try and aid the Seraph within him.

Huge evil creature and the seraph emerge from the monk – both appear battered and broken.

The evil creature seems fairly evil but the angel emanates almost divine goodness.

The evil creature says that he does not understand why we risk upsetting Balcuth.

We begin to battle the evil stalker. We suggest that the Hunter leaves but he summons huge shadows which drain us. Sagramor turns one of them and it is destroyed.

The Seraph teleports away with the child and the monk.

It destroys Sagramor’s weapon and then teleports away.

The Seraph returns – Ver Finese deals with evil spirits and incarnations – he took on the hunter. Will see if the child is the one that they have been seeking.

He is Lucien – and offers to aid us if we follow the path of light. He will allow us to call upon him if we follow light or he will turn aside from us. He offers to take us away from Sister or take her away from us. We explain that we would like to stay and influence our sister.

Teghan complains that performing good deeds has caused several of her unholy powers to disappear. The rest of the family point out that the evil faction has robbed them blind as well. It seems the rest of the party miss the point.

We rest in this area overnight in the room that the demons could not enter.

The next morning we follow the lantern under the red sky. We walk for many hours in the direction of the skull.

We come across a skeletal dragon

After an epic air battle we defeat the dragon and collect a small horde and a magical mace.

We rest overnight and the next day approach the huge skull. The lantern draws us down into a hole. The red blobby sky things are flung into the air from one of its eyes.

We swim into the skull through a pus filled hole.

The passage comes up into air and spirals upwards. The party meets a giant dwarf – Tor feels that his kind have battled these creatures before. Flaming red hair and grey skin.
Believed to be some kind of fire giant.

We speak to it and it says that we should wait here as they need more time.
It groups up with another one.

Zow-a-zar – they are minions of his. He is a test aspirant.

Teghan runs away from a mage that is casting spells. The two minions are killed.

The end chamber has 8 undead giants and an ethereal fire elemental. We destroy all of the undead using spells and the creature fades into the wall.

Massive iron throne in the chamber with spikes pointing outwards.

Tor reveals his looting credentials by going back and checking the fire giants.

Stairs go upwards beyond the double doors. A number of passages lead off in different directions. A black bonfire crackles down one passage.

You tread a dangerous path – I require time – you have destroyed my guards.
He claimed he wanted to study the nexus. We finish him off but Sparrowhawk is drained.

A Place of Power- The Negative Energy Nexus
Nexus = Strong necromantic. It appears to be a crack between a place of negative energy and the land. Teghan promised that this would be the fountain of Sparrowhawk.

Talk about appointing the demon from the arena as regent of this realm to appease it.

Full Plate +1
Wand – Inflict Serious
Potion – Invisibility
Periapt – Wisdom +2

Party Gloat List
Teghan (35) + 5 somethings for being evil [only 5? ha ha (t)]
Tor (24)
Sparrowhawk (12)
Sagramor (38)

Sparowhawk suddenly feels hard done by when the party reveal they only lost one item to the Succubus and he lost 3.

Rest overnight and then venture into the eye socket. The blobs appear from nowhere in this room and fly out of the eye.

The mummy umpire is inside and tells us that Teghan must proceed alone. Also says that no one else has got this far in the test.

Teghan is told she failed the second test but she has powerful friends who have arranged for a third test. She is threatened that her toys will be taken away if she chooses the incorrect option then she will ""write herself out of the history of the immortals".

Teghan performs a despicable act and passes the Test of the Smoking Eye.

She admits that whatever she did was worse than sacrificing babies.

Responsibilities – fight off any challengers. Show strength.

Realm of Discordant – Divided and conquered all the time but it has many hundreds of realms. Prison created by the Gods to keep Azumray and all those of his bloodline within. Keep the world of men safe and separate. It has magics that those of a pure heritage can break through but only for a short time – e.g. gate or portals but that only lasts a short time.

Nexus – connected with the souls that are a currency on Discordant. These are captured and bartered. The nexus appear randomly and move. This one has been here for several months.

This is a small and backwater realm. Those who would seek to take it over must be sure they could keep it or they would be demoted / transformed into a lesser being.

“We are all Carafon” – the mummy umpires. It reveals that the church was manifest from the presence of the goodly being who was within it.

Guest – Gathra. Here to congratulate Teghan. Here to give her a gift, a small box containing a gold and leather choker and hidden under the padding, a large black seed. Told that she would be expected. She is told that the choker is a Device of protection.

As promised the demon Delvanar arrives the next day. We meet the challenger outside and combat him. He is incredibly hard to hit and stuns us every time he strikes us. We eventually wear him down and defeat him. He states that the realm is in good hands and teleports away.

The big reveal….

The cost of what she has just done.

She sacrificed our father in order to achieve this.

Chapter 24 - I could get used to wings.....

Tor flies away with the man on the altar. Teghan says ‘Baa Az Galath’ and the statue starts to animate. Lady Wolvera pleads with the demonic statue, but it follows Teghan’s commands and slays the snake man. Lady Wolvera summons a snake monster from the lake, just in time for Sagramor to stand between them.

Teghan performs an evil incantation and then sacrifices Lady Wolvera to her dark god (or perhaps her father?)

A dark portal opens up behind her and everyone is blown down by a wave of force. Teghan is sucked into the portal.

Lady Wolvera
Ring (M)
Potion (M)
Huge mighty composite longbow (M)
Falchion (M)
Priestly scroll
Dagger (M)
Circlet (M)
Ring (M)

Teghan appears on the other side of the portal. Huge skull in the distance pushes out smoke.

Carafon – mummy – bids her welcome.

AdeMarcus – ruler of Incipitus – The place lies without a ruler – Teghan is a pretender to his throne. Given a lantern and told to follow its light to where she must go for the test.

Basin – surrounded by impossibly high mountains. Location of skull marked by amoeba like tendrils moving up from it.

Ground spongy underfoot. Ground appears to be skin, ulcerated and scaly. Rib like structures in forest dimensions. Other forests look like tentacles.

Floating blobs of plasma overhead shed light onto the ground.

Evil group’s plan was for Teghan to take a throne down here and become powerful in this land, then invade the Rhovaria cities and then the King’s Realm.

Cure lies after her ascension.

Pensa Main is not part of the same faction as Tyralandi but she pretends to be part of his. What they agreed on was to overthrow civilisation.

If we succeed here then we will be given a black seed that we can plant, cover in blood, place next to a capital city and it will release a horde of demons.

Tiralandi said that the Rhovarians and Thalimbarians have been watching the King’s Realm for weakness and now intend to invade.

Black Pyramid = where mortals go to become Gods

Must follow the Test of the Smoking Eye.

Discordant is made up of a number of different realms and all are very different. This is just one of them.

Teghan believes her father name is Azumreh. She called upon him earlier to open the portal. He is one of the ancient deities, the only one of the ancient Gods still to reside in Discordant (behind the walls of an ancient prison).

Teghan’s Mother is Desdemona. Most beautiful mortal who has ever lived. She was crafted by Mnemona for Kalzakar as a bride.

Teghan gives her word that she will change us back. Honest.

Tor tells us he had a vision from Vecna rune.
Vision – Tor was part of a great demonic swarm flying towards Rhovaria. This was what would have happened if we had allowed Lady Woolvera to go ahead with the sacrifice.

Despotic ruler commands people to descend and plunder and torture and murder. At head of host – disfigured demon – formally Lady Wolvera. She was in charge.

Wanted the head of her protagonist – Potentate Shasta Ormgrave – current lord of the land. A great favour will be given to whoever delivers the head.

All obeyed and Tor got the head. Within the nobles bedchamber – Lord was getting ready – but Teghan came out of the shadows and cut him down, slicing off his head. Tor killed Teghan and took the head.

Lady Woolvera sat on thrown surrounded by treasure.

Head towards the Skull – come across several large demons which we attack. We give them a good beating and all three teleport away.

Come across old battlefield with pus filled sacs that appear to be tapped by pipes.

Mummy umpire in the centre of the battlefield. We fly down to him.

Test of Resolve – Sparrowhawk is turned to stone by a creature before it is dispatched.

Every time Teghan stops she is teleported back to the beginning of the path.

Come across a retriever demon. Killed by summoned creature. This completed the first test.

Next was a partly ruined temple with a goodly aura – Stained glass. Umpire says that this is a test of judgement. Temple not dedicated to a single god but all good and neutral gods. As the building is not that old but is ageing rapidly we suggest that the last ruler of this part of Discordant was good or neutral and built the place.

Spells go off and people are caught in a web. Salamander appears to be casting spells at us. After a few spells are cast we exit left and explore the building from the outside.

We see pictures of angels that have been defaced and a library with books circling through the air rather than sitting on their shelves.

See a diabolic woman with leathery wings inside as well. Decide to speak with her. It appears she is also trying the test but has been blocked by the temple. “Any denizen of this world cannot progress in here”.

(From the Arena). “Delvanar”.. Tells us that the woman (Uvash) has a salamander and three driders with her. Decided not to take the test himself but hopes that Teghan will take it and win so that he can challenge Teghan once she has the throne. Remember him from the last time we were on Discordant.

We decide to wait 2 hours for the darkness to disappear.

After all the spells have gone down we return and attack the Succubus.
Teghan summoned a warhorse on the roof which promptly changed sides and started critting Teghan.

Tor tries to smash through a glass window (heavily promoted by taunts). When he misses the window and bounces off the frame the opposition start taunting him as well. He slinks away holding his sorry blue arse.

Kill the Salamander and one of the driders. The Succubus teleported away.

Long Spear (M)

Some of the books fly towards people who try to take them, searing them with holy fire. Clearly they are Devil’s Documents, or perhaps Hell’s Hardbacks, or maybe Bealzebub’s Books, or even Lucifer’s Library. Some white feathers fall down from the ceiling and the building appears to revet to its previous intact state.

Sagramor walks into the room of books and is killed. Epitaphs include “He read his final chapter” and “He was forced to eat his words” and “The pen is mightier than the sword” and “He made one mistake and someone threw the book at him”.

We go downstairs to speak to the mummy in the lower room. “So you are ready to undertake the second test” – Please proceed through the doors. Mummy has a holy symbol of Vecna (Eye held in a clawed hand).

We ask the mummy to cast the scroll which it agrees to do provided that we move onwards. It performs this service.

Beyond the door is a huge room filled with wooden walkways all connected by fine silken cords. Floor is covered in spikes. Pillars support the walkways. There is a spider at the far end of the room – enormous – dripping foul goo.

We rest in a rope trick and remove the stony effect on Sparrowhawk in the morning.

Move through the web and attack the spider. Eventually kill it using missile weapons.

Past this room is a secret door behind some webs. It leads to a group of 3 women (hags) surrounding a monk-like figure holding a small cage that appears to have a figure in it. Monk is barely alive having been tortured. In the cage appears to be a small elven child.

Lantern points through the circle.

Claim they have been forced to do this task against their will – break his spirit and damn his soul. The ‘Hunter’ gave them this task. Embroiled in something that they should not have got involved with.

They meddled and released things that were battling within him. The thing in the cage was the pray of the hunter.

Tears of shadows fall from the man’s eyes. The hunter is here – it has two very large legs.

Abilities reveal that overwhelming good and evil come from the Monk.

We consider that the shadow leaking from him may be part of the great shadow encountered on Mortarbi island and that he is containing it within himself (currently without turning undead as did the librarian on the island).

*Cast the runes
Would freeing the monk be beneficial to passing the quest of judgement.

No answer – but another direction would displease the gods and cause death, in another direction it would be a path of weakness, evil, destruction and hope.*

Chapter 23 - We don't need to run away

Brother Wookie cannot understand why Quill, Tor and Teghan are really keen to leg it. Sparrowhawk has already run away.

The teleporting ape uses its ability to rescue the rending beast.

Various wall spells are cast by the party to slow the enemies down. We attempt to shadow-walk out of danger but there is some effect in place that prevents movement of this kind.

The creatures continue to attack us in waves, gradually wearing us down.

Our mage wears the creatures down with a series of fireballs.

The house protections appear to be stopping creatures being summoned in.

Teghan reveals at this point that she has information that the lady of the house is doing something that will bode ill for the city. We wonder why Teghan waited this long to tell us….

Quill demonstrates his spell repatoir and variety of powerful magical feats – hasting us all.

Teghan activates an item and spots an Ur priest hidden invisibly in the nearby room.

Pink effect spreads throught the building – we believe it is caused by the building owner.

One by one we sucumb and start to grow evil looking wings.

Wookie grows leathery wings, fangs, hands and feet grow claws and horns grow from his head. Eyes glow a balefull red colour. He feels affinity for the undead golum.
Mind is beset by darkness and hatred.

Tiralandi beconds Teghan over and has a conversation.

Feel that we can cast desicration and darkness. Gain darkvision.

Outside so many of the city have been transformed that the sky turns black with winged people. They congregate around this building. People who have escaped the effect are quickly ripped apart.

Feel slightly afraid of Teghan and feel she could bend us to her will.

Fly speed =40’
Smite Good 1/day +11 dam Vs Good
Darkness 3/day
Desicrate 1/day
Unholy blight 1/day
Darkvision 60’
Saves Vs Poison +4
Resistance Acid / Cold / Elec / Fire +5
Damage Resistance 5/magic

Magical hand axe *2
Magical Medium Full Plate
Elixir of Fire Breath *3
Potion of Cure Crit *3
Potion of Invisibility *3
Potion of Haste *2
Vial of Poison *3
Magical Bracers (Ape) – What do these do???

The party carefully removed the squares on the map and their fingerprints.

We descend into the passages that lead to Lady Wolvera

Plot / struggle for control of the power of the world.

Order of Dawn – 1 faction

Three groups that mimic us. One dead. One very powerful and us. These have been a pain in the arse to the evil faction.

Lady Wolvera – taken over all of us and will gain permanent control of us if she continues her ceremony.

We go down and search for her.

Huge circular room – very plush. Huge number (40) of rich figures that have been butchered in there.

Wookie starts eating hearts while Sparrowhawk loots. Most people have had their throats cut.

Ghostly spectres rise from the bodies. We destroy them with ranged magic.

Off the main corridor are offices with stairs up to small towers with no exits.

Loot 3 black metal rings (M)

Brother Wookie starts believing he can control undead instead of destroying them and is killed by a shadow. Then raised as a shadow. Then killed again. He’s going to be damm expensive to raise…..

Discovered a room with abjuration magic on one wall. Teghan just manages to spot a hidden door using all of her skills. Behind is a chest containing a number of wands (8).

Teghan attempts to get our items back from Tyralandi but she refuses. We decided she has annoyed us sufficiently to be murdered.

We search downstairs extensively but discovered nothing and so go upstairs.

Up there we are met by a large golum that is battered down.

Large room / auditorium below with many golums. Arbori uses some powerful magics to destroy them all. We explore through a maze of doors, all opening into bedrooms.

Loot a variety of books
Silk underwear
Pouch made of human flesh containing gold

Discover another large golum that looks like Lady Wolvera
It is quickly dispatched.

Large red fleshy golum in a room guarding several chests – we decide to come back later.

9 Pieces of artwork (3600g)

Shockingly realistic pictures of snakes eating humans.

Two snake-like armoured creatures cast darkness spells and attack us.

Tyralandi sends a message to Teghan saying that she managed to get a scroll of resurrection but it was very costly.

One dies and another runs away into a magical circle.

4 dark blue potions
(M) Spiked Chain *2
(M) Large Steel Shield *2
(M) Falshion *2
(M) Huge Mighty Composite Longbow *2

We walk into the circle and are teleported to another room below ground. There is a body of water and some stores.

We find a number of near naked females locked in cells but choose to leave them for the moment. Behind a series of portcullis we find another undead hydra and the injured snake creature.

Swim out of the water passage and discover a way out and into the harbour. Search the rest of the caverns and with the help of some tracking discover a secret door in the store area.

Huge cavern – containing a statue of one of the Lords of Discordant.

The cavern is almost completely flooded and algae covers the surface. One island houses the statue with another snake man, a mage and Lady Wolvera who now appears with a snake tail.

Teghan suddenly claims she has to slay Lady Wolvera on the alter which will give us control of ourselves and the horde outside. Then have to travel to Discordant. Can then turn us back into ourselves.

Tor consults the runes…… (What happens if we walk away)?

If we walk away we are weak and this will lead to bad luck and misfortune but we will get a boon at some time in the future. An alternative path will not get us anywhere.

Mage appears to have been coverted into a demon similar to us.

She says that the defense went well and that we should wait upstairs.

Lady Wolvera drains the life from Sparrowhawk, apparently killing him but he turns to mist and floats away just as the others finish off the winged mage.

NOTE TO SURVIVORS – Lady Woolvera is taking 2 actions a round!

Chapter 22 - Doing Time

We make a variety of plans to escape. Brother Quill says that he can get us all out with a spell that will transport us into a shadowy world and move us at great speed.

We agree that we have no interest in performing the actions for the Succubus. (Killing the Order of Dawn).

We speak to Moras – an old man in the prison who has been there for many years. He tells us that all escape attempts have failed over the years.

We have some discussions with Midnight and she tells us that she is interested in escaping. Sagramor gets paranoid and claims that everyone is out to get us.

Sister trades some food from a create food spell for a set of lockpicks. She breaks out during the night and climbs down the shaft. There are two twin clay golem like creatures guarding the passageway.

We suggest removing the tattoos and then trying to go past the golems again.

Sparrowhawk was shot with an arrow during the night. “Going down closed off tunnels can be fatal”

The attacker appeared to be a woman – probably not a guard as the shot hit a vital point. We suspect that there may be other people hiding down the tunnels that the guards don’t know about.

More of the family fall victim to the paranoia – Tor now believes that everyone in the prison is working against us.

Sparrowhawk passes a message to Talon – saying he got the message. Talon passes a message back suggesting he has no idea what I am talking about. It appears the paranoid brothers were correct….

Sagramor manages to remove the last of his Tattoos. Teghan goes down into the mining area and explores the tunnel that Sparrowhawk discovered boarded up.

Teghan discovers a very long passageway with various offshoots. One seems to go down to a volcanic vent that appears to vent to the outside. Another goes to a massive hole that goes down a vast distance.

The next day the chain holding the basket is broken and Sparrowhawk and Sagramor plunge downwards. Two other people in the basket die but we escape with some injuries. Sagramor experiments with the golems and discovers they are activated even with no Tattoos present. They beat him some more before the two spider climb out of the shaft.

Sagmramor gets another message from Lady Wolverasaying that we can have all of our items dropped off at the top.

This evening Teghan tries to go exploring again. She fails miserably and is pursued by guards.

Trying again she gets to the mine and comes past a blockage that she can just get past. Beyond is an Earth elemental so she flees.

She instead flies up the volcanic passageway and eventually comes out of the top of the volcano.

The island is tree covered, the prison is visible as is the port.

Contraband is found somewhere and the Warden (part Orc) – Red robes , black sash. Beats someone into unconsciousness and gives a speech.

We speak to Lady Wolvera – she agrees to drop off our gear and arrange a pickup at the docks. She asks how we are doing breaking out Karl Mandelhome – and describes him …. 5’11’ Mid-late 20’s Fair Hair.

Our weapons arrive on night 13 and we decide to break out tonight. We break out the other prisoners to provide a diversion.

We web the shaft and destroy the clay golums while activating our distraction in the form of all the other prisoners who now need controlling.

The plan being that the guards will most likely:-

a. Form a ring around the top of the shaft to prevent escape b. Send in a force to control the escaped prisoners c. Gradually work their way downwards securing the levels of the prison as they go

Based on this assumption we have 20-30 minutes before they again control the 2nd level and can progress through the webs to the third.

It appears that Clay Golem damage is very difficult to heal. Teghan begins to search the cells – discovers a variety of people and creatures in the cells as well as Brother Wookie.

We decide to call upon the RUNES….. Short term, messing with things that are forbidden. – Less advancement if we go down a different path. The disfavour of the gods. Long term despair and hopelessness. But this is a path of decisiveness.

Other prisoners:-

Arakbar – An assassin (Admits he is guilty) Karl Mandelhome

Werewolf – Vaden Kiang. Only reveals who he is after he has been un-manacled. Then demands that we get into the cells. Says that his current form does not allow him any control.

We kill him and bag him before casting a shadow walk

Lady Wolvera and a mage arrive floating above the water. She demands Karl but we refuse to supply him until she returns our items and places us on the boat. In particular Quill goes off on one having a good rant.

She returns some of our items but many important ones are missing.

We ask her about our missing items and she reveals that Tyralandi has them.

The family have a discussion about releasing the assassin and agree that the prison is an unjust institution and that we will release him. However we agree that there will probably be consequences.

Return to Porfory House in magical disguise. Return to our rooms.

Tyralandi arrives after an hour. It would be a surprise if the Order of the Dawn wanted to hurt us as they made us – We are their creation. They are the group that put us together. She refuses to tell us more – saying that Teghan and her share blood ties but are just starting their journey together.

There are factions that wanted us all killed – It is only Teghan’s presence that has kept us safe. She reveals that she is still interested in the prison.

Her associates are disappointed in our actions. Pensa Mane would like to speak with us regarding where our paths lie.

Message from Father – Cathedral nearly finished. Hope you are all well. Message from Amigan – Are you still alive? Need to talk to you Question to father – “Are you a member of the Order of Dawn”?

Pensa Mane arrives – (Human, Staff, Silver Torc, mid 30’s).

He realises we have a very mercenary like relationship. He is interested is getting our cooperation. Events are coming to a head very quickly. Time to build a relationship is running out.

He is part of a collection of interested parties under no banner. All of whom have bought into this shared goal. Tyralandi is part of this faction. However she has her own agenda.

He refuses to involve himself in the recovery of our items. He is offering an exchange of dirty deeds for power gained. He is saying that what he wants doing is not very nice.

He offers Quill unlimited access to the libraries of the Anathaium. In return he asked would Quill organise for a barbarian horde to descend on one of the major seats of power and destroy everything.

Quill said he would.

After he left the family had a discussion

Sister reveals a dream she had about Amigan – Controlling puppets that represent us. He plays with the pupppets for a bit and then drops the puppets and they go limp. He picks them up and begins again. There are several sets of puppets that represent the family but through the ages – the second set more correctly fit the people in the prophecy.

We contact Amigan via the Amulet and scrying.

He tells us that forces that seek to destroy the world as we know including the Kings Realm. If we stand by the Kings Realm then we should oppose these forces.

He says if we succeed we will be dammed forever – if we failed then everyone may be dammed forever.

He is a force for maintaining the balance rather than a force for good. He is part of the Order of Dawn – this order contains some goodly orders. They have existed since the beginning of the world when the Gods walked on the land and they were given specific duties to protect things in the world.

We agree to protect Lady Woolvera for 10000g.

We send a message to our father…. Q. Can we give Amigan our unconditional trust? A. I would trust Amigan with my life

New Day

The brothel is attacked by a demonic flesh golem and several apes wielding clubs. A bald headed harpy, Kedwood Bone and a demonic ape clad in close fitting black leather plus a few thugs.

A voice from outside shouts that everyone inside is guilty of treason against the city and will be torn apart by the Sister of Lamentation.

The Sister of Lamentation sings a song so dire that many party members suffer terrible losses to their STR and DEX. This happens several times. Other members of the family are beset by woefull songs and suffer bouts of confusion.

Chapter 21 - The Bad Man Returneth

The battle in the sewer continued.

Vulture headed creature was summoned in the centre and attacks. A second demonic vulture creature is summoned and both cast mirror images.

Kedwood Bone continued to rain down spells upon us and summon demonic creatures. Huge numbers of hands fill the chamber and beat on us. while some sort of evil effect grows over the body of Sagramor and Sparrowhawk. We discover that the coward wasn’t even there himself but was casting via a projected image.

Kedwood wielding his scythe appears on the other side of the wall of stone. He is hideous. He appears significantly spelled up.

He is wreathed in flames and his Scythe passes through armour. He states that he intends to kill us all and it appears he has blocked off all of the exits.

Tor mentioned that he couldn’t do anything useful at all. The rest of the family agreed (that they could do nothing useful either).

Kedwood Bone runs away – activating an item to disappear.

He reappears a few seconds later on the other side and beside the bone devil continues his attacks.

He disappears – followed by a darkness and then reappears pulling out a rule change that prevents us from following him with a silence spell. His displacement saves him times a many.

Kedwood Mind Jars Gabriella or something similar. We end up grappling Gabriella and subduing her. Somebody says not to worry as it is bound to wear off. Sagramor says that he wants to smell Gabriella. We all look worried. Gabi agrees to get into the tapestry.

We return to the Brothel and speak to Lady Wolvera. We are asked to sell Gabriella or Wookie in exchange for the Brothel for a year (200,000Gp / year!) or 30,000gp

We refuse (boo yah!) but we agree to continue to pursue Kedwood tonight as he has been beaten close to death.

We get a sending scroll and summon the boatman. We then target the house we believe he is holed up in. We use the boat to bypass layers of defence at this location by entering from below.

Fight our way through his troops and defences but he yet again bugs out. Yet another major disappointment. :(

Return to Lady Wolvera and report.

During the night we are attacked and teleported away by apes. A message from Lady Wolvera tells us to go along with this as she has a mission for us. We arrive in a prison and are required to hand over all of our items.

Lady Wolvera visits and passes another message… Go to Blackmaw on prison ship in 2 days. We must rescue Carl Mandleholme – her alchemist – and then escape.

Teghan joins us but also has a visitor. Message from the Succubus (Tyra Landi) – She had arranged for Carl to be taken to Blackmaw. Kedwood & Lady Wolvera being manipulated. She wants us to go to the island. Order of Dawn members that she wants killed. (Warden – Vaden Kiang) others are unknown.

Wait for two days until the prison ship arrives. Travel there in the hold.

Blackmaw 4 guards in tight fitting robes (monks). Taken underground via a winch operated basket. Into a 50’ chamber which has wings off it. Shaft continues below this level.

Rao Chang – New Warden. A very recent change.

We are branded with a magical effect. They hurt if you fight, cast spells or when Rao Chang blows a whistle.

  • Talon Urgos – main bad guy in the prison population
  • Sedarkus – loner who will stand up to him
  • Midnight – Woman with goons under her sway – Works on forge
  • Galan – Works in the pantry
  • Old man Moras – Been here all his life.

Seen 16 guards in total – “The Sentinels”

Message – Via copper wire

  • Establish contact with the rest of the family
  • Establish where to find Carl Mandleholme
  • Find out if anyone knows what happened to the last warden
  • Establish what happens when you cast spells – YES, INT and CHA loss
  • Establish what happens when we fight – YES – Lose CON
  • Establish what happens when the whistle is blown

Possible Spells that do not require a component Break enchantment Heals Lesser Restoration

Sagramor can move out of his manacles Sparrowhawk can shapeshift out of his


The mithral mines became unstable recently and were shut down. Is this part of the wider conspiracy? Is there a cavern of light down here? Was the last warden removed because of his involvement with the Caverns of Light?

Tor provides a distraction by dropping a rock on his head while Sparrowhawk shapeshifts and looses his shackles. He then checks out a couple of the closed shafts. One has been boarded up and looks different to the others.

Getting back into his hole Sparrowhawk finds he cannot get the shackles back on and is forced to accept the assistance of Talon Urgos who has noticed me moving around unshackled.

Make another attempt to explore but am thwarted by a guard.

Chapter 20 - Ships that Pass in the Night

The party decide to return to the Elephant room and explore the passageway that opens up between its legs.

Enter a room containing multiple fly headed humanoids that radiate moderate necromantic magic. Poking them feels nasty but Teghan shakes it off.

Open the coffin and a spell effect goes off on a cloth covering the woman’s face. Effect goes off causing a Symbol of Pain effect. Wait for 4 hours for the effect to wear off (1 hour) and further time for the magic to dissipate.

Perfectly preserved woman – Touch her and she animates. Throw away her mace but it returns to her hand.

Some force prevents people from getting near her.

She casts various acid based spells and we are forced to combat her from a distance.

She keeps healing herself and casting other spells while we continue to attempt to approach her. Only range spells or effects work.

Cast a vast number of spells but we cannot really get near her. We eventually corner her and she uses a potion to escape and casts a wall of stone over the exit.

We stoneshape the wall away and are immediately attacked by a huge Earth Elemental.

Teghan attempts to remove the gems from the Elephant statue.

Teghan succeeds on her thieving gypsy bastard roll and we get two large black opals and a large ruby (2000g in total).

Teghan then works loose 36 of its teeth (1800g total)

Try to search for her – making out way back to the ship.

Large oak table – numerous chairs and large oak cabinets. Coffin forms part of the ship.

Large amount of preserved fruit, water and food in the hold.

In the boat room the water turns out to be 30’ deep. Beneath the water is another sealed coffin with an inscription on the lid. “Death waits beneath this lid -watery doom in here is hid”.

Rest overnight

New day

No sign of the woman so we go back to the ship room. Search the pool and the coffin below but it is empty. However it contained a poison and Sparrowhawk was struck down.

Once cured and restored we investigate the coffin in the boat. An undead creature emerges and attacks. He attacks with claws and his hair attacks and grapples us.

(M) Full Plate – Glamoured to look like robes with flowers and snakes Gold Circlet (M) Ring (M) Gauntlets Potions x 2 Assorted Jewellery (3600g)

Tome of Ancient Lore

Put the gems into the slots in the wall and after a minute the wall descends.

Small room – Sarcophagus Murals on the walls – animal headed humanoids trying to break free from strangling vines Red banner above murals – embroidered with mud sorcerers symbols 4 brass bowls hanging from the ceiling Clay urns – 6 against each of two walls

Sarcophagus made of white marble – bas-relief carving of an elephant headed humanoid – intertwining snakes and thorny roses.

Beyond is a treasure chamber – lots of chests and tapestries.

Glowing symbols hovering along the portcullis Strong Necromantic Magic on the symbols On banner – numerous low levels of conjuration

Faint transmutation from the Sarcophagus Moderate evocation on Sarcophagus

1st Urn – Statue/totem of bear 500g 2 – Tiger eye gems 3 – Empty 4 – 10g 5 – 3 Potions (Cure Serious) 6 – Statue of a camel 60g 7 – Wooden Donkey 1g 8 – Wooden dog 9 – Agates 500g 10 – Raven attacks but misses and disappears 11 – Potion 12 – 2 Scrolls – Shatter & Monster Summoning 4

Bas-relief carving struggles free from the sarcophagus but is surrounded by a wall of force.

This is removed by Sparrowhawk with a scroll of disintegrate.

We all attack it but it is healing faster than we can damage it. Sparrowhawk is turned to stone and the woman arrives, looking quite vampiric. She casts a wall of stone sealing us in.

Six factions

The Hidden & Mysterious – Father & Aimigan The Greenskins – Most reasonable so far The Rising Sun (Good Guys?) – Who want to kill us The Animators – Who raised a Huge Black Dragon The Eastern Mob – Who Hired us The Undead – Tzolo

We suspect that we were put together as a family by one faction

Backstory Tzolo was running from some people and while fleeing she came across one of the caves of light. She had access to powerful, legendary level information gathering

She teleports Sparrowhawk to the cave of light – Tall arch with light seemingly pouring from around it. The archway itself was worked stone but did not detect as magical or appear any different under a truesight. There appeared to be no way to detect it or pass it using mortal magics.

Returned to Tzolo and reported this. She confirmed that she had also been unable to make any progress.

She orders Sparrowhawk not to return to this place without her present. Sparrowhawk casts a teleport locator spell on this place before he leaves.

She takes us to the treasure room where there are two tapestries.

Tapestry 1 Great city – Forest overshadowing the great buildings – Dark twisted and gnarled wood – Looks like a great Eastern City. Trees cracking foundations and branches killing people. Evil creatures flow from holes in the trees.

Large winged creature flies above carrying a woman in Red/Orange robes – she fires streams of flames from her hands towards the trees (She is defending the city).

Tapestry 2 City swathed in darkness – Winged creatures tearing people limb from limb

Blue Skinned demon – holding the head of the king (crowned).

Giant holding massive sword is closing on the Demon Flying fortress hovers behind him

Tapestry 3 City under balls of flame. Demonic creatures attacking. Funnels of twisting air. Port ablaze in background. Great and ancient beast upon which sits a well muscled humanoid.

Tapestry 4 Largest Tapestry – City under blanket of darkness. Appears to represent several cities. Ghoulish humans feast on humans. Woman in white robes defending the city – martial arts – small white staff with a white bell.

Do these represent the past of the future? They were woven by a Hag – a representation of her visions.

She suggests we start demanding answers as we are part of a greater prophesy.

She has no great desires about this place – she just wants to understand it. She considers herself the steward.

Return to the ship (Uzivoy) – Captain Majalore – Sail out through the earth

Add section about her and the boat

Pensamane in the camp. He has been to other locations like this but refuses to tell us of them.

Sail back to the Scuttle Cove and arrange to have the boat sink under the earth to protect it. We will meet the captain in 24 hours.

Make our way to Porfere House – (House of Red Light). Lady Wolvera – Kedwood Boan has interfered with her plans. Paid for false arrest of Karl Mandleholme – an Alchemist of hers. Taken to Blackmoore Prison.

Kedwood has paid for assassins to try and kill her.

Time in the future when things will change drastically. At that time he will offer us the position of Lord of a small city within the King’s Realm. Sansom Thatch – Could be persuaded to drop his opposition to us and the warrant dropped. (Has has been putting on plays that belittle our involvement in the war) He looks for us to be loyal to someone (not the King!) in the future. Appears to want to support a different faction when the revolution comes. Succubus enters Porfere House as we are leaving – “Good to she you are in good health sister” to Teghan.

We agree to these offers and are teleported to a large city. We cash in the favour from Father’s Necklace at a major temple of Pelor and resurrect Tor as well as get the Vile Damage to Sagramor Healed in a consecrated area. Do some shopping with our ill gotten gains. * Purchased a party item – Helm of Comprehend languages and read magic*

Lady Wolvera asks us to capture Kedrick. We spell up and immediately walk into the trap.

Tor has his healing belt stolen and we chase the thieves into the sewer

Attacked by two demonic creatures covered in chains quickly followed by a number of thieves.#

Multiple hidden mages target us with dispel magic.

Chapter 19 - Exploring the Dungeon of the Mud Sorcerors

We decide to go back and check the places which seemed too dangerous on the basis that these fell into the pattern of the dungeon design.

Green key discovered in the right near of the Right ear of the windy face.

Down the corridor we enter the room with a pillar of green basalt. Teghan places the green key into a green keyhole.

When the key is turned there is an explosion and the pillar blasts out. This reveals a hole with a purple coffin inside. The coffin has a painting on it of a beautiful woman wearing a mud sorcerer symbol (Symbol 1). She appears asleep.

Female corpse inside – Appears to match the drawing.

It does not animate – Detect magic reveals strong conjuration magic on the necklace.

M – (Silver pendent).

Magic still in the pillar.
Paper inside the scroll tube – Written in a foreign tongue.

To sail the ship that is smiled upon my lady gave the silver necklace

Inside the pillar is a length of woven hair – Teghan pulls it and the pillar collapses.

Move onto the door with the knives – Teghan unlocks it.

Open the 1st Sarcophagus – Mans corpse. Rotting red robes.

Gold earrings – Small sapphires (1260g)
Gold rings – Symbol matches gem
Bronze mace
Gem between teeth – blood sorceror symbol on it (faint abduratrion magic) of Symbol 3

Inscribed on wrappings on chest is a message (foreign tongue).

Coloured stones to thee bequeath
Bitten tight in priestly teeth
Each a key to Tzolo’s wall
Sign to sign will make it fall

Wookie loots him and there is a banging from inside the two larger coffins. A large mummy emerges. A second one emerges and they pound several of us before they are dispatched.

Open a second small coffin:

Gold earrings with sapphires (1260g)
Carnelian gem with Symbol 1 in mouth
Golden Philactory set with gems
Gold ring with symbol that matches the one on the gem

Third Coffin:
Gem – Citrine
Plus the rest

Fourth Coffin:
Gem – Onyx
Plus the rest

Gate made of blueish metal – large symbol on the floor – Mosaic on the floor of Symbol 1.

Sparrowhawk enters the room and suddenly gets chopped to tiny pieces that immediately disappear.

Some experimentation later Wookie tried this and we work out that the effect was an illusion.

Sparrowhawk appears in a room – Lots of pillars. Carved with hands making strange signs. Pool in the middle. Cast defensive spells and wait against a wall. Hear the sound of crying down one corridor but ignore it.

A hag attacks Sparrowhawk but her gives her a beating and she runs off.

Fog banks appear blocking the view and the hag appears and lightning bolts us using a wand before disappearing again.

Down the corridor Tor and Teghan faff about and balls up the only exit. The rest of the party search the room.

The hag appears through an illusionary part of the wall and attacks.

She hits Brother Wookie but takes a beating from Sparrowhawk and then escapes and turns invisible. We dispel this and a further fog cloud but she keeps tumbling away. Eventually we surround her and finish her off.

(M) Wand of Lightning Bolt
Metal ring with brass keys

Open a series of jail cells with the keys but nothing inside any of them.

Rest overnight

New Day

Explore the jail passageway – room at the end with 2 suits of platemail apparently guarding a coffin.

Daubed inscription – “Let the chips fall where they may”

On lid of coffin – “Disturb not the slumber of Tzolo”

Weapon – Contains

Magic Scroll – Displacement
Potion Bottle

Open the coffin – Metal lid. The wall starts to move towards us and a gate drops to block the passageway. The body grabs Sparrowhawk. Fortunately Brother Wookie casts a True Sight showing the wall to be an illusion.

Remove body and find a compartment with 3 scrolls.

Control Weather
Raise Dead
Water Breathing

Check the next corridor which starts from one of the cells. There is a permanent wall of force but Teghan discovers it has a small gap at the top.

Down another passage there is a stone head – Squints in pain. Move the eyelid up and it opens its eyes revealing a small hole through to the other side.

The Wookie suddenly has a turn of speed and takes us forwards – using the ring to rock to mud the face.

Large room with a small island inside a moat like structure. Figure in the middle of the moat.
Two passages lead off – one a water passage.

Permanent magic on the figure in the middle of the room. Silver symbol on a silver chain with a mud sorcerer symbol on it. (Symbol 3 – Water)
Wraith -like creature emerges from the creature. Closely followed by 4 large water elementals. The wraith drains the life force from both Sagramor and Brother Wookie but is finally blown away by magic missiles. A further water elemental emerges from the pool as the others draw close to falling.

Several waves of water elementals attack us. They only settle back into the water when we leave the room.

Escape with the mummy – Examine it:

(M) Book –
(M) Silver necklace

Back at the wall of force we send Teghan over to explore.
She finds a stone face that seems to be modelled as though wet and holding its breath.

Appears to have frosted glass on part of the wall.

Secret door – goes down and joins the passageway where we destroyed the face.

We dash through the room with the water elementals and enter a long passageway that becomes quite wide – pillars down the centre.

Massive mausoleum – Groaning from one corner – when investigated a number of undead activate.

Wave after wave of them attack us – hundreds are destroyed by Wookie but the waves never seem to end. Except that it does…

Teghan discovers a secret door high up in one of the small alcoves. It descends into a large room with a long pool of water and 3 large piles of earth.
There is a silver ladle

Iron portal locked up tight
Pound and pull with all your might
Precious metal – waters clay
Earthen being makes the way

Pour water onto the right hand pile of dirt and it turns into a stone man with the head of a camel. It grapples Sparrowhawk and engulfs him.

New Day

We form a plan to deal with the creatures.

Summon the next one – it appears with the head of a hippo and proceeds to smash down the door.

Move into a room full of pillars – A single word is written on each pillar.

Tzolo / Knows / Where / Light / Hides

This leads to another large room with a long water pool in the centre. There are eight statues of tiger headed humanoids with polearms. Painting on ceiling depicts animal headed humanoids locked in battle.

Elephant headed human – massive statue. Stands with hands outstretched. Huge gems for eyes and huge tusks. Large red gem in the centre of its forehead.

Moderate conjuration from a green tusk
Strong evocation on the hands of the creature

Below navel there are 5 ivory tiles

L / K / H / W / T

Statue in far left corner is magical – Faint transmutation / Faint divination

We decide to explore the other chambers before we go further and go all the way back. We go back to the door where the numpties faffed about and broke it. Along the way we notice that the Hag’s body is missing.

The door opens into a 10*10 room – hundreds of symbols decorate the ceiling and walls. The 4th Mud Sorceror symbol is present in a large form on one wall.

It has Moderate Evocation magic

Turns out to be a blade barrier that catches many of the party. The same symbol is further down the passage but before we can touch it the blades strike us again.

This room teleports to the first step of steps that go down.

Return to the water elemental chamber and take the water exit. This leads to the room of green marble with 4 black stone pillars – each with a sorceror’s symbol on – A dome covers a pool at one end. A black metal door leads off – covered in glyphs and symbols.

There is a mummy at the bottom of the pool. Multiple magic sources exist on the corpse.
A wraith emerges from the body and attacks.

Tor unfortunately dies

Silver daggers – 120g
Gem – Black pearls (600g)
Ivory Tube – 3 Scrolls
Scroll Tube – 3 Scrolls
Greater Heroism
Gust of Wind
Lightning Bolt
Polymorph Other
Project Image

Talisman around neck – Symbol 2 – Strong Necromantic Magic

Massive bolt of cold rushes from the door as it is opened.

Small 10*10 room – Teleports to where we first met the Hag.

Back to the Elephant room – Investigate the statue in one corner – It contains several scrolls.
and piece of paper.
Purify food and drink
Bull Strength

Ivory blade – a crimson sword
Leads thee to the hidden horde

The runes are pressed in the correct order and its belly opens up revealing a passageway beyond.

We use a True Sight to explore the passageway back and discovered an illusion covering a hole in a wall.

Unscrew the green tusk – Fog appears in the room.
Tusk – Ivory (Green)
Tusk – Ivory (Red)

Put the Red horn into an illusion covered hole – (see the riddle above) Pull open to reveal a passageway.

Rug (250g)
2 gold candelabras (800g)

Inscription on the archway

You have reached the inner sanctum of Tzolo
Tzolo sleeps waiting for her predestined time
Gloat not – lest thy pride usher in a unalterable doom

Mud sorcerors symbols are inlaid on the casket.
Candles are burning – sweet smell. (Magical)

Loot the carpet

We put out the candles and cast gust of wind in order to remove the odour of the candles and stop people falling asleep. Move the coffin and there is a keyhole beneath. Unlocking this causes the wall to start moving towards us.

Search the coffin:
Figure in the coffin – Breastplate
Canadleabra – 500
Silver handles – 400
Bracelets -800
Collar – 850
Rings – 780
Circlet – 330
Mask – 950
Breastplate – 3100

Wookie and Sagramor jump into the hole but the bottom falls away and Wookie falls into a pit.

Search the area uncovered by the wall and discover a passageway going off.

We use various methods to escape the hole before the wall returns.

Uzrivoy – A boat 35’ tall room. Mastless ship made of red wood. Small cabin and covered stairway and wheel. Appears to be in drydock – supported on logs.

Stone face – evil fanged grin. Gritted teeth. Eyes appear to cry.

Two tusked heads spray water into the pool

In the passage a pit trap opens and Wookie falls in. Sparrowhawk follows him down and then uses the Mud ring to stone shape to remove the pit.

On one of the walls we find 4 indentations containing each of the 4 gems with the symbols.

Above the archway:

Those with naught to offer should turn back now
Even those who can shed light on understanding should tread with care

Boat – Doors locked
Wheel – Hundred of letters we don’t understand. (Don’t say anything in particular)
Inside the boat is bigger than on the outside. Great oak table – Cabinets.
Two huts – The larger one contains stairs leading downwards. The hold is 60’*30’
Wooden Sarcophagus in centre. – A figure lies inside.

Chapter 18 - We have upset a very bad man

In the chamber below there is a cave with a single door going off.

Beyond the door is a room full of cages and a sunken couch in the centre. All of the cages are open to allow the birds to fly freely. A bound man is tied to one wall. The room has a snake theme – snake headed creatures cause suffering in these pictures.

Marcus – He tells us of a secret way out of the room and that Captain Morgan and Kedward had left through the door – rather concerned after a lacky had come rushing in. Marcus himself had failed to repay a dept and was being tortured because of it.

Beyond the secret door there is a room with a large circular bed. This room has a nautical theme. More importantly there are several pirates in here. He has several obviously magical weapons. We exchange fireballs but they win that round (avoiding ours completely) They both use means to bug out.

Chest of Drugs (the one we have been searching for) Weapon – Mage – 2 Headed Scythe – Artistically enhanced but not magical (had a spell on) Chest – (M) Boots of Elvenkind 1500g Jewelry (4500g)

Head out towards a safe inn, The Rusty Shunt (14) – Spend the night there and relearn spells. Cast invisibility and fly around the city to lose any tail. Then return to the brothel.

New Day Sagramor has burn wounds from the unholy fireball that cannot be cured.

Our employer was pleased with what we had achieved.

Next – Area far to NE in the cold wastes (White winds) – not much lives there (cold and desolate). Only Orcs and their kin live there. Trying to locate the entrance to a cave. We are then required to investigate further. Kill anyone not connected to us. Secrecy is important. As it is deep within Orc lands she believes that the contents are the same as the other caves of light. Teleported there today.

Pensa Main – Leads the hunt for this location with a number of sages.

Frozen barren waste near the Frozen Edge of the World.

Messages from Dad

Plague spreading through the town and killing the old and infirm

Orvill – Barbarians passed back through – only 4000. Constant Tholl declared masrshall law. Lord Sarp declared the prison to be a momument to the fallen.

Kings armarda – delayed by a storm – finally turned up. Flotilla of ships sunk. Baron Cress Werbura thought to have been killed in the Melee. Flotilla had been designed to take the barbarians home.

Lord Sarp penned the arrest warrant for Sagramor for Sedition.

Samsom Thatch in possession of the warrent and not yet delivered to Constant Tholl

Teleported away by Arshaven who leaves us there and teleports away.

Teleport into a wasteland in the middle of a blizzard. Small hut nearby and large canvas tents.

NOTE – we teleport to an exact location.

Meet Pensa Main (Sage) and his fellow sages.

They have met the Savage White Claw Clan (Orcs).

They have tried various commune spells and augury but these have failed or even been obscured.

Several days the cave is discovered and the Orcs are being paid to dig it out. When almost through we are asked to kill the Orcs to prevent news of its location being revealed.

We head to the cave and discover that the evil orcs have killed two of the guards. We form a defensive wall inside while Tor runs around outside playing with himself.

We finally down the three Huge Trolls and use lots of magical fire to stop them regenerating. Many of the Orcs escape.

Treasure: 670G 240 +1 Arrows 6 +1 Bows Magical Greatsword +1 Dust of Dispel Magic 6 Potions Cure Moderate 2 Doses poison

Investigate the cavern and discover a door still partly burried. On the door are three words in common:-


We depress the letters in the work “Welcome” on the third word and the door swings open. We suspect that the first two words are the same in Hobgoblin Orc languages.

Strong Evocation Magic is everywhere within – we suspect this is a permanent Forbiddence effect aligned to evil.

4 Pillars with runes on them – Teghan passes by the side with no effect and so we all follow. Sound of wailing from a side passage. At the end is a dark bell made of iron suspended between two pillars. Down the side passage there is a chamber and it has stone eyes on the wall that appear to weep and move occasionally. Rivers of tears flow into channels and run off. Thg wailing is very loud here. The tears appear to be acid. Detect Permanent Transmutation magic around the eyes.

Sparrowhawk swims down into the deep pool and finds a small black key.

Ring the bell and the pool empties.

Symbols – Ancient cult of Elementalists – Mud Sorcerors – Masters of Protective Magics -

Symbols are:- Convergence of Earth and Water Earth Dominent Water Dominent Harmony of Earth and Water


Rest in the complex.

In the morning we cast some protection from Acid and search the Eye room. Discover a secret door on one wall.

10’ Statue of humanoid with elephant head. – Acusing finger pointing at us and sword ready to be drawn.

3 doors leading off.

Each corner has an alcove.

Statues – Head of Jackal, Hawk, Cat, and a plain plinth in the 4th corner.

Keyhole in the Jackel statue – along with the 4 symbols. We turn the key clockwise and the 4 statues annimate. The stone creatures take a great deal of killing but finally fall to many blows.

We twist the statue in the centre so that its finger is pointing towards another door. The enterence door slams shut with great force and the finger pointing door opens.

Pile of dirt in the first room

Massive stone carving of a face with closed eyes, thick lips and big ears. Dull pair of fangs.

Passageway down the third door – leading to a chamber filled with 6 sarcophagi, two of which are much bigger than the others. Far door has knives welded to the door pointing in the opposive way.

Teghan does a little exploring through a sticky nose. She meets a Naga but does find that the complex meets up with the other side of the coffin room.

We decide to bring the Wookie along and rest overnight to relearn appropriate spells.


We use a gaseous form to get through the statue nose and head towards a room with lots of snake carved pillars.

The Naga is finnaly defeated after an epic battle.

In the end room is a box with a carpet in front of it. The carpet (strong Necromancy) has woven into it a pattern of a maelstrom and waves with creatures drowning in it. Creatures entering the room are sucked into the pattern on the carpet.

We recover the box via the ceiling and rope tricks. It contains a tiny blue/green snake on a cushion that whispers to us. Teghan grabs the snake and it tells him that if we let it go it will answer any 3 questions about this place.

Inside the cushion is a ring.

(M) Ring

Green pillar in far room with a keyhole

We identify the items:

Ring of Mud (20th Level) Water Walk 1/Day Water Breathing 1/Day Stone Shape 2/Day Meld into Stone 1/Day Transmute Mud to Rock 1/Week Transmute Rock to Mud 1/Week Summon Monster (VI) 1/Week (Earth or Water Elemental) Earthquake 1/Month (Dormant 2 days)

Sparrowhawk believes that the snake (Golum) is held here and the defenses are designed to keep it in.

Behind the Suit of Armour is a small room containing a chest

8 Oil Odd Metal tools (Crafting) Book – Manual of Urushu’s Automaton

We poke the automaton until it activates.

It takes a huge amount of damage before falling over.

We knock open the Vampire Camel door and follow a passageway. It appears to be a mirror of the enterence with a long passage and a long channel of water – this time with things swimming in it.

See another carved face. It has a lock carved into the right nostril.

Creatures in the pool are facinating fish – they appear to atttract your attention in a magical way. Other channel contains coins and a small copper key.

Use the key on the face and it clicks open – the face appears to swing away. This leads to yet another passage.

(221g) gold in the pool.

Discover a room with a mosaic of one of the symbols.

Mural – Pig or Camel brings the Woe – Hippo clears the way to go. There are also pictures of various animal headged creatures including Bull Camel Cat Mole

Chapter 17 - We already miss the great book of joy

The evil siren must die!

We close on the Ogres and engage them – the centaur attacks us protected by magic.

Tor attacks twice (standing around to take some damage!)

Decaying trees – Skinned animals and lots of dead animals in a carpet around them.

Centaur is covered in slimy icky stuff. Dinosaur with dark skinned rider come into view. Both are covered in slime and ick. Centaur casts a number of spells related to frost and cold.The person on the dinosaur casts a sleet storm spell allowing the centaur to escape.

The cheating dinosaur then descends through the floor and escapes.

The tree continues to be covered in darkness.

Until Brother Wookie dispels it…...

Introduced us to Besra – An angry lady (The Tree Ent?). The tree begins to creak and groan, then grows arms and lashes us. He suggests that she lures people here and charms them.

It is incredibly hard to strike and has massive strength – lashing out and grabbing Sagramor and hauling him up into its branches.

Inga and Seren Congerson arrive with their party and an iron golum. They had been tricked. Their slaves had died during the night trying to crawl back here.

Cyralene = The Centaur. Had made a deal to supply them with slaves.

Next morning – The crew went out to create a mast and Brother Wookie raised Sagramor from the dead.

Sagramor remembers that he had a mirror image available when he died (again).

Sending message comes through to Tor – Need Wookie to scry the Mill Pond at the bottom of Ma Bakers garden where he used to play with Jettin. He thinks the sender is familiar but from a long time ago.

I’l be there at midday for the scrying. Must let Tor allow me to scry you at the same time.

Scry the Millpond at midday. See man in large grey robe – he has a large mirror that he is looking into. Brother Wookie casts a Detect Evil and gets no response.

We don’t have long to talk. Just few minutes a day. 15 years ago – long time friend of our father. Concern for us as may have fallen under an unwelcome influence. Amulet I carry is one of 3 and he has the master. This allows him to talk to me.

He wants to know what we are doing as he believes we have fallen in with a bad lot. Says that we are important and are involved with the fate of the world.

Tell him we have visited the city of Gilsan. Tell him a little of our issues. He says he has born a burden and many generations before him. He can never tell us what he knows as if he reveals it it would mean the end of the world was at hand.

Tells us that Sparrowhawk recently met his own father but fortunately he didn’t reveal himself. He gave me up to Kerwin.

Reveals his name is Amigan.

Message to Father. Am speaking to Amigan – can we trust him?

Father – He was a good friend – We have much to talk about.

Tell Amigan that we need proof he is who he says. He tells us that he brought us all together and is as much our father as Kerwin.

We have a sensible discussion and make a sound plan (while Tor goes off to discover great insight from his rune-sticks).

Next day send a message to father re: meeting Amigan and he replies that Amigan has just left his house heading for the millpond.

Scry Amigan and he says he is pleased that we have stayed so closely together.

Food chambers of the Gods – Given to the Hobgblins by the gods to look after. More types than just the food chambers. These may be the ones given to other races.

Control of them leads to understanding and knowledge of another place. When gathered together the knowledge denotes secrets that are central to the way we live our lives. Food chambers given to us during a great famine so that we might survive.

We have been asked to help take control of these chambers – but it is better that knowledge of these places is forgotten – even for goodly people.

Gru Charak works for himself and his people to reclaim these holy sites for his people.

He asks us to communicate what forces the people we work for have in the area and what they know.

Weakness in the creation of this world and any who found it could use it against (what am I babbling about?)

He suggested that we would have to make a choice and that choice would be obvious and would involve the fate of the King’s Realm.

Teghan dreamed of him last night and he was influencing several groups like ours.

Sail for 3 days and arrive at another island. Scuttle Cove – Pirates go here.

Underground reefs here – requires experience to land here.

Need to meet Lady Woolvera at Profera House.

We use our boat and row into the second cove along. Find a way up and enter Scuttle Cove. It is a complete shithole.

We go into an inn and buy a round of drinks and someone to take us to Profera House. Tor gets challenged before leaving the Inn and is incited into casting a spell. This annoys the innkeeper.

Grab a random hobo and demand that he take us to the house. The house stands out as being fantastic in this slum. Statues abound it mostly of orgies – people sell drugs in front of it. Two guards – wearing ceremonial gowns and carry halbards. House has no windows.

They refuse us entry as the doors are not opened during daylight hours. We agree to wait outside.

Clients wait for the doors opening – a mixed bag of rich and desperate who can only just afford the services.

Four women dressed in veils provide refreshments.

We are offered the services of the house but politely decline. They claim they can fulfil any fantasy or depravity (but I already chain myself up at night).

Tor jokingly asks for the services of a blue donkey but seems VERY disturbed that we want to watch.

We meet Lady Wolvera. Here to help. Menial tasks in Skuttle Cove. Then a task elsewhere. Approximately a month.

She describes the place as Chaotic & Godless. Ruled by Ur Priests. Skin dancers – Bards who can assist with afflictions.

Decree that sentenced to death for casting holy magics. Creatures, Large Apes – Infused with demonic energies. They hunt people down and can teleport people away.

Arrange for rooms there.

City wall around the place – Slums to the East. There houses are made of mud and shit. City trades in drugs, slaves and contraband.

Ur priests live in Palace on the hill. Skin Dancers – Academy = Tower made of Ivory. They have a number of roles. Nude dancers – torture and information extraction.

Plaza of hanging ruins – If you have the money can send anyone to be hung.

Sisters of Lamentation = Shaven Harpies

Rusty Shunt = A safe inn – especially for outsiders.

Decanzara = A theatre where an elven woman removes all her own skin.

New Day

1st Job Hang Man’s cove = Small base Taken ashore by row boat

Us to protect a powder / drug / component but also to find out who is planning this attack and killing the person ultimately responsible.

Wait until the evening – hidden in a copse of trees.

Boat arrives and chest is taken into the complex. Teghan checks out the complex and confirms that the chest is secured in the far end of the complex.

Send Teghan back into the chamber with the chest in order to keep an eye it. She is loaded with the ring which has been charged with an invisibility.

Follow 2 boats – One goes to scuttle cove – Shop – Ruldolph’s Exotic Book shop.

Attack the premises – turns out to be a drug den.

Stash of drugs Woman – Potion of Cure Moderate 2 Gems – 75 & 100 Potion *2

Discover a secret door and search an underground room. A sizable number of thieves come out of invisibility and attack us.

Bodies – Cure Moderate *2

Don’t find the chest. House belongs to most powerful men in Scuttle Cove – Kedred Wood. Controls half of movement of drugs in the town. Tomorrow can only be better than today.

Woman made unreasonable demands and was killed. Valuable items stored in the rug.

Discover yet another secret door and steps going down.

Chapter 16 - Adventures in Halgaard

Two horses draw a broken wagon across a street as we pass. Tor jumps on the wagon and mercilessly runs down some peasants. Sagramor attempts to cure her

A bunch of dwarves follow the wagon. Arbori fireballs them killing most in a single burst of flame. Sparrowhawk finishes off the remainder. A quick search reveals that they have no loot but use runes that they activate to create spell effects.

Further along in the more prosperous area of the city we pause to rescue a child from a burning building. While this goes on the rest of the group hold off an couple of ettins and a group of barbarians.

Sagramor takes on an ettin single handed but forgets his mirror images and gets horribly squashed (dead).

We reach the temple and the abbess offers to restore Sagramor.

Bones of long dead saint. + article of one of the ancient gods. This provides a great number of benefits. We agree to evacuate a number of the warriors/clerics of the temple via the tapestry. She raises Sagramor and then begins the ceremony to de sanctify the casket. During the process a huge green wyvern-like creature with a horned rider try to smash their way into the skylight.

We get fireballed and Arbori falls. She is cured but other attempts to strike the creature with spells fail due to a lesser globe of invulnerability.

Tor climbs up and attempts to grapple the creature with a flying leap through the air. Cards were held up below giving this manoeuvre an 8.3

Sparrowhawk flies up towards them and Teghan grows wings and also flies up towards them. The creature is pinned and orders its mount to fall to the ground. Tor feather falls to the ground.

Arbori cast a fireball at the creatures outside the door but it was a rather small one.

The beast is killed and the rider engaged while more beasts gather at the door including a hydra.

The creature attempts to fly away after its mount is killed.

He flies around constantly harried by Sparrowhawk who is unable to really make any headway. Teghan uses truestrike against him but still misses.

The wall of force blocking the main door eventually drops and the battle begins again in the entrance.

“The Ogre falls over but he letin the Ettin”. Tor’s one contribution…....

We chase the man outside through the wall of fire and finally kill him – The most epic kill so far. As he falls we notice the huge dinosaur of the head of the army approaching.

Loot from the Man on the Wyvern Lance Pearl (*2)

The discombobulation of the Coffin ends and the Abbess warns us that whoever holds it will be walking in the steps of a saint and it will take a toll on anyone who is not holy enough.

The Abbess offers to delay the monster and the Barbarian. She and her deputy turn into angels an they move into the middle of the room.

Another angelic figure appears in support.

The barbarian leader on his giganticus mount break in and engage the angels.

We flee onto a nearby roof and prepare to bag people before teleport. Tor surveys the scene and is finally beset by his conscience. Remorse floods through him and he relives his many evil acts.

Tor starts to throw a wobbly and uses some of the powers of the relic.

Sparowhawk has a talk with Bishop orvil.

Body in the ox = St. I-r-la Ligt love good Glory, Watches over all mankind. Clerics = Teachers and users of the light to combat undead.

We return 6 new priests to the cathedral that we saved.

Teghan received a letter from Sasom Thatch- suggests that Sarp Redbeard is a poor Lord and he can be replaced. Suggests that our sister performs a murderous task. Suggests she doesn’t tell anyone else.

Sansom Thatch has taken Lord Sarp Redbeard away as they were worried by his ill informed plans to defend the town and the devastating effect that had on his mental health.

Teghan asks that we do not share knowledge of the note but she does not reply to it either.

The abbess is safe – managed to escape.

The Sarcophagus was rededicated.

Sparrowhawk spends some time raising his profile at the Fort. Baldrick has also been doing great work on behalf of the family in this regard.


Sansom Thatch sends another letter suggesting that Lord Sarp is suggesting that Sagramor is guilty of sedition and that the town could have held if not for his actions. Sansom also suggests that only by putting Sparrowhawk forward as the new Lord could this sentence be prevented.

Sparrowhawk points out that the letters could have been produced by anyone with the intention of fooling us.

Sansom Thatch visits and specifically asks for the death of a councillor which will result in Sparrowhawk becoming Lord. This will however leave us beholden to Sansom.

Plan is to find the councillor and warn him that very powerful individuals have paid for his death. Ask him if he knows why and offer to smuggle him out of the region.


Sparrowhawk continues making magic items for the family.

The family faff about.

Many more days and much faffing pass…...

6 days later…....

Sparrowhawk completes the Gloves of Dexterity for Teghan.

Meanwhile Brother Wookie does something useful – scrying on the councilor. Use message spell to speak with him and he moves over to have a conversation with Sansom Thatch who agrees to teleport him to the fort.

More faffing.

Two days later….....

Mohamed Ali Khan and guards arrives. Less than half of the barbarian force remains – perhaps a third. Baron in his keep sent the Paladins of glory to hit the flanks which was devastating to the army.

Plans – leave – travel then teleport to Gilsand – great city to the east.

Arrange to have a message sent each day.


4 days travelling on horseback.

Reach a farmhouse and go underground via a trapdoor. Mirror there that allows travel to Gilsand.

We pass through.

Met by Jeeves, an unsavoury demonic type.

He is there to deal with our needs but says we are a day late. He requires that our presence here remains a secret.

Walk through an expensive looking garden to a mansion house. Past a variety of statues outside the house in rows. Enter via a secret door behind th second statues on the right. Led up stairs to another chamber where there are more unsavoury demonic types.

We will only be spending the night here.

We spent the night examining the book of great joy [and most of Sunday].

Externally most of the buildings seem very extravagant. Floating buildings abound as do magical barriers. People fly around on their business and living gargoyles protect buildings.

This place is the magical capital of the world.

Across the harbour is a 200’ statue straddling the entrance to the harbour.

In the evening several groups arrive, armoured people, monks and a single mage. They leave several hours later but we do not interact.


We are woken early and proceed through the garden and into the sewers where we are led to the harbour. A body drops into the sewer on the way.

We are ushered onto a ship – Th Lady Venture. We head North and East for two weeks.

Storms break the main mast and we put into a natural port for repairs. This takes 4 days.


We start to worry about our sailors so fly up and scout out the island. we see another boat along the coast to the north.

Tracking we come across a small farming hamlet. There are large deaf humans looting it – looks like it was raided about 5 days ago (from the corpses).

Centaur bargains with us for the return of our seamen. It appears they had been enchanted and held. We paid 2000g for their release. The seamen try to wander off again – still under the influence of the effect.

It appears that the deaf giants are raiders that use this ability to raid coastal settlements and enslave them.

We decide to go and murder them all.


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