The Journals of Sparrowhawk

Chapter 45 - The Library of Last Resort

We believe that the leader of the beast men may have been influenced by part of the Carcosa forces and so we send Teghan into the camp to scout it out and see if our theory has any substance.

Teghan reliably fails in her scouting and we form a new plan to find Chalgar the chieftain.

We plan to try and cast a spell to remove mental influence from Chalgar – one group of us including Tor will distract the giants by asking to speak with him, expecting to be driven off. While we have them distracted we aim to send in the others to cast the spell.

Tor manages to gain an audience and is taken back into a set of caves. Chalgar is huge, even larger than Tor. He admits he was given the armour by another person. This person turns out to be a Carcosan Death Giant. A gift from the grave – He can now consult with him. He speaks of a giant skull that manifests from the mist around him (something he has risen from the grave of one of his ancestors).

Chalgar has been well bribed rather than mind controlled.

We make a plan and approach the giants living caves. We aim to avoid fighting most of them but some have to fall along the way.

We progress slowly closing off the way behind us.

Karma uses baleful blink to render the ghost creature less effective.

Many of the party are rendered as useful as a chocolate fireguard by an antimagic effect.
We are split up and the mage and Death Giant fight Tor while the other run from the undead creature.

Sparrowhawk is blinded and forced to retreat. The rest of the group finish off the recently created ancestor undead and join the fray.

The Carcosans retreat behind doors and the party gather and lick their wounds until the worst of the spells wear off.

Spell Effects from the Spellweaver
Sonic Ray
Antimagic ray
Polar Ray
Greater Dispel Magic
Short Range Teleport
Ray of Enfeablement

Effects of the Death Giant
Acid Damage
Level Drain?
Stat (Strength)

We arrive in a cavern and encounter Chalgar riding an enormous worm. He says he would rather fight than talk.

After an epic battle we manage to subdue Chalgar and slay the giant worm, however Arbori falls in the battle.

After speaking the Gathra we release Chalgar with a promise not to return to this place and then follow her into a mighty tree followed by several other hops covering a great distance.

We see many regiments of large humanoid creatures. Behind each 1000 large humanoids – there are 16 pyramids in total each with an army of 1000s of creatures. She views a scrying pool and views an army of 3600 death giants in front of a pyramid, Kalzakar the Deformed rides atop the pyramid and a desolation Dragon flies around.

Tor tells us a tale of “Splashy” one of the oldest gods who fell out of favor through a slight misinterpretation of his name.

A message to the future.

We must understand how to recreate the sun. She takes out a crystal and places it into a cave with a 3000’ ceiling. The largest cave we have ever ventured into.

Eventually this seed will be nourished by the cave and will fill this cavern. Then within this crystal needs to be a sacrifice. As Aurora is preparing to do. It will take a great deal of the inner spark – whoever sacrifices themselves must be a god themselves. They must have transcended beyond the mortal.

This cavern will be blocked and the oceans will not penetrate when the oceans they cover this place. When it is opened it must be taken to Stars Watch – a place which will be created by others – Among Stars Watch there will be a way to take this seed to the heavens.

When the sun has been raised golden chains will need to be attached to guide its path. There will be monuments to house these chains – to access the chains there will be a gift from the gods to remind us their presence will be with us always. This will be a gift given personally from them. If you control one of the gifts of the gods then you are able to manipulate the chains.

She has some wooden blocks with her – with a needle floating (like a compass). Etching on the side of the blocks. One has the crystal on it. Seed is eggs shaped with crystals growing from in it one box.

Two other boxes look like the box stolen by the Shepards of the Root. Both are compasses – one has an oak tree on the top and the other has an image of a seed. She is evasive as to what they do.

There will be messages to allow people to piece together the location of the Seed.

There are 7 chains. Whoever holds the gift of the Gods (there may be a number of them) can drive the chains to do as they will.

At this stage we are taken from the dream and awaken refreshed in a wooded glade.
1. How can we replace the sun? – Brother Wookie
2. How can the great shadow be destroyed or locked away? – Arbori
3b.What was the purpose of placing groups like our family together? – – Teghan
4. Why does Demogorgon fear Teghan – Tor
5. Who else is working to restore the sun to the world?

Letter – You have been given a vital task – To ensure our plans are not rendered worthless by the establishment of safe humanoid habitation. This compass will lead you to first victim – meddlesome individual – hope compass will lead us to the right person. After this it will leads you to a second victim. It will then lead us home. Take the second victim outside and place him in the light. Druid scroll – renders a body impossible to resurrect or raise.

Compass – etched on it are two figures. Human in skullcap and staff. The other is dressed in priestly robes with a symbol of a sun above him.

This is the manor of Sansom Thatch.

We rest for spells and knock on the door. Samsom doesn’t respond as though he knows us or the Wookie.

We break down the door and fight a variety of golums. Sansom falls but following a major search of the building it appears that he left immediately via a teleport behind the door.

Chapter 44 - The battle for the Sea Tiger

We attempt to clear the boat of undead but wave after wave drive the party below decks. Arbori falls to fire damage, dying mainly of embarrassment.
We clear the second floor and spend a short while raising Arbori while waiting for a huge summoned dragon to disappear. Arbori casts a couple of Sunburst spells and manages to drive off the darkness from the level below.

We descend and the captain orders his remaining men up to fight us. There is an epic fight with the captain and his mage almost impossible to hit.

Arbori is hit by another lighting bolt and slain again.

Looted the Captain.
Rapier +3 Keen
Ring of Protection +3

The Ship
Magic – prevents it from sinking
Magic – Forces it to sink at the will of the captain
(Can travel under the water)
Magic – Fire Resistant
Magic Sails – Griffins

Travel for a further 2 weeks into the frozen north, breaking ice to get to a small island.

The captain tells us that Master Versice has paid the cost for our journey here.

1. How can we replace the sun? – Brother Wookie
2. How can the great shadow be destroyed or locked away? – Arbori
3b.What was the purpose of placing groups like our family together? – - Teghan
4. Why does Demogorgon fear Teghan – Tor
5. Who else is working to restore the sun to the world? – Sparrowhawk

Arduval the reborn had forged a great seal, giving his life to make it and had sealed away the darkness. The seal appeared to have been cracked when the volcano erupted and the insanity had been released.

3a. Who created the black mist, why, where did it come from

We scout the island – a maze lies broken on the surface. Stone rimmed circles lie in the maze with a plinth in the middle.

Rat man drinking from a barrel – lives here and assists those who come. Library becomes impatient of people who stay too long and outstay their welcome.

Arbori and Sparrowhawk ponder the nature of magic and come up with the idea that because the black mist gives its minions the ability to remove all armour protection magics it was created to be the antithesis of everything the gods created and gave to the world.

Thick mists roll in and cover the island.

[Reminder from a previous conversation from Tzolo – Library of Last Resort – Mnemona one of the ancient Gods to record the history of the world so that people can learn from past mistakes. Can recall a specific point in history – answers often not what you expect but library uses its initiative to provide you with a more rounded understanding. Test at every stage – feel that events may not be real but actually may have consequences outside / back in the land. We pose a question and throw it into a well.]

Loud buzzing – large grubs fly in. The mists fade and we see we are surrounded by a large swarm of these creatures. We appear to be in a different place.

A large grasshopper comes to join the swarms. A better look around suggests that the location is more like a forest within Discordant than one on the land – the forest is stunted and twisted as though it has never grown is the light.

We communicate with the insect people but they just say that we will all die before their masters.

Elone El-roheam – an elf suggests that we run. We are in the great forest of Mortarbi. We meet other elves. The creatures are from Carcosa. He leads his forces against the people of the Gods.
(Link: The Carcosa Codex and the Palid Mask).

Even the Gods themselves do not confront Carcosa – the Gods are here. He is a massively powerful Human with a massive mask. The elves are evacuating. We suspect we have been flung into the past. They are evacuating into the Silver Vale and hope that they have some idea of how to survive there.

Carcosa the Devourer.
Even Mnemona herself was slain by a desolation Dragon whose breath extinguishes life.

The Palid Mask – Strong Conjuration. Identify – Can be used as part of a ceremony to open a gate or portal to another place (place unknown).

We leave the trees and come across a massive cliff with a passage inwards. Opens up into a wooded valley. 200’ tall trees with thousands of elves around them. Refugees from the surrounding land.

Read the Carcosa Codex – This book details the great city of Carcosa and its inhabitants. Paints an ominous tome of what is coming up ahead. Continue only is you have no fear of the darkness. Carcosa is a City, a King and a World.

The elf tells his friends how mighty we are and is happy that we are willing to help. The next day he takes us to meet Larnafell.

Larafell wears a toga and has a headband floating above his head. Carries a hammer of black iron, containing the faces of an Angel and a monster. Larnafell is an Avatar of Hedrada the Lawgiver. Nearing the time of a great plan – sacrifice from the children of the Gods and the Gods themselves. Symbol will appear in the sky and will banish Carcosa. We must labour to create that which will aid the world should the gift ever fail.

Our task is to help clear the site of Taer-Bidari – Gethra is well on the way to completing this. She has been sent to talk to some inhabitants for a possible alliance. Build a temple in the shape of a great oak tree. Mnemona will then move the temple from the sight of Humankind. Mnemona was slain but has returned and is not the same. Not even the Gods themselves thought she could return but she has and is much changed, wiser and more contemplative – perhaps even distracted.

We are to help Gethra plant a seed in the right place. We must ensure she is safe. She is a small green skinned creature of the woods.

[Gethra we met but was hag-like and vastly aged. She gave us the seed that destroyed Bewcastle].

You must travel to the top of Taer-Bidari the volcano at the top.

[Reminder of the information we have on the Temple of Mnemona]

Welcome stranger to this great island – if you are no simple grave robber and the Lerenderath have guarded this place appropriately then your presence here comes at a grave time in your civilisation. You have our greatest sympathy. But with what we leave behind, we provide at least hope that all is not lost. We trust you now seek to reveal that which the gods originally provided by their great sacrifice. Here within lies a little information towards your goal though the true secret is available only to those that share an understanding of Geometry and the Gamatria. For as the numerologist told us – the path to understanding the will of the gods is through an appreciation of mathematics.

Know that we have built our temples in accordance with the will of Marakin himself whose guidance in the arts of stonemason have been among the gods greatest gifts. Our understanding of the Gamatria and geometry have been essential in deciding the locations of the temples and are essential for you to understand if you are to map the temple thrones to the imaginary plane required.

Know also that this map is only one of some. Others such as these temples exist though most more subtly woven into the fabric of the world than these great god inspired constructs. To be fully successful you must locate most if not all and anchor your sacrifice in the same way. Good luck and gods speed for your world will never be the same again.

When the temples have been mapped you must locate the temple of Mnemona – a temple that no living man has ever seen. This temple drifts as the anchor for the ethereal chains itself moves through your world and in doing so maps its movement. To see that which Mnemona left behind you must understand the nature of her gift of reunion. From this understanding a grave realization should befall you. A journey that one of you must surely make upon this island

Q. What is the nature of the artifact of the Gods once located on Mortarbi Island
A. The artifact of the Gods is a temple hidden from view that can only be accessed or considered by the dead.

Q. How can we locate the hidden temple that is the artifact of the gods?
A. Those that die on Mortarbi island – their souls remain here and they can view the temple as it drifts.

Q. What is the relevance of the constellation of the great bear in relation to the temples.
A. Once you have obtained the mapping of the temples to the orthogonal plane – you will see the constellation of the great bear – the temple of Mnemoa then drifts on that 2D plane. The location of the real world artifact of the gods can be found using an understanding of the mapping of the great bear onto the physical locations of the the world – mapping the drift of the temple of Mnemona allows you to map the real world location of the artifact of the Gods.

Gethra is seen flying away from a giants village at the top of the volcano. A cyclops throws a rock at her. Tor catches it.

She wanted the tribal forces to help fight the forces of Carcosa. The giants have a spirit shaman who has power over the other tribals in the area.

She has a crystal seed that needs to be planted into a cave near the front line. Celecia herself asked her to craft the seed and then block off the cave. She will create a great cave to ensure it will never be opened. The cave will feed the crystal and grow over 1000’s of years. It then can be used to create a sun.

We agree to send in Teghan to scout out the leader and see if there is anything influencing him.

Chapter 43 - A new Direction

A troglodyte approaches us as we discuss things with Master Carillo . It reads from a scroll and Teghan gains a glowing sigil on her chest.

A wall disintegrates and a huge ape appears in the room.

As we attempt to leave the troglodyte shouts up – Don’t think that Demogorgon will let you live. You will not rule over this land with Tiralandi at your side. We will hunt you down wherever you are.

They claim Balcuth is dead and Tyralandi is next and you will follow.

We eventually escape and check out the sigil on Teghans chest. It is the target for a teleport.

We discuss what we should do next.

1. Understand what occurred to create the sun
2. Understand how to create the great seal that locked away the darkness
Arduval the reborn had forged a great seal, giving his life to make it and had sealed away the darkness. The seal appeared to have been cracked when the volcano erupted and the insanity had been released.

We try and remove the sigil from Arbori but fail. Tor speaks to one of his ancestors to ask how it can best be removed. He is ancy about it and gives us no information.

We recover the body of Vaden Kiang and cast resurrection on him. He gets ansy and refuses to play with us. He eventually agrees to pass on to the Order of Dawn a message that the last Stormlord still lives, controls the castle at the end of the world and that our group wishes to one day restore the sun.

The locating beacon on Teghan shines and the followers of Demogorgon teleport in. Their huge apes cause massive damage but are dispatched and then the two other spellcasters flee.

Sending: Guru – Sparrowhawk would like to meet you and talk. Outside city at spot X. Midnight. Brother Wookie

Response: I’ll be passing through funeral way in a few hours time if you want to meet.

The library in Haalguard has been ransacked and the books burnt.

Meet with Guru – hundreds or possibly thousands of people enter Haalguard and burn the city. He knew that Master Carillo had been slain by Master Versice. When the mists descended the curse raised him up from his grave. He has walked within the darkness and feel unchanged except for the freedom that he now feels.

We decide to try and liberate Haalguard by attacking the master vampire to try and disrupt the advance of the shadow. We suceed in quickly driving off Master Lacivious but immediately encounter another master vampire with equal or even greater abilities.

Master Vampire Abilities
Suck damaging spells into himself
Sword impales and drains life
Sword stole CON
Sword cut through wall of force
Force effect – damage when you hit him
Dispelling armor spells on hit
(Suspected) – True Sight

Tor dies and we retreat, speculating that this master vampire was the boss of the Lacivious.

The next day we attempt a sending to Tzolo. We would like to purchase the location of the Library of Last Resort from you. Are you willing to trade? Sparrowhawk

A. I’ll send Magilor to take you there – where are you?

“The flying castle – East of Haalguard. When will Magilor arrive?”

A. It will take him about 3 weeks or he could meet you along the way

Sending to Master Versice “The threat from the great Shadow has returned. Can we meet to discuss”

A. Meet today outside city.

Scout the city – the city is burning in the NW. The shadow has stopped just short of the keep.

Representatives from the various cabals, clans and guilds that used to rule the city.

They have a large number of resources but they are not a large martial force and have no resources or plans that would help fight off the shadow.

They have tried to speak to Lacivious but he has a complete disregard for any semblance of humanity. He is not more just a force.

They are not willing to fight or draw the line anywhere. They are more afraid of loosing their free will to the Shadow. They are prepared to abandon Haalguard.

Go to the temple of Kord.

The priesthood of Pellor is cursed with misfortune. Tales of them all dying.
City is descending into Chaos.

Advertise our philosophy – Bring people in who believe in the same things. Appoint them to posts appropriate to the Leadership feat.

  • Justice and a fair society
  • The restoration of order
  • A new beginning
  • A safer place to exist than a city surrounded by darkness
  • Fresh food and water

We introduce some magical vetting and establish a cohort and followers


15th lvl cohort

This takes a couple of weeks. We look for Bishop Orvill but he is nowhere to be found.

We try to locate Master Carillo using a locate person but determine that he is somewhere within the shadow.

We do some goodly works around the city including making magic items for the temple of Kord and cleaning out the sewers.

The Uzrivoy arrives after 3 weeks and the boatman insists that we use it rather than take the flying castle. As Tzolo has never crossed us before we agree to the offer and to asking a question on her behalf. She is still considering what she would like to know.

We consecrate a temple within the cloud castle as a location for Brother Wookie to site his Word of Recall.

We travel for 2 weeks without incident when there is a sudden crashing sound that rouses us.

The front of the boat is gone – snapped off. We summon a whale and use waterbreathing. We get to the surface and see a huge ship, appearing to have just run us over.

Flagship of the Kings armarda – Flag White Castle above a sea with a ship on one side flanked by two prancing unicorns.

Sailors help our undead captain out of the water. They also appear to be some sort of undead.
Some of the crew are ghasts or wights.
Speak to Magalor who states that he didn’t see it coming.

Captain Jenson Wainright – 1st Sealord of the Kings Fleet. (Also undead).

Hunting down one of the Roviarian fleet – the Black Naga. It went into Bucastle and offloaded marines then fled. They have been following it but lost it in a storm.

Hanged man – swinging but still wriggling.

Attack was just a few hours ago.

The captain and crew do not appear to have any knowledge that they are undead.

On exploring we discover that the lower decks are full of the black mist. There are tapestries attached to the sails that contain a flight of griffins.

There is magic all over the boat. Partly keeping it afloat and protecting it.

The captain offers us jobs and we immediately plan a mutiny. We remember that the sentient undead we met last time that had been affected by the shadow had it inside them and so decided to do something about it. We clear the decks with a positive energy burst and take on the crew.

Sparrowhawk has the Captain grappled and pinned.

Teghans action next.

Chapter 42 - The End of the World (has just happened)

We consider possible ways forward:-

Lover of DemoGorgon
Fill the giant castle with minions
Check out the cities of the empire
Check out the tidal wave cities (Pyramid)
Seek a seat on the Vampire Council in Halgaard
Where did the Tear relic end up
Check out caves of light
Visit the library of Last Resort and see the event when the goddess became the sun (ie how it was created).

We hear that the brightest stars have fallen to earth with cataclysmic effects. There are only small stars left

We travel for 3 months in the castle towards civilization. Attacked by a female wailing undead. She said that Orcus wanted his Crown and Castle back.

Thalibar – City of many magic items.
Little food available – just mushroom based mush. Just enough to go around but guarded jealously. Tidal waves from starfall in the water.

The Augmented army is present here.

We send a message to Amigan saying that Tor is now the Storm Lord and controls the keep. We receive a reply from an unknown person.
“Sorry previous owner dead – really dead. Now serving another.”

We fly the castle back to the Kings realm and Haalguard. Place the castle in cloud.
It is noted that the Baron’s fort is now glowing for 400’ around it.

Sending to Master Monk – “We are now in the vicinity of Haalguard – where can we meet?”
“We should meet in Three Hills at the Queens Crown Inn”. Part of Haalguard.

Scout out this area and building. Continual lights flicker but are sparse in this region of the city. Teghan spots a person being dragged into a building and takes a closer look. They are feeding on this person (blood drinking). They appear to be vampires.

Old Order is no more – Master Versice no longer trains. The Temple of the Winding Way has also gone. They have moved to Haalguard. He is also a Vampire now.

Our discussion with Master Versice: We were once shunned by society. We now have an opportunity to reverse that. There is an imperceptible mist over the graveyard in the north which creates undead which attack the city – not under their control. Their longer term goal to rule a civilization. They will help to protect the city, aim to crush the will of the people – the people need to understand that the Council can protect them but they will remake the city in our image. Other vampire spawn created by the mist.

Necrotic curse roams the land. Rises all over the continent. City is running out of food. Priests of Kord providing what they can.
Currently fourteen vampires form the council.

We decide that Sparrowhawk joining the Council makes sense so that we can learn what is happening.

We meet again and agree – he asks us to destroy the nest of Vampires that is roaming wild and creating spawn. The Council say Sparrowhawk will have to keep the family under control.

We approach the mansion house – apparently the black mist does not cover this area. As we scout it out a large number of undead horsemen ride by.

We talk to the lead rider – He says Lacivious will feast upon our family. We kick off.

Thrithane Revalvi – she tries to talk her way out of a fight by saying she will destroy the existing vampires – we attack anyway. It is later noted she has an extra eye on a stalk.

Tor is invited to engage in the feast by Lacivious – it consists of parts of children and blood. He is mentally overpowered and engages with the feast.

Lacivious claims he serves darker beasts than the council – closer to the time before the Gods.
From no-where he summons an ornate longsword and ornate (ancient) metal shield.

He proves to be a mighty opponent – a Vampire Lord powered by something other than just negative energy. We fight him off but have to retreat multiple times. We formulate a plan involving an Antimagic shell and then go back in. We barely beat him off, destroying several of his followers.

3 Scrolls
Greater Dispell Magic (12th) Flesh to Stone Prismatic Spray
2 * Dwarven Urgrosh (+2)
+2 Unholy Heavy Mace
Wand of Cure Moderate (12)
Scroll Flamestrike
Scroll Raise Dead
Potion of Invisibility
Spellbook –
Greatsword +1


Sending to Master Versice – Arrange to meet immediately.
Perhaps he is working with the Demons and possibly with the Elder Mists.

Allies used to be – Demonic forces including Demogorgon and Orcus.

Demogorgon – Given Lanercast – Large City. His forces are trying to batter down the city walls

Major cities will be given to the Vampire Councils. Councils exist in all cities including Bucastle.

The Thalimbarians have stayed in Thalimbar and seek to rule their own lands.

Their plan is to create smaller suns with a local permanent effect. Above Welloon – where the great temples to Pelor there will be small suns to grow crops and feed the people.

Medium term – those who have wealth will come inside the city walls including new Welloon. Already a vast amount of gold has been pulled into the town. There are a number of these locations around the world including Walsingham. People were removed from the land by legal means (disease etc) and bought up.

Everywhere outside the great cities where the suns do not shine will be given over to Orcus to create a wasteland.

During the initial assault many demonic and diabolic princes were lost in breaking the chains. Other personalities have stayed in Discordant. Demonic numbers in our lands are not great.

Shepherds of the Root – Opposed to the fast breeding humanoid races – They considered the removal of the greenskins to be more important than the preservation of the land.

Bucastle still glows with Daylight.

Caves of Light – One in Welloon – great reserves of food. Ready for transport to Haalguard. Ancient food hall given to them by Tzolo. They know of the one near Walsingham and are extremely interested in.

In private – Teghan & Sparrowhawk. Creating suns requires free willed sacrifice of High Priests of Pelor and Aurora.

Who is arrayed against the Council?
Priests of Kord – spend their resources feeding the population. They can feed a small army with items and artifacts. The Bright Lady – relation of the old baron who the Council have been sponsoring. It is important that the people have someone to believe in.

Demons should not be in Haalguard and should be killed on sight as demons meddle and have places they have been allocated. They should be sent a message if found elsewhere.

Sansom Thatch is working with us to secure Bishop Orvill to sacrifice himself. He also secured the resources to create the temples and to create the sun.

Great pearls from the sea used to house the sacrificial light.

Chapter 41 - Capturing the Cloud Castle

We try to scout the castle but the winds make it difficult. Teghan scouts around the castle but its position makes this very difficult.

Tor recounts his last visit here – Tor Dreams with Toreth and then recounts the vision he had upon arriving back at this place – Tor arrives at the Storm Lord’s Keep

We plan an attack and then launch ourselves at a corner tower under cover of a darkness spell. Tor carries two up while the others spider climb. Brother Wookie turns the giant on the wall to dust and we proceed down a set of stairs.

We clear two further undead giants and then climb the forward towers. The demons run from us and the undead giants appear to have fallen back.

We engage several more giants and dispatch them with holy turning.

We travel up half a mile up a set of stairs. We are attacked by a huge undead roc and a skeletal giant. We dispatch the roc with a turn and the giant by hacking it down.

200’ circular tower and 100’ in diameter.takes us 7 hours to reach this point.

There is a force wall covering the top and a force portcullis over the entrance.
Turn to mist and find a lever that lifts the portcullis. Remains of both giants and demons in every room – massive battle.

Room 1 – Guard barracks. Minor personal items.
Room 2 – Table with chairs – food and provisions.
Room 3 – Similar battle scene. Beds.

Stairs up.

Hole in the middle of the rooms.

Floor 2 – Roaring flame in the gap. One huge room at this level. Workbenches. Mithril ore is adsorbed into the tapestry. Along with Adamantium ore.

66000GP Mithil Ore
15000GP Adamantium ore

On the third level we discover a gargantuan white dragon with its flesh melted off. The flesh rears up and attacks us. It has a horrid stench.

Wookie invokes positive energy that has more effect against Sparrowhawk than the undead flesh creature. It engulfs people are starts to dissolve their flesh.

Teghan was infected by a disease which killed her when she fell.

2 Greatswords +2
2 Suits Mithril platemail (Huge)

Skeleton of a dragon

This level appeared to have hosted a gargantuan white dragon.

Stairs up.

3 door level. Floor is almost completely empty but there are signs of battle.

Dome of force over the top. Large piles of boulders.

Sagramore fell to massive damage and was also resurrected.

Tor calls on the smith giant in the morning.
Doesn’t know why the mithril is glowing.
extent of the Storms Lords Keep – Great Gate through the lightning stairs through to the lower keep to Stars watch is the keep is in the right place. If you want it to the keep will drift back to the stairs.
Can will the castle to move and it will.

Gifts given by calling on the master of the forge.
Forging skills and can forge items from the book of love. Cost reduction for giant items. Normal price for other peoples items.

In the upper fort there is a peaceful scene of gardens, statues and fountains broken by signs of battle and carnage. A circle of stones let rip with blasts of lightning that also cause sonic damage. We investigate a temple in the middle of the area, getting hit by bolts on a regular basis.
within is a skeletal figure carrying a rod and a scythe. Looks into a massive chamber with 20’ wide pillars – 1000’s of dead demons and giants. Gargantuan golden chain connected to floor and pillars around it. At the end there is a broken link floating in space.

The liche says he hopes we are here to see what catastrophe we have unleashed on your world. Orcus was here just before you arrived – he was preparing the defenses. Liche is called Vanyan.

The liche hides behind a barrier that wards against the living. Two skeletal giants and several demon archers protect the room. The giants fall to the holy power of Pellor.

Within the temple there is a pedestal with an image within it of the area outside. 800’ cavernous chamber, 20’ wide pillars spread 40’ apart. Beyond the end is black emptiness of space. Colossal golden chain floating off into space. Connected to the pillars via smaller golden chains. At its end is a broken chain. Among the dead are hundreds of demons plus several dozen giants and a small number of angel beings.

6 Gargantuan Greatswords +2

Breastplate +3
Scythe +2 Keen Unholy
Ring +2 Protection
Scrolls Invis Purge, Meld into stone, Repulsion, Spell Resistance.
Periapt – Wisdom +2

Arbori tells us that she has a tale to tell about Kyuss – High priest of Orcus.

Hall of Thunder – Marble floor, paintings of mountain scenes. Huge head of the last Storm Lord with tendrils coming from it. It regularly regenerates itself by crushing the heads of devoured victims. It bites the head off Sagramor, then raises him as a horrible undead with a long tongue.

It kills Tor with a spell and we flee and rest overnight – raising the dead in the morning.

We spell up and lead in with a swarm of lantern archons. Sparrowhawk finishes it off with some holy water.

We are told of Kyuss by Arbori who has completed her research. Research Surrounding Kyuss

Travel for 2 weeks towards Star Watch.

Message from Master Versice – Halguard is under a new master and there is a seat available at the top table. We need to talk.

Teghan – Message from Gethra – Do you still have the Pelor Priest – Keep him safe there are but a few left.

We reach Stars Watch at the base of the 4 mile stair. The door that opened onto nothing now connected to the stairwell. We climb to the top and find we are on the top of the world – almost in space. Discordant stretches to the south. The sun looks impossibly small. As some days pass the sun passes away.

Chapter 40 - Attack on the Marililth

We assaulted the Marililth and her minions, killing 6 Hererou demons while a Succubus and a hook demon escaped. Tor performed some mighty heroics and he and Sagramor killed the Marililth before Tor fell to his wounds.

Rescue the Wookie (again). He remembers escaping the demon attack and then sleeping at Sansom Thatch’s house then woke up here. Everything else is clouded.

Discussed the artifact with the Lich. He said that the Barabou (hook head) demon had knowledge of it. The lich removes the undead from the isle by claiming them for himself.

Travel to Vanthus’s isle. Appears to once have been a wardens office. No sign of the Barabou or the succubus. The bridge shows tracks of one bipedal creature having passed over.

Using a True Sight we explore the rest of the prison.

The succubus has joined Sha-shara and tries to take Brother Wookie from us. The Vrock demons unleash their dance on us and we are all damaged. We manage to fly the Wookie over the chasm.

The Sucubus stole Tor’s axe and dropped it into the lava.
Small recompense for the death of Keriexa – I will send it to the same grave that he is in. [Who is this???]

While we were away our King killed their Sultan and now our lands are at war.

There has been a catastrophic tsunami (caused by the Pyramid being raised?)

We rest and then use the Storm Lords Crown to teleport to the Castle. Huge mithral doors bar enterence. We discuss looting them and leaving.

Two massive mithril constructs lie fallen outside. Walls of marble. Skeleton storm giants with Mithril breast plates and gargantuan great swords guard the walls.

Tor had a vision just as we teleported in (Tor arrives at the Storm Lord’s Keep) and we decided to retreat until we had a plan.

Sparrowhawk flies over the castle in mist form to scout the castle.

Chapter 39 - Assulting the Prison

Teghan goes scouting over the bridge and has her face torn off and stretched over a framework.

Tor turns into a roper and when she attacks him turns strength drains her into the ground.

After some powerful magic Teghan admits that she put her face against the machinery and had it ripped off. We cast a restoration and regeneration to restore Teghan.

We cast an anti-magic shell and proceed past the iron totem with the spikes.

Much of the entrance to the building is dusty and doors have been broken open in the past.

Come across two trumpet arcons – who follow Seriah. They think we follow the Lich. Dinell & Ouza.
We agree an audience with Sereya and some of the party. Seriah is an angel with stumps where wings have been torn off. They came years/decades ago to chase a demon who was corrupting a merchant. He has his own plans for Cubulax. He hopes to torture the demon.

Dread Wraiths, Great Shadows, dozens of Spectres under the control of Orgosh. He was an original warden and helped create some of the magical protections of the prison. We offer to restore his wings but he says that he might do this after he has tortured Cubalaxe. He is broken mentally as well as physically.

Offers to allow us to stay in his chamber and for Sparrowhawk and Teghan to stay in the chamber outside.

If we wish to attack Cubalaxe then he will send an angel to aid us.

We explore in the direction of the filth demons.

Lillith has the Wookie – She feels she was betrayed by someone during an assassination. The cultists of demogorgon captured her and handed her over and he put her here.

Some minions – a babarou rogue (gaunt dark skinned demon with sharp teeth, talons and a hook on the back of its head. Plus a succubus. She plans to take control of all the demons and undead and then move against Grast’s son – Athuse and his army. She could be bargained with.

She can move around the island at will because she is so powerful. Terexia would have been listening in and so she would already know our plans.

Matricide – killing items that you sleep on
plus a long long list of others……
Ironside – killing people in a wheelchair

Lillith needs your friend to keep Vanthus in check and she needs Vanthus to remove Orgosh.

Vanthus has been promised Wookie if he takes out Orgosh – he cannot do this on his own and so he is creating some undead.

He stays here through fear and wisdom. He knows of Demogorgons plans and things about him. Info on this polace – who used to live here and where she has gone. He will destroy our world as he did Discordant. He knows of his weaknesses. Someone who understands him better than any – and will be useful when we face him.

The death of the lich (Orgosh) would not drop the wards but would give access to something that would allow the demons to escape.

Shav-i-a-mor-ay the succubus who Demogorgon was most enamoured with – she is in a prison. She knows all and is willing to tell all.

Vanthus is on the island. Can fly across but gargoyles will attack. He is a mighty warrior and draws undead to his side.

We can summon the great drake that resides in the lava. Any large disturbance will cause it to wake and come out. However this would be a desperate measure.

The death knight has been tasked with bringing wookie here and keeping him safe.
He claims that Orgosh’s minions have already been neutralised by him and now would be a good time to attack him.

After some small amount of bimbling we decide to attack.

We immediately lock Vanthus down by grappling him despite a beating from a number of dread wraiths fly off with his corpse; however Tor is possessed and flies over and steals the corpse.

On the way back two gargoyles attack. They drain levels with their gaze and are able to link to an person and share any damage with an opponent. Tor comes to his senses (presumably after transferring Vanthus spirit to a Dread Wraith) and then flies back with the body.

Mithril Breastplate
Flaming Longsword
Flaming Sickle

A number of the party took wounds from the undead that would not heal. We ask the angels and discover the damage can be healed in a holy area. However he cannot remember which spell exactly is needed.

We return to Orgosh with the corpse of Vanthus. Sham-i-a-more-a is in the Well of Darkness. She committed some treachery against Demogorgon. A place of legend. Mal-kan-thay usurped Sham-i-a-more-a. Orgosh was responsible for placing some of the wards and protections in this place because Demogorgon has his soul.

Orgosh offers to take us to the Well of Darkness anytime we wish. It is a place of legend. He wishes the destruction of Demogorgon. Our paths lead in the same direction.

She has a number of Hezeru demons. and will only have shown us exactly what she wants us to see. Whatever plan we have to rescue our brother we should have other options. If she believes we are weak she may underestimate us.

Chapter 38 - Between a Vrock and a hard place

The island we are exploring has been split in two by a massive eruption. The prison appears to have had something break out of it in the past but not recently. Within is a chasm, hundreds of meters deep. A wall of bones lies across one corner and Vrok demons fly out from behind it.

An eruption outside in the centre of the island spews out sulphur and a plume of lava into the air. The air outside the building becomes choking with Sulphur and ash.

The building itself is made of stone. It is 700’ long and is lined with a metal.

Behind the bone wall there is a village where the guards appear to live. On the far side other demons guard creatures in cages.

Tiefling mage/thief started dispelling our spells. We engaged her and did nothing to her. She said she knows why we are here and does not intend to make it easy for us.

Quill casts a floating wizard eye and explores the cage area. Sparrowhawk protects him while he does this.

The cages are suspended from the ceiling on chains. All are connected together by chains. A number of brute-like lizard creatures guard along with a strange demon with crab claws.

60 small cages (20’ square) and 3 large cages holding a Balor and an angelic figure.

5 to 10 guards in total plus the boss.

4 Statues of demons.

We scout outside and see flying demons far overhead and gargoyle like creatures overlooking the bridges.

Inside we decide to talk to the demons on the other side of the bone wall. The golum is sent to bring Teghan over.

Fiend introduces herself. She is She-shara. Teghan introduces herself as Queen of the Realm of Incipidus. She is a minion of Demogorgan. She is here to capture a Priest who wields an artifact.

Demogorgan is coming to our world and he has taken a special interest in our world.

She has been asked to retrieve the priest in order to wield the artifact. If we find him before she does then please hand him over.

Cul-u-bal-axe warden – been playing too much. Squeezing the life out of them in many different ways. Particularly strong quake a while ago and a number of creatures escaped. Some prisoners have taken up places around the island.

Not many guards left – the prisoners took revenge. Thus the Wookie has not been taken straight to her.

Teghan trys to offer her the artifact in return for the Wookie. She refuses.

She believes that Teghan will be held here because of the strength of the Demonic blood. She offers to put in a good word with Demogorgon in return for the Wookie.

She tells us that the Wookie is on the other side of the island and she hopes that we will be able to cut through the beasts of the island.

We decide to attack the prison as a distraction while Teghan frees the Angel. The Angel cowers in a corner of its cell even when freed.

We killed 6 of the guards but 6 more closed on us. At this point we withdraw.

We explore the crevice which leads down to a seawater filled area. Underwater there are no exits. We sleep on our folding boat but are woken by the Demon woman demanding payment for resting where she can annoy us.

She returns and Tor offers to tell her future. He reads the runes.

“What will happen if you harass us all night”

  • Good fortune and luck will happen if you choose a different approach
  • If you continue to harass us it will lead to destruction
  • Not the will of the gods if you choose to harass us

We try to sleep just outside but are disturbed by the volcano erupting. We move inside but but are attacked by the Demon woman and her minions.

Fed up with all of this we decide to attack the Demons beyond the wall.
We lost the fight and two of the party died. Two of them (one still alive) were carried off by the golum and Sparrowhawk dies trying to rescue them. The others were beat into the ground.

Teghan negotiated with the Demon

Other People in the other part of the prison

  • Belshemoth – Shetor Demodan – Large pile of demonic detritus
  • Lilliel – Maralith – General in the army of Grast
  • Orgosh – Tiny malformed Lich. Either an original guard or one of the first prisoners
  • Sariah – Angelic being. Fled when the quake happened after being tortured

Our brother brought here by Vanthus – A Death Knight
Plus his followers. His followers were slaign by the Demon woman and Culubalaxe

She was a guard and speaks to Demogorgon via a statue. He has promised her that if she gets Brother Wookie then she will be freed.

Chapter 37 - A New Day, A New Direction

We approach the gates of the city and prepare to be ambushed. A person approaches and hands over a letter which has had the seal broken. The ambush is launched but we get away before the were-bear can capture Quill.

We get a message from Arbori saying that she was progressing and had some help from an old man who was being particularly helpful.

A message arrives from Tzolo and she says that she had given Sparrowhawk eternal life and this is how he repayed her. He was now lost to her. He replied saying that his offer had been honest but if that was her decsion then so be it.

Quill scries Brother Wookie and sees him tied up on a ship. He is being guarded by minions and 1 humanoid Vanthus – Demonic wings, black metal armour, Flaming 1H weapons, Goat skull motif on the breastplate (Symbol of Orcus). Face or mask was a skull.

Divideads Ire – A prison in Discordent that is somewhere people don’t go.

We get a message a message from Arbori saying she has someinformation on the Black Pyramid and we might like to go and talk to her.

Teghan teleports off to Arbori and spends the night with her. She met the old man in the library and he was taken with her flaming hair. He has taken a shine to her and taken her to keepers of oral lore who hold most of the information regarding Thalimbar. She hands over some information.

She has mentioned the Carcosa codex to Abas Samir bin Abib and he is interested in reading it.

Powerful divination – Wookie is on a boat in the gaping Maw in Discordant (a body of water). There is an island in the Gaping Maw called Abysm. Ruled by Demigorgon – Two gigantic towers in the centre of his realm.
Ship is trying to pass this area on its way to Dividens Ire – Another island in Gaping Maw. Tropical island split in half by volcanic eruption.

Sending to Bishop Orvil but he doesn’t reply.

We discover that Wookie is concious but he appears to be drugged.

We plane shift to Incipidus and speak to the butler. He tells us that Balcuth has been flying around here and ensuring that everyone knows that Teghan rules here.

We explore the perameters of using the powers of the realm – we discover that they are limited to the bounds of this realm.

Arbori sends to us – Abas Samir bin Abib has a brother who knows about Dividens Ire.

Original Ancient Gods
Nemona – Lover, Keeping the memory alive
Getha Main – HE pursuaded the gods to leave. Great warrior. Fought in the great battle. Architecture, weapons and armour.
Selecia (Great Shepess)
Shalack – Sea
Marukin –
Auara – Light and Love

Valarian – The Herder. Believes all creatures have a right to life. Higher creatures have a responsibility to aid the lesser creatures. He was killed by the first great evil (first victim of the great black plague).

Tor receives a crown in his communication bag. Testing confirms it is an artefact.

He then receives a head of a Storm Giant complete with some crumpled notes.

During the night we are attacked. Two dark skinned sand giants.

They were carrying one of our wanted posters which have allegedly already reached Thalimbar. We check out the story in the marketplace looking for wanted posters. There are none there – making us believe he is lying. He claims he was given the poster by a woman who had a stack of them..

We cast analyse dweomer on the Storm Giants Crown.

Artifact – Storm Lords Crown
Wearer may move Storm Lords Keep
Wearer has DR/30 Electrical
Cast Storm of Vengeance 1/day (PHB p287)
10d10 Lightning ball 10’ radius 1/10mins
Alter weather around keep
Teleport to keep 1/day to keep gates
Race required Giant(Good)
Needs attunement over time.

5225 Gold from selling items.

Legend Lore on the crown: “Given to Fyorgin Heimdall, last of the Storm Lords, killed in battle against Demogorgon himself. The wearer of the crown yields command of the Storm Lords Keep to the wearer if the blood line matches the faithful. The stronger the line of blood to the Storm Lords, the greater the Keep will yield to the will of the Crown. A bastion against devil and demon it’s fall was long yearned for. The greatest symbol against their imprisonment and a rallying cry for all of Discordant. Who will now dare to tread in those once hallowed hall?”.

Legend Lore on the Giants head: “Gulveig Algron, the scribe to Fyorgin Heimdall. Like father and father before, his line chronicled the history of the Storm Lords Keep. Small for his kind and born deformed, his body twisted and wracked with pains. He was the last to live within the Storm Lords Keep and died as he lived, in regret at his physical weaknesses. He died with the pen in hand and not the sword, against a long held promise he made to himself for in the end terror gripped his soul and his death unglorious.”

Cast Speak with Dead on the Giant Head
When was the Storms Lords Keep last move
3 Days before my death.

Describe the forces arayed against you at the point of your death
Huge demon – 4 arms 2 heads and great talons. I died alone.

Who is Stars Watch reached
A great climb up stairs beyond the clouds

Where was the keep when you died?
The keep was moved to where the fighting was greatest. To where the need was large. It was moved 800 miles NE of Stars Watch.

Which demon’s domains boarder the pass you guarded?
Grast owned the pass beneath the mountains on the southern side – he is the dark price.

How long will it take for Tor to attune himself to the crown.
A small number of days or not at all depending on how you want to use the crown.

Cast Speak with dead on the dead giant mercenary
How did you find us?
Sexy lady told us where to go

What did you do for a living
Killed a lot of people

What proof of our death did you intend to present
The entire body

Describe the sexy lady
Typical Thalimbarian, raven black hair, piercing green eyes.

Where were you to meet her afterwards
No plan to meet anyone- take bodies back and get rich.

We discuss the journey to Dividens Ire. Abas Samir bin Abib agrees to exchange knowledge of the end of the world and a trip to the giants in exchange for a trip to find the Wookie. This also fulfils the last request of the giants to ensure their tale is told.

We plane shift to the prison plane and travel on a flying carpet to the prison itself.

Attacked by demonic creatures.

Chapter 36 - Looking for A Direction

Following a mysterious day of shopping we progress to the ambush.

They try and talk us into giving up while some other unknown force persuades Teghan to kick off.

One person turns into a bear and another grows huge. One outside appears to summon a gargantuan elemental when struck and casts disruption on his weapon.

They locked several of us here by casting a spell preventing us from teleporting away.

One of the people attacking us is a mind flayer (visible only using true sight).
One of the people is extremely good – so good that it will effect evil creatures.

Arbiters of Justice can turn people into a gold statue – very hard to remove this effect. Statue taken back into the Kings Gallery and put on display.

Generally we lose and people are captured and Sparrowhawk escapes but once they have Teghan they take her and leave.

We try and scry Teghan but all attempts are blocked.

Rather than choose our destiny we decide to cast the runes.
Q. “If we do not act immediately what will be the fate of Teghan”.

The Gods will be deeply offended by us doing nothing.
If we do nothing then secrets we would otherwise learn we will never learn.
There is another path but we would have to have the conviction to take it.
If we do nothing then her fate will be assured.
Doing nothing will be healthy for the family. {Dubious interpretation}

Tor uses a wish to get Teghan back and she is immediately returned.

At this point Tor was overcome with a true vision……..
Tor saw the statue of Teghan put on a funeral pyre that was lit and the statue melted. Teghan was destroyed – but after a few days she rose from the ashes but this seemed to trigger great shadows and the world being cast into darkness.

When you are pondering the knowledge you will loose Tor sees himself under a pool of water while the knowledge of the world is being absorbed into him. When he gets up he seems surrounded by a circle of alien giant creatures the same as those that came from another plane.

We cast spells to determine the nature of the effect on Teghan.
Judgement of Gold – Broken by successive applications of Remove Curse and Stone to Flesh.

We discuss the influences on Teghan and how we might remove them once she is ungolded.

Tyralandi appears. Vessel of immense power is interfering with their ability to do some archaeology.

[Side note – Isn’t this convenient – we were interrupted just as we discussed actually dealing with Teghan. Should we pay this goal more attention? We know what happened when Tor touched the Artefact of the Gods in Haalguard. Would this have a positive effect on Teghan?]

Necromantic force turning all our deep sea divers to undead. They are trying to recover the pyramid.

Teghan must not die before the end of the world. The end of the world must come first.

She asks us to deal with this but Sparrowhawk asks for a gesture before we do anything for her. She is unwilling to do this and so she tries to talk others into doing this for her.

We travel to the capital of Thalimbar and attempt to research something for Sagrimor.

Sagramor gets a message from the Wookie.
“Help Wheloon cathedral under attack, Its a massacre , demons warriors evil priests, we are being slaughtered.”

We teleport to the region and scout out the temple.
Red Forge Elite are in the fort.

We sneak into the main temple by the back passage. Inside we hear sounds of battle.

On the other side of the door is Orcus and Balcuth along with a vast awray of other evil creatures. On the good side are Samsun Thatch, Bishop Orvil and the Wookie.

There were several named demons along with the Dark Fey. We believe that there were also Shepard’s of the Root (Dark Druids) there as well.

Wookie feels that this place will fall and that we should recover the artefact before it does. The good guys are falling and being carried off by flying brain-like creatures with beaks while the demons are being replaced via the portal in the ceiling.

There were 4 significant demons in there including Balcuth and Orcus.

We evacuate the building but a marilynth follows us and tries to prevent us from escaping.

We line up to cast Shadow Walk but Samsun Thatch betrays us and breaks the line then teleports out taking just Brother Wookie with him. This leaves Tor, Sparrowhawk and

With the completion of the Cathedral they decided to mark it with a celebration. All the High Priests and Paladins were invited along with High Priests of other religions.

Local town militia were looking after the Fort but the Red Forge Elite were hired by Sansom Thatch who then turned on the good guys in the battle.

We agree to allow Bishop Orvil to talk to Sansum Thatch and travel to the night towards Samsom’s main residence. Samsum doesn’t like us and can be petulant so the Bishop wants to talk to him alone.

We leave the Bishop to do this and leave to rest.

We are attacked during the next day by two huge oozes and two fey creatures with armour welded to their skin and whirling blades around them. They kill two of the party with maximised blade barriers.

(M) Spiked Chain
(M) Armour Grafted onto him


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