The Journals of Sparrowhawk

Chapter 52 - Battling Demons

We enter into battle with an armoured pit fiend and several other demons.

The huge Pit Fiend was covered in an illusion. It was actually a smaller demon but still most unpleasant. It’s thick skin absorbed many of the blows that were successful.

Over time we wear it down and it flies off.

Filth demon Belshamoth is in a cage.

Talk to the angel and then the Filth Demon – A foul demon made from the corrupted form of a corrupted God. (An infernal). Probably just a smaller Balor.
He tells us he thinks this is improbable as even Demogorgon would not dare to engage with such powerful creatures.

We speak to the hook headed demon and it offers to take us to the box (artifact) it stole. We blag it with a fake offer and it takes us to the edge of a bridge where it threw it into the lava. It believes that the Dragon took it. (an assumption – it doesn’t say this specifically).

We summon a huge fire elemental and send it into the lava instructed to return with the artifact.. It doesn’t return.

We think about how to get into the lava.
Divination – How do we find and retrieve the artifact from this lake of lava.
For 2000 years this Dragon has sat on its horde. There is no reason to believe that an item dropped will be anything other than there. It cannot be bartered with as it died and lost its soul long ago.

We send Karma down into the lava. We send an earth elemental down the side of the lava lake to try and find caves. After a few minutes it comes back and tells us of a location 100’ down.

Karma goes down again and tries to sense the presence of the artifact. He casts a detect magic. He feels very calm in the vicinity of the tunnel.

Some low level abjuration has gone off. (A depleted alarm spell)

Karma discovers a cave that opens out into air in some way underground.

We return to Teghan who has lost the hook demon. It turns out she has some temporary resistance to the effect of the prison and is willing to come with us.

We teleport into the cave. In the cave is a Gigantic dragon sat upon a huge pile of treasure. It attacks soon after Teghan “scouts” near it.

It appears to be undead but breathes fire. The fire clings to those it hit. It attacks us and we send Teghan to recover the artifact while we distract it. It gazes at Sagramor and he stops moving.

We manage to hit it with an antimagic ray and beat it down. It flees going down the lava tunnel. We search the treasure pile for the Relic using Aura sight while also looting magic items.

It appears that the dragon had buried the artifact under a side passage by causing a landslide.

large drinking horn – emblazened with dragons
Skull of ancient reptile
Small jeweled skull
Clockwork songbird
Chain shirt
Prayer Beads
Morning star

We do a couple of minutes of looting while trying to think of a way to recover the artifact. Just as we come up with a way the dragon reappears.

Sparrowhawk turns to shadow – enters the box, turns into a rat, turns back to physical form, picks up the tear and then turns to shadow again and flies out carrying the artifact.

Meanwhile the party hold off the dragon and prepare to teleport away. Teghan is grabbed.
It holds Teghan in front of its mouth and breathes fire on most of the group (including her).

We retrieve Teghan using benign transportation and gather together to leave, We dimension door out and plane shift away then teleport to the Keep.

Back at base several people have thrown themselves off the keep (dead).

We do a sending to the Order of Dawn – We have recovered the item. If you have a location for another one please inform us.

Reply – Congratulations – We do not have any other details available at present.

We cast speak with dead on the people who fell from the castle.

Do you know what caused you to fall from the castle
Did you see what picked you up

We issue instructions that people not walk the walls unless they are in groups of 3.

Teghan gets a message – the pyramid await but I can’t keep it hidden from Demogorgon forever – please hurry.

We discuss this option as it raises the potential of raising a person to Godhood.

We agree with Teghan that we will come here on the basis that we make Wookie a God first and foremost.

We break for a short shopping trip.

We contact ‘Jabba’ and go to contact the demons to discuss Teghans ascension. Teleport to Esterville – an abandoned port.

The motley crew (demons, devils and tieflings) ‘man’ the only ship in port.
Jagsapor – Captain
Jabba – Human

Journey will take a week. There are chests of jewelry for Teghan in her quarters.

We exit on a volcanic island and are met by an honour guard.

The place is built for giants – Fire giants serve as guards. Huge black hounds are sitting in a huge room.

Banquet with Tyralandi and other honoured guests will be arriving.
This location is in the middle of the open seas and is very defensible. The location has been made with giants in mind. This used to be home to sea faring stone giants. Helfire Mountain. They opened a rift to discordant – veins from Discordant flow into the volcano here. It powers some of the weapon smithing. It also emboldens some of the natural abilities of fire giants. Going near the flames will burn even through magical resistances as this is fire from the pits of Hell.

Chapter 51 - Back to the Demodans Ire

On the Iron Duke traveling to Thalambar, the day after the attack by Demigorgon, so effort is put into removing the target on Teghan’s chest. We are still a couple of weeks away from Thalambar

We plan to teleport Sagramor and Arbori ahead to arrange the deal with messaging ahead we track down the magic carpet guy but he is not in Thalambar however for 7% (who would have thought that vampires haggle) he will find someone to deal with.

One of the gifts of the gods is probably Mithral.
We also have some magical inspection from the swenger, Teghan squeals and squirms her way out of it – ah boy we don’t trust her now.

Tor wants to return to the castle as other people might take it over, we plan to teleport and set teleport marker on the ship so we can return. The castle is still ours – they report a glow a long way to the north east in the direction of Bucastle

Tor talks with the master smith about the possibility of removing sparrowhawks mithral implants this might take some more work than we first thought. as Tor cannot read the instructions by Teghan is keen to help what could possibly go wrong! Sparrowhawk appears to be one tentacle short.

We consider what else needs to be done, we think knowing more about the Order of the Dawn would be useful – location of the sun, process to restore the sun and location of the chains, it was the Order of the Dawn that were supposed to keep this information safe.

Tor and Sparrowhawk investigate:
Orville and Samsunthatch – A quick visit to the cathedral in Wheloon to find him turns up little they suggest a lesser sun has been created in the east (north of Bucastle). Wheloon has now got a lot of fortified towers, humans appear to be in control. Move on to Samsunthatch’s a few undead on the road before arriving at the manor house. No one appears to have been here for some time. The damage to the interior suggests that our dream damage has carried over although not quite the same.

Sagramore and Karma
Head to the light – 400 miles north of Bucastle Small town with a cathederal to Pellor the town appears very well fortified town with elemental creatures guarding the walls humans farming outside. A shanty town has sprung up outside the town and stories abound that the refugees might go missing or be chased off so that rich can live here. The light in sky looks like a sun but is only two miles up moving closer feels good. Outside the area the evil undead still exist but make no inroads to the sunny day.

Send to Tiralandi to find the location of Hell Fire Mountain – she says meet Jabba in Esterville and he will take you.

Sparrowhawk feels the temptation to be free of the bounds that constrain him from drinking more freely?

Visit to Gilsand to sell some stuff and a mini shopping spree ensues.

We meet Elin Yari in an inn in Gilsand.

Vaden Kiang suggested the meeting to work out a post-darkness way forward. We introduce ourselves with respect to the prophecy, our Library / new Sun story, the temple of Mnemona and our connection with Amigan.

She never knew Amigan. She understands what needs to happen and it’s quite a lot. She is unsure why Sparrowhawk and Teghan would be interested in the return of the Sun.

The crystal is well hidden and well guarded. It would create the sacrifice of hundreds of the great and the good in the King’s land to create the new Sun. Or the sacrifice of a god. There is discussion on ascension to godhood. She has never heard of Gathra, we let her know about her extinction plan.

The crystal is called Beleg Maril Anor Ad Onen. The crystal must be taken to Starswatch and people must be give themselves freely, saying what and why they are giving themselves. Once the crystal is seeded the Sun will light and take its path. The chains bend to the will of those who bear artifacts of the gods. They are god touched and have been handed down through generations. Wielding these items allows one to command the chains. They may be mundane items but are known by their guardians.

Sparrowhawk thinks that the Castle is controlled by the Boreas giants and we have the lifetime of Tor to achieve what we need.

Do the items include the Tears of Aurora? Time to talk to Bishop Orville. The Wookie certainly carried it to Dividens Ire, but we lost track of it there.

The Order knows the location of a small number of these items. She doesn’t think we need all of the artifacts. Sparrowhawk indicates our willingness to fetch any that the Order doesn’t control.

The chains are in a number of places including the Stormlord’s keep. She suspects you need the artifacts to enter such places. They have four or five and she thinks this may be sufficient to hold the Sun. Some locations move and they used to be tracked using the constellations but that isn’t possible any more since many stars have fallen.

We tell her of the Golden Child, the Hunter and the Monk. She says the child has a constellation birthmark showing the location of a set of Golden Chains. The Order
succeeded in stopping the chains being severed there, King Artemis stopped another but it wasn’t enough to hold the Sun. She suspects the items aren’t keyed to a location.

She will return, contact the holders of the items and places. We can contact her with sending. We were invisible to her – probably while we were in the Library. Sagramor does some kind of detect and finds her to be Good as do most of her followers. They teleport away.

Recap: Discussion on Dividens Ire, the angel, She’Shara, Vanthus (Death Knight), Orgosh the Lich and the artifact. (Chapter 39). Shami-Amora is Demogorgan’s mistress who is trapped in the Well of Darkness and Orgosh can take us there. The Barabu demon escapes and knows where the artifact is.

To Do List:

  • Check out Bishop Orville via Sansom Thatch’s mansion.
  • Return to Dividens Ire, find Shami-Amora in the Well of Darkness and recover the Tears
  • Sell the boat

We return to the boat and talk to the Captain. He has been visited by a Balrog and a flock of demons looking for Teghan. He tells them we went to the Stormlord’s Keep and are coming back. They search the boat and leave. We find two teleport markers and try with standard dispels which aren’t powerful enough suggesting they were cast by the big D himself.

We arrange for the sale of the boat and receive 260,000 for it and the mithril parts that were once part of Sparrowhawk. After an epic shopping trip we plane shift to the prison dimension.

We attempt to gain entry via a door and are attacked by the Gargoyle like creatures who immediately drain the life of many of the party.

Walking inside Arbori, Tor and Teghan immediately throw themselves onto the pillar of flaying and have their faces ripped off.

Arbori then realizes she can cast antimagic shell.

Speak to Orgosh the malformed Lich
Beltaurious has been around and gathered up everyone and placed them in cells.

The new warden Beltaurious (an armored pit fiend) is no in charge.
The half fiend has left the complex.
Teghan plays in the Poo and discovers a grand ring (10k gold) with the name Shamiamoray engraved onto it.

We explore this area fully and then move on. On opening the door two Hezeru demon appears and attacks. We kill both of the demons and proceed to the area with the Chasm.
Some failed scouting later we discover Cubalex and three more hiding around a corner.

Cubalex and 9 Heraru are quickly dispatched.

He has

Magical Ring
Magical Ring
Magical Battle Axe (Huge) *2

Opening the next door we discover Beltaurious (pit fiend) guarding the way across the bridge and 6 green skinned demons flying nearby.

Chapter 50 - Dealing with the Weak Willed

Sagramor leaves for the upper level through a portal that closes with an invisible barrier. A death giant and two Carcosans enter and attack while a figure that appears to be Sagramor comes down and attacks Sparrowhawk.

Arbori struggles to breath while the other party members finish off Sagramor and the incoming monsters.

Sagramor was wearing one of the glass crowns. Sparrowhawk picks it up and rummages out the other one from storage.

We activate the Lich’s staff blindly and create a light spell similar to the one we saw him use on the caged elves.

We regenerate Arbori who had part of her brain removed.

Further experimentation proves the staff is unlikely to let us through the portal. Teghan tries to activate the portal and succeeds but is only able to pass through on her own.

Teghan tries to steal the crown but fails. Sagramor chases her around the room.

We are blasted down below right through a prismatic sphere before we try opening the portal and going through. Unfortunately as before only Teghan passes through and has to quickly flee.

We lift Sagramor from unconsciousness but he is still under the influence of the Lich.

Wookie takes a look outside and sees that the area is surrounded by elves that had been in the cages.

We teleport out of the way and are forced into the cages.

We attempt to leave but discover a host of mummies in armour in front of the door. Some mighty magics fell them but the door is blocked with yet another wall of force.

Over a hundred creatures gather in the corridor behind us and things look really really bad. Tor uses the last of his wishes from a ring to teleport us all into the chamber with the Lich/Sagramor. Sagramor duplicates himself but the duplicate is quickly felled.

The remaining Sagramor fells Sparrowhawk who drifts away. He then takes massive damage from Tor but ignores it all. Teghan manages to cause him some light wounds.

Wookie casts an antimagic field and Sparrowhawk stands up having regenerated a little.

Sagramor tries to leave but the dimensional anchor Tor cast prevents him from escaping.

A host of undead and Death Giants come through the portal. A cataclysmic battle ensues and ultimately Sagramor, devoid of his magic falls to Sparrowhawks claws.
Tor recovers Arbori’s body but falls to blows.

Seeing the desperation once again Wookie cast a miracle and asks Pelor to take them all out of the pyramid, sacrificing part of himself in the process.

The group decide to finish off the pyramid by going back and activating the light sources. We are attacked on the way and the Lich takes over weak willed Tor who attacks Sparrowhawk while demanding the crown returned. Tor is felled by Sparrowhawk and the other alien creatures run away. The rest of the group fly off using a wind walk towards the pyramid and Sparrowhawk and Tor remain, with the hope that the Liche is trapped within Tor’s unconscious body.

On arriving back at the pyramid they collect two of the light sources but the pyramid rises from the ground and moves towards them. The pyramid goes all “Death Star” and shoots a beam destroying the pillar. The top of the pyramid becomes transparent and Sparrowhawk is sat on the throne controlling it. One of the lights is shone at Sparrowhawk who is damaged but not destroyed.

The mists arrive and the scene is reset.

We have made the assumption that the light sources were present at the pyramid in order to contain the black mist while the pyramid was filled with it in order to power it.

{ Information gained from wearing the glass crown }

{ Legend Lore on Light Sources containing the great shadow }

Final note from the experience…. when Sparrowhawk was finally overcome

Independent entity within the crown that gives the wearer extra abilities. The black mist also overcame him when within the pyramid and freed him from all restraints.

A new day and a new place…….

We appear looking into a crystal ball. We are in a capital city on a hill, looking down on a city below. We are in different locations but being projected into the same room. Amigan is real and in the city room.

Master Theobald Silverforge.
Karanor albani of the Kings guard
Thalambarian Ali Al Samani
Ulfrek Valgalor – Giant
Also a number of empty chairs – 4 others missing

Also Kerwin introduced as volunteer to look after second group.

Thalibarian arrives late and seems distracted.

Asked here – update on groups gathering together. One will fulfil the prophecy. The other two are decoys to draw the attention of the dark forces.

Main Group
Experienced people
Toreth – Storm Lords Keep

The Decoys
Tor – Stunted younger brother
Teghan – Orphan teifling – provided Kerwin can calm her wayward tendencies
Sagramor – Inducted into the church of Mithras to complete the illusion of the hidden mind of the ……
Wookie – orphan of a boarder raid- Pelor
Sparrowhawk – Mother slain by Lycanthrope. Amigan knows his father
Unbeliever is not chosen yet.
Arbori – burned down orphanage. Close to being burned as a witch. Smuggled to the church of Auroa.

Trian – Tegans twin sister saved during the same raid

Theobald Silverforge is sceptical and not overly interested. Amigan has been working with sages and has cast runes with the giants and believes that these groups will allow the prophecy to be fulfilled.

Silverforge doesn’t believe in the runes. He also doesn’t believe in the prophecy itself because there are different versions due to translation. He also doesn’t believe the groups were put together properly.

Amigan thinks that the Gods believe that we should help ourselves but the prophecy may be fulfilled by more natural means.

Ali Al Samani – Will it be beneficial? The prophecy only says that they will have a choice.

Santalimous of the Hidden Eye – Many prophecy, many of which came true but some didn’t. He penned this one but he never detailed this in a book but instead he wrote it in the inside of his tomb and his body was removed.

Prophecy – At a certain point in time when there is a decision to make over what the Gods gave us. This group will make the decision for good or ill.

The gifts that the Gods gave us are there to allow us to recreate the sun. Only a few know of these and it is Amigan’s job to ensure that this knowledge is not lost.

Rumours will be planted about the decoy groups to make them seem important.

We find ourselves back on the Island with our ghost ship.

Possible locations of the Caves of Light

  • On the west coast – Owned by the greenskins
  • In the north – Owned by the Shepards of the Root
  • In the far north-east – Once owned by the Vampire but traded away
  • In the prison?
  • One under Bucastle?
  • One owned by elves?
  • One owned by dwarves?

We clear the ship of black mist using powerful light spells.

We recover several chests from the bay where the captain threw them overboard. They contained a small amount of valuable items. Cannons recovered from underwater and placed in the Tapestry.

The captain confirms that we were away for a couple of weeks.

Message from Tirlandi – Everything is ready for your ascension. I have gifts fit for your coronation.
She asks where Tirilandi is.

We decide to sail to Thalimbar and sell the Iron Duke.

Tirilandi offers to send an escort but Teghan after some conversation with the family tells her that she wants to make her own way. She says to meet her at Hellfire mountain.

We try sending to Bishop Orvil to see how he is but get no reply.

Vadan Kiang – Erin Yarn of the Tide Brethan would like to speak with you.

We can meet anywhere that is safe. Name a city port or inn. We name the city where we are heading in Thalibar.

Overnight Demogorgon attacks us, summoning in a Balrog immediately. He kills Brother Wookie in a single round and then rants at Teghan

There is only one of us that will become a god and only one of us that will lead demonkind.

Demogorgon hits with each head taking a lead so he attacks with two full rounds of attack.

Teghan falls but the family continues to engage Demogorgon. He runs away in fear of our power.

Powers of Demogorgon:-
Attacks 4 or 5 times PER HEAD i.e. 8-10 attacks per round
Was massive – Struggled to fight in a confined space
Tail attack delivered a life drain (Level Drain)
One of the other attacks drained CON
Was not automatically hitting – High 40’s AC was effective against him
High magic resist
Teleport at will
Summoned a Balor in 1 round.


Chapter 49 - Within the Black Pyramid

We decide to try and save some of the elves in cages by attacking the Lich and the undead giant.
The lich casts a wall of force and attempts to bypass it with a dimension door cause three of the party to end up in cages with the elves. Sparrowhawk and Teghan continue to press the attack.
The group find ways of leaving the cages while the lich and giant engage. The giant is felled but the lich continues to cause great damage.

Teghan feels that we are being watched ever since we have entered the pyramid.

Eventually the Lich is felled using spells.

Spell effects continued and parts of us continued to teleported into the cages. The wall of force continued as did the blade barrier. The body of the lich disappears but the crown remains. It is not magical. We ask the runes if we should break it.

Yondalar, Thor and Pellor inverted. – Should we break the crown.

It is hopeless / futile.

We break it anyway and eventually the wall disappears

Tor is possessed and lashes out. We grapple him and cast an antimagic effect and he appears to come back. Tor saw Death Giants, a Carcosan creature and found himself in the body of a Lich on the throne in the top level.

Teghan convinces us to save several elves which are then killed in a blast of air.

We try to sleep overnight but a gigantic gelatinous ooze attacked and we were forced to dimension door away.

A Death Giant and two huge elementals take a large group of elves into the pyramid in the night.

We rest and then send Teghan off scouting the light sources. We have a plan to destroy them. Teghan comes back with tales of construct creatures and shadows on the sides of the towers that contain the light sources.

We dispatch the giant shadows and antimagic the sphere of annihilation. The crystal falls to the ground. The muppets argue if they should baseball it or carry it as a better class of torch. Our Suenga points out that the sphere of annihilation will return when his spell wears off so keeping it in our pocket is not a classy idea.

After hitting it with a club Tor is blinded. He then uses his blindfold and hits it again with TOMP55. It snaps.

Tor returns the parts saying “It is worth TomPi55 now”.

Teghan suggests that Sagramor puts it in his pocket and waits for the sphere of annihilation to return.

They collect the crystal and carry it to the next tower, all the time shining like a small sun.
A nightstalker attacks them as they travel.

We identify the crystal but gets nothing because they are minor artifacts.

The party move to the pyramid and attempt to enter but the Lich prevents us with a simple web. Teleporting into the structure appears impossible.

Tor is whittled away very quickly by a large group of undead just inside the pyramid. He then runs away and we block the door with a wall of force. Sagramor says that nothing can go wrong and takes a light out of his backpack. Sparrowhawk runs away.

We cast Legend Lore and confirm that the black mist was being contained by the lights and that it is considered very dangerous if it escapes.

We fight past some undead at the pyramid entrance and climb the pyramid. At the next level we are beset by three Death Giants and two red Carcosan spellcasters.

The Carcosans cast:

Other slow effects

Death Giants cannot see invisible

We block off several passages and then drop the Lich again.

Up another level we encounter a huge death giant who is dressed in finery along with a second smaller giant. The Lich herself can be seen in the level above us casting spells at us.

When the giants eventually fall the Lich spells up and comes down to meet us. She carries a staff with a large amber gem. We finally manage to kill her at which point the crown falls to the ground and Sagramor the weak willed picks it up, puts it on his head and walks towards the throne.

Chapter 48 - Consuming the Queen

We enter the chamber of the Demon Queen, who in appearance bears some resemblence to Teghan. A tiefling jester invites us in to the demonic court, feasting tables and torture victims included. The party kicks off on a mighty Bloodletter Demon, the rest of the court falling back to enjoy the entertainment. Sagramor is quickly spat out, but healed by Karma. Only Sagramor’s Shadow and Tor’s Wraitstrike are able to penetrate the beasts thick hide (apart from a lucky poke by Teghan). The Demon explodes in a pool of lava. Her majesty is not amused.

The rest of the demonic court then engages the party. Shortly after this the Chancellor and Orcus arrive with a two-headed monkey. The Chancellor apologises to Queen Guyderell and says that her fine reign has outlived its usefulness. The Queen tells Orcus that he has overstepped his mark, and cannot kill her. Her father will take revenge, but the monkey demon, Amayule, says that he is well caged. He tells her that she is more mortal than she thinks. He will become demon prince when he consumes her. The Queen’s guardian transforms into a tentacled creature and pins her (he is Fraz-Erb-Luu, the Great Deceiver). Amayule complains about being cursed to being a Manes demon and says that he will devour her to complete his revenge. The Queen says that she is god-born and will return to hear his screams for a 1000 years before banishing him into the void. The monkey demon, Amayule, tears out her flesh and consumes her whilst Orcus puts his foot on her head.

Amayule is eaten from within and transforms into Demigorgon. Orcus backs away and starts to laugh. He leaves, swiping at Karma on the way out. The party retreats expeditiously, Tor narrowly evading a death effect from Orcus’s weapon. Outside a sandstorm is blowing over the palace making it difficult to see.

Karma believes that Azumreh created devils, and devils created demons. Teghan is able to summon Lemures (devils) rather than Manes (demons).

We then find ourselves somewhere else.

We are under the dark canopy of a forest at night time. It is the same pre-Sun era as when we visited in the first dream sequence. A big tiger tells us that this is as far as he will take us. He directs us to a dark shadowy city, behind enemy lines. It is where Carcosa has merged this world with another.

Teghan scouts and discovers hidden trolls. Fireballs are unleashed as she delivers her report to the party that there are only 2 trolls and we need not worry. The 8 trolls are slowly dispatched, but the invisible Carcosan spellcaster is almost repelled by Karma’s vertical wall of force, 20’ wide and 100’ wide. Cunningly he flies around the side of it, only to have its spell countered.

The spellcaster traps Sparrowhawk inside a force cage with a black blade of doom. Several teleport spells later Karma is inside the cage with the blade and the Carcosan, with Sparrowhawk outside. Karma is felled. Teghan is killed by sonic rays. The spellcaster teleports away after taking a sound beating. Thegan is resurrected and helps burn the trolls once the party has rediscovered its moral compass.

The city casts ambient light over a desolate wasteland, with shadows almost animated. The dimensions of the city appear to be strangely distorted. Roads are 400’ across. Amber lights appear in the distance. There are 3 beams atop natural mounds, around a mile apart, although distance is difficult to discern. There is a huge black pyramid in the middle, and the ruins of a large city.

There are no fresh tracks, but humanoids have moved towards the pyramid and then teleported or started flying. We fly up to one of the mounds to investigate and are assailed by a shadow-breathing dragon. Teghan, Tor, and Karma run away in fear. Sparrowhawk and Sagramor defeat the dragon. The light source emits true daylight from a spinning crystal inside a sphere of annihilation. Sparrowhawk briefly loses a finger. Karma spends some time studying its construction.

There is much speculation about how this relates to the research on Kyuss. We conclude that Kyuss summoned the Grey Spellweaver at a much later date, using a crude imitation of one of these original pyramids.

Zephyr sees other pyramids a few miles away, one being man-handled into place by 20’ tall humanoids. The lit pyramid is darker at the bottom than at the top. Karma scries the side of the pyramid and observes a billowing black ice effect. Sparrowhawk imagines Khalzakar perched atop the point of the pyramid pleading in a high pitched voice for a cushion. Teghan laments the invention of racing pyramids. The party speculate as to why undead are unable to reproduce.

Zephyr appears pursued by 2 Death Knights. They cause an amount of irritation but are easily dispatched. A spellcaster appears next to the pyramid accompanied by 2 mechanical constructs.

The party decides to consult Tor’s runes regarding the consequences of destroying the light source. The outcome is inconclusive.
Hextor inverted on another path: we will argue about doing anything else.
Thor at 45 degrees: unknown.
Pelor: more light will result, or perhaps hope?
Vecna on another path: we should do something else to discover anything useful.
Odin inverted: we will be unable to interpret the result.

Sagramor stands in front of the light. Teghan and Karma move to the other two light sources. There is a shadow hand puppet competition on the sides of the pyramid. Teghan and Karma are assailed by monstrous shadow bats. Teghan runs away, noticing that there is a door in the side of the pyramid (which she later forgets to tell anyone). Karma uses a force cage to protect himself.

Eventually the party assemble around the light that Karma is stood in front of. The shadow bat is slain. Sparrowhawk becomes incorporeal and heads towards the pyramid underground. Everyone else flies then dimension doors to the pyramid. The foe use blinding sandstorms, unholy damage, fireball, and various other spells. Tor fells the mage with a massive single blow. Loot: obsidian ring.

The severed spellcasters arm allows us to enter the pyramid (Sparrowhawk under the cover of darkness). It is dimly lit inside. Two shadow creatures block a stairway leading upwards. Sparrowhawk, hungry for battle, leads the advance.

They are quickly dispatched and we explore the interior of the pyramid. On the ground floor are around 1000 undead mummies – on the floor above 100’s of cages hold rotting elves. There appears to be a strange amber light source in this room. An undead creature with a glass crown is turning the elves to piles of dust within their cages. Another corridor leads up to where more death giants and spellcasters are patrolling.

Chapter 47 - Still falling down the well

We chase the dragon. It pauses and we engage it – leaping to the air it tries to pin us but everyone escapes through the use of spells.

The dragon is badly beaten and its scales are broken by Tor in the form of a Rust monster. The beast is then quickly felled by Sparrowhawk.

Upon examination we discover that the Dragon is made of parts and is not a real Dragon.

The underground cathedral appears to be the one from Haalgard – One wall is partly collapsed where the prehistoric beast with its leader smashed through.

Teghan scouts the cathedral and finds two huge construct surrounded by light. Within the temple there is a battle taking place with humanoids and undead of several types.

When we use a truesight it appears that the entire cathedral is an illusion, the statues are real, as is Bishop Orville and a mirror.

The Bishop is aware of what we have done, killing Sansom Thatch and destroying his defenses. He has created this area to try and convince the Bishop to become a sun.

We attempt to persuade the bishop but he takes little to no notice of Sparrowhawk because of his nature. Tor takes another tac and tells him of the deception. Tor makes headway and manages to persuade him to consider our words.

Esban and Ragna speak up – they are old friends and currently constructs. They vote to have him sacrificing himself. He asked for our vote and all five of the family vote against him sacrificing himself. We ask to check the mirror he has been using to see what is going on in the city. It appears to be the same mirror that was moved into our house in Walsingham after we left.

The compass leads us onwards out of the area and we travel for two weeks. We come to a clearing in a wood with a small dwelling. In this place nature is more vibrant. A shambling mound greets us and goes to fetch Gethra. She has another box for us to follow. She takes the previous one and gives us a new one. A hairy version of the Bishop (its the Wookie) with Tor in the background. We must keep them safe, ensure no harms comes to them. The Wookie is needed to create the sun, must persuade him to come here in order to create the sun. Tor is the Storm Lord, his Keep is needed to lift the sun to Stars Watch. After we are finished there will be few left able to create the Sun. His family are strong but there will be challenges. If Tor is killed then bring back his crown and we will see what we can do. Without the keep our plan will come to nothing.
We ask who might want the Wookie and family dead and are told whoever controls Samson Thatch, the Demons, Orcus – everyone she has worked with.

Mankind should be wiped from the world. People should be dead to allow the land to be restored. Selicia was against the creation of the races. When she created the Fey she kept them away from the humanoids and created them in sympathy with the world.

A horn sounds and Gethra looks concerned. Some unexpected guests arrive – Vampires

Master Versice arrives with other vampires.

They kick off and she threatens them – They say she is very tough but her friends are not.

We fade away.

We now understand that this was the 5th Vision — “Who else is working to restore the sun”.

We wake in another sequence.

A prison of some sort – Manacled. Sagramor, Karma, Tor and Teghan are present in cells. Other cells are occupied by demons with a demon guard standing over us.

An undead creature walks in with a guard carrying a piece of paper. He removes the family from their cells. Manacles still remain in place.

The group are taken outside and down a staircase. The prison is a tower with some cages projecting outside. A path winds down the base. A lake of water surrounds each tower. Six such structures ring an island with a patchwork of walls criss-crossing the island. Rivers of lava surround the island and bridges cross it.

Thousands of demonic creatures walk in formations towards a battle taking place at the bridges. The battle rages over the island.

They are taken to an abandoned building – A chest and a large vial are on a table. We are to take the box and reunite the weapon with its wielder. We are given our gear back and Sparrowhawk is released from a bottle.

The wielder of the weapon is dangerous, we should not be there when he is released. We ask who the person ios and are told the weapon is legendary. We check and see that it is the Wand of Orcus – A staff in our hands.

He gives us a key that will get us through the door.

Between us and the tower are just buildings and some streets.
We avoided some Gargoyle-like creatures that were difficult to hurt and entered the tower.

Within the tower were a group of demons dispelling magic and moving within the bounds of an acidic sold fog.
They were dispatched while a large Nalfache demon was damaged and then ran away. We pursued it up the stairs and finish it. Two ape-like constructs engage and an Annis Hag watches on.

In the level above a ring of cages hold demonic figures with a suspended cage above them all holding Orcus. A large necromancer undead guards Orcus along with several other large demonic constructs. He is Dark Miracawl.

This is the prison tower of the demon queen – it is a blasphemy to be here. He casts mighty spells at us and drains us badly but is finally felled by Karma using bursts of sunlight.

Teghan attempts to speak with Orcus but he refuses to answer any questions and becomes annoyed. Karma then tries to ask him questions and pushes the point but Orcus just becomes insanely mad – threatening to hunt Karma down over thousands of years and the whole of Discordant.

“This ist an age of change and the Queen of Demons will be slain. (This isn’t Teghan)”. A balor and friends arrive and are ordered to kill us and then free Orcus. We escape and lock the building behind us but leave the amulet to free Orcus and his rod.

We meet the same crature who gave us the quest. He opens a shaft which will take us down to the Tree of pre-incarnate souls – the Queen consumes them. Past there along a corridor he will meet us after he has spoken to Orcus.

We enter the queens fortified palace – we would not be allowed through the doors otherwise.

The room with the tree is full of crystals that humm quietly. Creatures come out of the crystals and attack us – fish like creatures that drain Con and gargantuan Wurm-like monsters. We cross the cavern with just minor difficulties.

The undead humanoid appears again and explains that we are here to prepare the way to the queen in order for her to be consumed. We are to talk or fight our way through her defenses to ease the passage of those who will follow us.

He is the chancellor. He asks to be announced but is challenged and walks away with a Balor who is the captain of her guard. We dispatch the door guards and enter……

Chapter 46 - Finally giving Sansom Thatch his due

As each of us enter the portal we appear in the entrance hall but each door is a glowing portal and each person is alone.

Sparrowhawk ends up in a room that involves climbing. Teghan goes to a room that is underwater and a huge shark attacks her.

Another room contains poisonous spores.

Sagramor finds a room with a different number

Kharma meets up with Sagramor who then leaves. Tor meets Kharma and tells everyone that the portals appear to be closing behind him.

Tor enters a bar with 12 Sansom Thatch sitting at seats. A Minotaur is tending the bar. Tor orders a drink. Sparrowhawk catches up with Tor but passes on a message to the rest of the party to stay where they are when they feel safe.

Sparrowhawk and Teghan meet and go through a portal together. The portal separates them both.

Sagramor enters a room that appears to be a cavern with a sun in it.

Sparrowhawk and Karma battle the huge scorpion and defeat it. Sparrowhawk enters the room containing a Samsun Thatch sitting at a console with various buttons and settings. He says Sparrowhawk shouldn’t be there and attacks but is quickly defeated. He is able to cast some high level spells.

Sparrowhawk changes a dial to read “1” at the same time that Sagramor pulls a lever. All the walls turn transparent. We are in a grid of 16 rooms. A switch moves to “On”. Sparrowhawk determines by experimentation that the switch makes the walls transparent.

We use the transparent walls to meet up in the control room just as the mechanical bear approaches. As it took a few rounds to cast spells we thought it might be Samsun Thatch.

The automaton casts a prismatic wall and retreats. We fly over and it retreats again.

Teghan casts break enchantment from a party scroll and turns Karma back from a stony form. We chase him through a door and into the sun room. In there, Tor destroys the hand that was holding people. A greater dispell magic is used to reveal Samsun himself. We pursue him into other rooms and he retreats every time, re-casting his defensive spells as we dispell them.

He backs himself into a corner and tries his wall of force but we counterspell it. He puts up a prismatic wall with disintegrate and lightning. Sagramor steps through and almost topples him but is felled. With just a few moments before Sagramor expires Sparrowhawk steps through and defeats Samsun Thatch.

As he falls all of the ice-clones from the bar come running in.

Loot Samsun
Amulet that is the same shape as the indentation on the control panel – Wearer can activate the control panel without the defensive damage, pass through wards unaffected, rooms do not rotate
Skullcap – +6 Chrisma
Potions – Lifes Grace
Amulet – Natural Attacks +4
Ring – +4 Con
Ring – Protection +4
Staff – Abduration

Notes on Icy duplicates – Don’t have a lot of life. Can cast some spells. Explode in a large radius when killed. Can cast two prismatic walls spells on themselves as a defensive spell.
Yellow – Lightning (80)
Indigo – Antimagic
Violet – Disintegration

Teghan plays with the dials. On/Off makes the walls transparent. The centre dial turns up the intensity of the damage effects. One dial makes the rooms rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise. Two levels indicate the room and other dial ‘A’ turns an effect on or off.
‘S’ button summons creatures.

“Should we proceed with the assassination”?
We will make progress
A great deal of death and destruction
It is the will of the gods that we follow this path
We are trying to find out something that we cannot discover or is forbidden
May result in a family crisis

We exit the complex and enter a huge cavern with alchemical items on tables and a huge black dragon with pipes sticking out of it.

It flies around the cavern staying out of our reach and trading blows. Kharma takes away some of its armour. The dragon bites Sagramor and takes him away in its mouth. We give chase and pass into another large room – a cathedral but underground.

Chapter 45 - The Library of Last Resort

We believe that the leader of the beast men may have been influenced by part of the Carcosa forces and so we send Teghan into the camp to scout it out and see if our theory has any substance.

Teghan reliably fails in her scouting and we form a new plan to find Chalgar the chieftain.

We plan to try and cast a spell to remove mental influence from Chalgar – one group of us including Tor will distract the giants by asking to speak with him, expecting to be driven off. While we have them distracted we aim to send in the others to cast the spell.

Tor manages to gain an audience and is taken back into a set of caves. Chalgar is huge, even larger than Tor. He admits he was given the armour by another person. This person turns out to be a Carcosan Death Giant. A gift from the grave – He can now consult with him. He speaks of a giant skull that manifests from the mist around him (something he has risen from the grave of one of his ancestors).

Chalgar has been well bribed rather than mind controlled.

We make a plan and approach the giants living caves. We aim to avoid fighting most of them but some have to fall along the way.

We progress slowly closing off the way behind us.

Karma uses baleful blink to render the ghost creature less effective.

Many of the party are rendered as useful as a chocolate fireguard by an antimagic effect.
We are split up and the mage and Death Giant fight Tor while the other run from the undead creature.

Sparrowhawk is blinded and forced to retreat. The rest of the group finish off the recently created ancestor undead and join the fray.

The Carcosans retreat behind doors and the party gather and lick their wounds until the worst of the spells wear off.

Spell Effects from the Spellweaver
Sonic Ray
Antimagic ray
Polar Ray
Greater Dispel Magic
Short Range Teleport
Ray of Enfeablement

Effects of the Death Giant
Acid Damage
Level Drain?
Stat (Strength)

We arrive in a cavern and encounter Chalgar riding an enormous worm. He says he would rather fight than talk.

After an epic battle we manage to subdue Chalgar and slay the giant worm, however Arbori falls in the battle.

After speaking the Gathra we release Chalgar with a promise not to return to this place and then follow her into a mighty tree followed by several other hops covering a great distance.

We see many regiments of large humanoid creatures. Behind each 1000 large humanoids – there are 16 pyramids in total each with an army of 1000s of creatures. She views a scrying pool and views an army of 3600 death giants in front of a pyramid, Kalzakar the Deformed rides atop the pyramid and a desolation Dragon flies around.

Tor tells us a tale of “Splashy” one of the oldest gods who fell out of favor through a slight misinterpretation of his name.

A message to the future.

We must understand how to recreate the sun. She takes out a crystal and places it into a cave with a 3000’ ceiling. The largest cave we have ever ventured into.

Eventually this seed will be nourished by the cave and will fill this cavern. Then within this crystal needs to be a sacrifice. As Aurora is preparing to do. It will take a great deal of the inner spark – whoever sacrifices themselves must be a god themselves. They must have transcended beyond the mortal.

This cavern will be blocked and the oceans will not penetrate when the oceans they cover this place. When it is opened it must be taken to Stars Watch – a place which will be created by others – Among Stars Watch there will be a way to take this seed to the heavens.

When the sun has been raised golden chains will need to be attached to guide its path. There will be monuments to house these chains – to access the chains there will be a gift from the gods to remind us their presence will be with us always. This will be a gift given personally from them. If you control one of the gifts of the gods then you are able to manipulate the chains.

She has some wooden blocks with her – with a needle floating (like a compass). Etching on the side of the blocks. One has the crystal on it. Seed is eggs shaped with crystals growing from in it one box.

Two other boxes look like the box stolen by the Shepards of the Root. Both are compasses – one has an oak tree on the top and the other has an image of a seed. She is evasive as to what they do.

There will be messages to allow people to piece together the location of the Seed.

There are 7 chains. Whoever holds the gift of the Gods (there may be a number of them) can drive the chains to do as they will.

At this stage we are taken from the dream and awaken refreshed in a wooded glade.
1. How can we replace the sun? – Brother Wookie
2. How can the great shadow be destroyed or locked away? – Arbori
3b.What was the purpose of placing groups like our family together? – – Teghan
4. Why does Demogorgon fear Teghan – Tor
5. Who else is working to restore the sun to the world?

Letter – You have been given a vital task – To ensure our plans are not rendered worthless by the establishment of safe humanoid habitation. This compass will lead you to first victim – meddlesome individual – hope compass will lead us to the right person. After this it will leads you to a second victim. It will then lead us home. Take the second victim outside and place him in the light. Druid scroll – renders a body impossible to resurrect or raise.

Compass – etched on it are two figures. Human in skullcap and staff. The other is dressed in priestly robes with a symbol of a sun above him.

This is the manor of Sansom Thatch.

We rest for spells and knock on the door. Samsom doesn’t respond as though he knows us or the Wookie.

We break down the door and fight a variety of golums. Sansom falls but following a major search of the building it appears that he left immediately via a teleport behind the door.

Chapter 44 - The battle for the Sea Tiger

We attempt to clear the boat of undead but wave after wave drive the party below decks. Arbori falls to fire damage, dying mainly of embarrassment.
We clear the second floor and spend a short while raising Arbori while waiting for a huge summoned dragon to disappear. Arbori casts a couple of Sunburst spells and manages to drive off the darkness from the level below.

We descend and the captain orders his remaining men up to fight us. There is an epic fight with the captain and his mage almost impossible to hit.

Arbori is hit by another lighting bolt and slain again.

Looted the Captain.
Rapier +3 Keen
Ring of Protection +3

The Ship
Magic – prevents it from sinking
Magic – Forces it to sink at the will of the captain
(Can travel under the water)
Magic – Fire Resistant
Magic Sails – Griffins

Travel for a further 2 weeks into the frozen north, breaking ice to get to a small island.

The captain tells us that Master Versice has paid the cost for our journey here.

1. How can we replace the sun? – Brother Wookie
2. How can the great shadow be destroyed or locked away? – Arbori
3b.What was the purpose of placing groups like our family together? – - Teghan
4. Why does Demogorgon fear Teghan – Tor
5. Who else is working to restore the sun to the world? – Sparrowhawk

Arduval the reborn had forged a great seal, giving his life to make it and had sealed away the darkness. The seal appeared to have been cracked when the volcano erupted and the insanity had been released.

3a. Who created the black mist, why, where did it come from

We scout the island – a maze lies broken on the surface. Stone rimmed circles lie in the maze with a plinth in the middle.

Rat man drinking from a barrel – lives here and assists those who come. Library becomes impatient of people who stay too long and outstay their welcome.

Arbori and Sparrowhawk ponder the nature of magic and come up with the idea that because the black mist gives its minions the ability to remove all armour protection magics it was created to be the antithesis of everything the gods created and gave to the world.

Thick mists roll in and cover the island.

[Reminder from a previous conversation from Tzolo – Library of Last Resort – Mnemona one of the ancient Gods to record the history of the world so that people can learn from past mistakes. Can recall a specific point in history – answers often not what you expect but library uses its initiative to provide you with a more rounded understanding. Test at every stage – feel that events may not be real but actually may have consequences outside / back in the land. We pose a question and throw it into a well.]

Loud buzzing – large grubs fly in. The mists fade and we see we are surrounded by a large swarm of these creatures. We appear to be in a different place.

A large grasshopper comes to join the swarms. A better look around suggests that the location is more like a forest within Discordant than one on the land – the forest is stunted and twisted as though it has never grown is the light.

We communicate with the insect people but they just say that we will all die before their masters.

Elone El-roheam – an elf suggests that we run. We are in the great forest of Mortarbi. We meet other elves. The creatures are from Carcosa. He leads his forces against the people of the Gods.
(Link: The Carcosa Codex and the Palid Mask).

Even the Gods themselves do not confront Carcosa – the Gods are here. He is a massively powerful Human with a massive mask. The elves are evacuating. We suspect we have been flung into the past. They are evacuating into the Silver Vale and hope that they have some idea of how to survive there.

Carcosa the Devourer.
Even Mnemona herself was slain by a desolation Dragon whose breath extinguishes life.

The Palid Mask – Strong Conjuration. Identify – Can be used as part of a ceremony to open a gate or portal to another place (place unknown).

We leave the trees and come across a massive cliff with a passage inwards. Opens up into a wooded valley. 200’ tall trees with thousands of elves around them. Refugees from the surrounding land.

Read the Carcosa Codex – This book details the great city of Carcosa and its inhabitants. Paints an ominous tome of what is coming up ahead. Continue only is you have no fear of the darkness. Carcosa is a City, a King and a World.

The elf tells his friends how mighty we are and is happy that we are willing to help. The next day he takes us to meet Larnafell.

Larafell wears a toga and has a headband floating above his head. Carries a hammer of black iron, containing the faces of an Angel and a monster. Larnafell is an Avatar of Hedrada the Lawgiver. Nearing the time of a great plan – sacrifice from the children of the Gods and the Gods themselves. Symbol will appear in the sky and will banish Carcosa. We must labour to create that which will aid the world should the gift ever fail.

Our task is to help clear the site of Taer-Bidari – Gethra is well on the way to completing this. She has been sent to talk to some inhabitants for a possible alliance. Build a temple in the shape of a great oak tree. Mnemona will then move the temple from the sight of Humankind. Mnemona was slain but has returned and is not the same. Not even the Gods themselves thought she could return but she has and is much changed, wiser and more contemplative – perhaps even distracted.

We are to help Gethra plant a seed in the right place. We must ensure she is safe. She is a small green skinned creature of the woods.

[Gethra we met but was hag-like and vastly aged. She gave us the seed that destroyed Bewcastle].

You must travel to the top of Taer-Bidari the volcano at the top.

[Reminder of the information we have on the Temple of Mnemona]

Welcome stranger to this great island – if you are no simple grave robber and the Lerenderath have guarded this place appropriately then your presence here comes at a grave time in your civilisation. You have our greatest sympathy. But with what we leave behind, we provide at least hope that all is not lost. We trust you now seek to reveal that which the gods originally provided by their great sacrifice. Here within lies a little information towards your goal though the true secret is available only to those that share an understanding of Geometry and the Gamatria. For as the numerologist told us – the path to understanding the will of the gods is through an appreciation of mathematics.

Know that we have built our temples in accordance with the will of Marakin himself whose guidance in the arts of stonemason have been among the gods greatest gifts. Our understanding of the Gamatria and geometry have been essential in deciding the locations of the temples and are essential for you to understand if you are to map the temple thrones to the imaginary plane required.

Know also that this map is only one of some. Others such as these temples exist though most more subtly woven into the fabric of the world than these great god inspired constructs. To be fully successful you must locate most if not all and anchor your sacrifice in the same way. Good luck and gods speed for your world will never be the same again.

When the temples have been mapped you must locate the temple of Mnemona – a temple that no living man has ever seen. This temple drifts as the anchor for the ethereal chains itself moves through your world and in doing so maps its movement. To see that which Mnemona left behind you must understand the nature of her gift of reunion. From this understanding a grave realization should befall you. A journey that one of you must surely make upon this island

Q. What is the nature of the artifact of the Gods once located on Mortarbi Island
A. The artifact of the Gods is a temple hidden from view that can only be accessed or considered by the dead.

Q. How can we locate the hidden temple that is the artifact of the gods?
A. Those that die on Mortarbi island – their souls remain here and they can view the temple as it drifts.

Q. What is the relevance of the constellation of the great bear in relation to the temples.
A. Once you have obtained the mapping of the temples to the orthogonal plane – you will see the constellation of the great bear – the temple of Mnemoa then drifts on that 2D plane. The location of the real world artifact of the gods can be found using an understanding of the mapping of the great bear onto the physical locations of the the world – mapping the drift of the temple of Mnemona allows you to map the real world location of the artifact of the Gods.

Gethra is seen flying away from a giants village at the top of the volcano. A cyclops throws a rock at her. Tor catches it.

She wanted the tribal forces to help fight the forces of Carcosa. The giants have a spirit shaman who has power over the other tribals in the area.

She has a crystal seed that needs to be planted into a cave near the front line. Celecia herself asked her to craft the seed and then block off the cave. She will create a great cave to ensure it will never be opened. The cave will feed the crystal and grow over 1000’s of years. It then can be used to create a sun.

We agree to send in Teghan to scout out the leader and see if there is anything influencing him.

Chapter 43 - A new Direction

A troglodyte approaches us as we discuss things with Master Carillo . It reads from a scroll and Teghan gains a glowing sigil on her chest.

A wall disintegrates and a huge ape appears in the room.

As we attempt to leave the troglodyte shouts up – Don’t think that Demogorgon will let you live. You will not rule over this land with Tiralandi at your side. We will hunt you down wherever you are.

They claim Balcuth is dead and Tyralandi is next and you will follow.

We eventually escape and check out the sigil on Teghans chest. It is the target for a teleport.

We discuss what we should do next.

1. Understand what occurred to create the sun
2. Understand how to create the great seal that locked away the darkness
Arduval the reborn had forged a great seal, giving his life to make it and had sealed away the darkness. The seal appeared to have been cracked when the volcano erupted and the insanity had been released.

We try and remove the sigil from Arbori but fail. Tor speaks to one of his ancestors to ask how it can best be removed. He is ancy about it and gives us no information.

We recover the body of Vaden Kiang and cast resurrection on him. He gets ansy and refuses to play with us. He eventually agrees to pass on to the Order of Dawn a message that the last Stormlord still lives, controls the castle at the end of the world and that our group wishes to one day restore the sun.

The locating beacon on Teghan shines and the followers of Demogorgon teleport in. Their huge apes cause massive damage but are dispatched and then the two other spellcasters flee.

Sending: Guru – Sparrowhawk would like to meet you and talk. Outside city at spot X. Midnight. Brother Wookie

Response: I’ll be passing through funeral way in a few hours time if you want to meet.

The library in Haalguard has been ransacked and the books burnt.

Meet with Guru – hundreds or possibly thousands of people enter Haalguard and burn the city. He knew that Master Carillo had been slain by Master Versice. When the mists descended the curse raised him up from his grave. He has walked within the darkness and feel unchanged except for the freedom that he now feels.

We decide to try and liberate Haalguard by attacking the master vampire to try and disrupt the advance of the shadow. We suceed in quickly driving off Master Lacivious but immediately encounter another master vampire with equal or even greater abilities.

Master Vampire Abilities
Suck damaging spells into himself
Sword impales and drains life
Sword stole CON
Sword cut through wall of force
Force effect – damage when you hit him
Dispelling armor spells on hit
(Suspected) – True Sight

Tor dies and we retreat, speculating that this master vampire was the boss of the Lacivious.

The next day we attempt a sending to Tzolo. We would like to purchase the location of the Library of Last Resort from you. Are you willing to trade? Sparrowhawk

A. I’ll send Magilor to take you there – where are you?

“The flying castle – East of Haalguard. When will Magilor arrive?”

A. It will take him about 3 weeks or he could meet you along the way

Sending to Master Versice “The threat from the great Shadow has returned. Can we meet to discuss”

A. Meet today outside city.

Scout the city – the city is burning in the NW. The shadow has stopped just short of the keep.

Representatives from the various cabals, clans and guilds that used to rule the city.

They have a large number of resources but they are not a large martial force and have no resources or plans that would help fight off the shadow.

They have tried to speak to Lacivious but he has a complete disregard for any semblance of humanity. He is not more just a force.

They are not willing to fight or draw the line anywhere. They are more afraid of loosing their free will to the Shadow. They are prepared to abandon Haalguard.

Go to the temple of Kord.

The priesthood of Pellor is cursed with misfortune. Tales of them all dying.
City is descending into Chaos.

Advertise our philosophy – Bring people in who believe in the same things. Appoint them to posts appropriate to the Leadership feat.

  • Justice and a fair society
  • The restoration of order
  • A new beginning
  • A safer place to exist than a city surrounded by darkness
  • Fresh food and water

We introduce some magical vetting and establish a cohort and followers


15th lvl cohort

This takes a couple of weeks. We look for Bishop Orvill but he is nowhere to be found.

We try to locate Master Carillo using a locate person but determine that he is somewhere within the shadow.

We do some goodly works around the city including making magic items for the temple of Kord and cleaning out the sewers.

The Uzrivoy arrives after 3 weeks and the boatman insists that we use it rather than take the flying castle. As Tzolo has never crossed us before we agree to the offer and to asking a question on her behalf. She is still considering what she would like to know.

We consecrate a temple within the cloud castle as a location for Brother Wookie to site his Word of Recall.

We travel for 2 weeks without incident when there is a sudden crashing sound that rouses us.

The front of the boat is gone – snapped off. We summon a whale and use waterbreathing. We get to the surface and see a huge ship, appearing to have just run us over.

Flagship of the Kings armarda – Flag White Castle above a sea with a ship on one side flanked by two prancing unicorns.

Sailors help our undead captain out of the water. They also appear to be some sort of undead.
Some of the crew are ghasts or wights.
Speak to Magalor who states that he didn’t see it coming.

Captain Jenson Wainright – 1st Sealord of the Kings Fleet. (Also undead).

Hunting down one of the Roviarian fleet – the Black Naga. It went into Bucastle and offloaded marines then fled. They have been following it but lost it in a storm.

Hanged man – swinging but still wriggling.

Attack was just a few hours ago.

The captain and crew do not appear to have any knowledge that they are undead.

On exploring we discover that the lower decks are full of the black mist. There are tapestries attached to the sails that contain a flight of griffins.

There is magic all over the boat. Partly keeping it afloat and protecting it.

The captain offers us jobs and we immediately plan a mutiny. We remember that the sentient undead we met last time that had been affected by the shadow had it inside them and so decided to do something about it. We clear the decks with a positive energy burst and take on the crew.

Sparrowhawk has the Captain grappled and pinned.

Teghans action next.


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