The Journals of Sparrowhawk

Chapter 14 - The defense of the fort

We make plans for an attack but these come to naught as the army move too slowly and form a magical stone bridge over he river.

Bishop Orvill offers Sparrowhawk the Lordship of the keep if he promises to defend it and the Cathedral it protects.

As dusk falls they move to attack the fort. The first attack is an illusion of over 100 men and 2 trebuchets.

The actual attack is a wooden structure (Wet shed) with 4 giants inside. They throw 4 giant boulders at the fort and each breaks into a swarm.

These are hoovered up into the air by the air elemental. The giants are attacked by an air elemental. There appears to be several rust monsters inside the box that are eating the drawbridge.

The elementals win and the 4 hill giants and a giant rust monster.

Plan a series of watches.

Letter from Master Carillo

During the night a small group of adventurers from the group that Sagramor let in attack us.

The family are woken and the group quickly subdued. Two dead and two left alive.

Wand – Dispel Magic (12 Charges) 5th Wand – Magic Missile (21 Charges) 5th Potion – Cure Moderate Potion – Cure Moderate Mithril Chain Mithril Chain Magic Ring – Magic Longsword Magic Longsword

Betrayer who rides on demon wings – who infiltrates and betrays at the last moment.

Will die of old age and her death will decide the fate of the world.

The glorious giant with the castle who rides the winds on the wyvern.

She will betray us. From the highest bloodline of the devils themselves. Foolish heros who put bloodline above what the ancient tomes have to say.

Saw Tegan flying above Halgaard – Flying alongside a hippogriph.

Order like us who are like us

“You are the ones from the prophecy. The ones who will lead her to her final goal. You will damn us all!”

They are dragged down to the dungeon.

Zelf Wistari Elidere Veron Alea Wistari Shiel Veron

Frost Giant – Messenger of the Gods – guard the gates of Discordant. Sentinels of the South. Guard against Azumray and his demonic creatures.

Frost Giants given a gift of knowledge. Self awareness beyond the scope of other giants. Boreas Giants spawned to act as messengers.

Slain before she gains full understanding of what she is. When this happens it will mark the end of the world.

All have same tattoo – Group of people who were followers and who understand the true meaning of our sister. Rising sun with stars around it.

Discordant is a prison made of a continent with mountains that block out the sun.

Questions for the dead mage who attacked the fort (Speak with dead)

What is the barbarian army’s plans for the fort? Destroy and kill all those inside

Who is the spy in our camp? No idea

How many mages accompany the army? Hundreds

What is carried in all the supply wagons? Food ladders creatures tools tents

Tor and Teghan kill the assassins and retire for the night.

Next day at 4am woken by falling rocks. Attack by thrown rocks.

Teghan wakes up in the alchemy lab – very tired and she has been using the equipment. Thinks she has made a magic rope.

4 dead (6 running total)

They are shooting us from a bank of fog 200’ wide and around 1000’ away.

2 dead (8 total)

We sally out and attack – met by a large number of barbarians.

Manage to kill a large number of them and the elemental uncovers a trebuchet and 4 giants accompanied by a plate clad barbarian and a spellcaster cowering in a wooden box on the Trebuchet.

The cheating giants are within the area of an anti magic field. All our spells wink out as they approach and the giants do not move out of it.

Fortunately Sagramor notices a weakness in their plan and claims the rock pile that they were using as ammunition.

Arbori spots something huge (wyvern) flying towards us about half a mile away.

It flies towards the fort – it turns out to be a gargantuan black dragon!

Teghan dies to multiple blows from the giants – we recover her body and retreat.

Mechanised version – metal plates and tubes. Was once living but has now been augmented.

Sparrowhawk asks what it wants then when it doesn’t respond asks it to go and destroy the Trebuchet. It does fly off and breathes but then returns. Sparrowhawk attempts to touch it but it swipes him off the fort.

Check out Teghan’s new rope – Permanent animate rope spell on this rope.

Teghan is raised from the dead. However she looks slightly more attractive and has a slightly blue tinge.

Teghan tries talking to the dragon but has as much success as Sparrowhawk did. Tor consults the runes with as much effect as always.

Our best guess is that it has been sent here to defend the fort by persons unknown.

Arbori Guru Gabriella Sagramor

Sparrowhawk Wookie Tor Teghan

Two teams are formed in order to protect the fort in 2 shifts.

Guard says while they were on watch they heard a voice say “Lord Sarth Redbeard held captive in Thickwood Hamlet – Please send help”.

Bird brain goes and scouts with inconclusive results.

Next day the stone bridge has gone and the army has moved North out of view. North gate of Wheloon is closed and the battlefield is empty apart from the occasional scout.

(Sarth Redbeard Ex-Lord of Wheloon)

Our scouts go out and have a look at Wheloon. Discover that the town is mostly empty – possibly 200 barbarians still there plus the crew of the Catapult. This is seen as a target of opportunity.

Out at Thickwood Hamlet…

Constor Thrall – Captain of he purple guard plus 3 others being guarded by 1 Ogre Magi and 4 ogres plus a dozen barbarians.

Chapter 13 - Where fools rush in..

Sparrowhawk speaks to the mage and arranges to purchase a number of spells from him.

Two days pass uneventfully before Tor remembers his familiar and sends it off scouting.

The bird spots a small army of hobgoblins in plate-mail camped just a few miles away.

Tor and Teghan go to scout the camp, but they are unfortunately spotted by advance scouts from the green-skins.

In the camp were a large number of plate clad Hobgoblins and a smaller number of Ogres.

We spoke to Sarashal who explained that the green-skins were far from their homes and bitches and could not re-enforce infinitely, so after the defenses have been tested and proved they are unlikely to attack ad-infinitem.

The defenders have been preparing a permanent teleport that will allow easy access and reinforcement to this location.

Sarashal explained that there were many changes happening and there were places to be carved out for people strong in mind and body. Many prizes and victories are to be had for those prepared to commit. The world is there to be carved up by those with the strength. We are on the cusp of something monumental…

Compromises may be necessary. Brother Wookie may be seen by some as a problem as he is a moral authority. Sparrowhawk argued that as a family we are stronger and can overcome any problem together. Wookie has a vote, but only one, and we feel that blood is thicker than any dilemma we may face.

Sarashal asked us to perform one task after which we could leave. That was to clean out a local nest of goblins that had set up in a local cave system just 30 minutes away.

As the heroes approached the caves a scout approached and stated that Gruu Sharak wished an audience with us to discuss things of mutual benefit. Sagramor agreed to this in 3 hours at this site with just 4 representatives on his side.

The heroes moved into the caves and dispatched numerous goblins.

Tor suggested that the party split up to kill more goblins… and promptly ran into a small army of mounted goblins who cut them off.

Teghan and Sparrowhawk spotted a huge spider in one end of the cave. Sparrowhawk runs off and the spider closes on Teghan and grapples her. After what seems like hours, Sparrowhawk comes to the rescue… Teghan takes a pounding and is dragged along by the spider. Sparrowhawk calls upon his mighty arts to rescue her and destroy the monster in the process.

Teghan joins Wookie and Sparrowhawk to finish off some worg riders while Tor and Sagramor do some exploring.

We throw out some Goblins women and children who claim that this was a holy site of their god.

At the end of the main cave is a bright light coming from a very narrow crack in the rock. We cannot get through the crack but do expose ourselves to the light. Wookie says he feels wonderful in the light. Tor feels that he is absolutely right in his interpretation of the runes.

The rest who exposed themselves just felt good.

We returned to report these findings to Sarashal who brought Manstrus with him and the two of them returned to the caves with us. They drew a map and crumpled it up – tossing it in a bag. Manstrus then collapsed the ceiling – burying the light.

On the way back Teghan “borrowed” the map and we took a look before returning it. It just appeared to contain a map of the cave system which suggested that these caves might connect to the ones we protect.

We returned to the meeting location and talked to Gruu Sharak. He wanted to meet as we had named him in the previous battle. Once we reminded him of Wolsingham he remembered us and suggested that it seemed somehow strange that we had been at both of these connected locations.

(He suggested that the fort was in some way connected)

Gruu Sharak told us of Kalzakar the Deformed – an original ancient god. One of the favoured souls (Magluvia) of this god who did his bidding was given a great deal of the God’s power. This is a holy place of that God.

He tried to convince us that we should be suspicious of the people we were working for. However he gave us no evidence to support this.

He spoke of the Thalambarian and suggested that Palygra was a medusa.

He told us an ancient prophecy.

INSERT [Each race shall be given the holy duty to hold and protect an artifact – and all must come together at the end. Foe never defeated because it is being constantly reborn from our thoughts and misdeeds]

The next morning we spoke to the Ranger who shared some concerns but said that he had worked for even more dubious characters. he was just another hired hand who would be leaving soon.

The following day Manstrus teleported us approximately 1000 miles and we appeared in some heavy woodland. An unnatural storm hovered overhead and a huge number of insects were to be found in the local area.

We search a ruined building which appeared to have been burnt down. The building contained a trap door and below was an intact workshop with smelting facilities and a number of glass jars with animals in them.

We discovered a number of pins made of different metals and noticed that all of the animals were pinned.

Recovered * A magic metalworking hammer (+3 to metal working skill roles) * Rope with a metal inlay. * Refreshing water

Pull the pin from one and it turns into a snarling fey creature ad flies off. Pull the silver pin from a bird of paradise and it turns into a Fey Prince of the Unseelie with insects buzzing around him. He has brightly coloured flags adoring his back and he carried a very strange weapon.

He looked at us with malevolence and flew into the air quickly disappearing over the trees. Before he left he said “behold my wrath for my imprisonment”.

Lightning came from the cloud and struck the party repeatedly. Swarms of insects attacked us and we ran to the supposed safety of a rope trick. Unfortunately Manstrus ran in the opposite direction and was struck several times by lightning and killed.

Teghan admits that she feels guilty about Manstrus dying.

Given he opportunity we cast speak with dead and asked the body of Manstrus the following questions.

What have we been guarding at the bottom of the cave system?

A. I never saw all the way in. I saw the light but not the source of the light. Dwarven mines stretch some way back and have broken through to some natural caverns which is the source of the light.

What are the possible uses of the location?

A. I don’t know

What do they intend using this power for – Not asked

What is his interest in the Elven temples that we stopped at previously

A. To lay down a teleportation beacon to allow others to teleport there more accurately.

Should Manstrus be killed where would he want his remains taken – Not asked

What is Palygra? – Not asked

Teghan wasted 12,000 gold of charges after being goaded into using the staff by Sparrowhawk.

We then moved to a local village and asked questions of the burnt hut. We discovered that the owner had kidnapped two children – one of which had survived. He had been dragged off to be taken to a prison barge. This turns out to be Vaasa Tarn who we met. We used a sending to discover what the fey creature we released was [“Ha! Ha! Ha! You mean the Fey Prince of the Unseelie Court; then that’s the end of Hallowfield”].

Travel two days to Fairgrove where there is a large temple of Kord. Got Manstrus raised using a scroll.

Chapter 12 - Defending the Caves

As we rose from our slumbers and walked over to relive the Mercenary guards the family noticed lots of work happening around the cave to add to the defenses.

Each of the family were given an amulet that will allow us passage around the cave traps and cause some of the monster guards to ignore us.

Thelistan (Ranger) arrived at the caves – A wood Elf but fortunately not the one we had come to blows with some distance South.

We performed a days guard shift and then traveled during the evening to the cave marked on the temple map. All plant life has died in the vicinity of these caves. The clear area made any secret approach difficult but our scouts managed to get closer and discovered a waterfall entrance as well as the main cave.

At this point we were attacked by Goblins from the main cave entrance. Tor entered the cave invisibly but immediately felt ill when entering the cave past the point of some strange crystals in the rocks. There were a variety of creatures in the caves but all had been turned into some semblance of slimed undead versions of themselves. The family formed a cunning plan involving Web and Freedom of Movement spells to reduce the Goblin population. This plan worked but we were sorely beset by the disease causing nature of the place. All the slime creatures inject slime into wounds and this drains peoples dexterity. The caves themselves quickly overcome people and more seriously pull their very life force from them (CON). We killed a large creature and two smaller ones plus a total of seven Goblins.

The loss of inherent life was just too draining for us to continue and so we were forced to retreat back to the village.

Sparrowhawk unfortunately changed into his WereTiger form again during the night and had to be shackled.

In the morning we spoke to Enteba Green and Sorashal Al Fahim

Sorashal explained that the magical disease we had encountered emanated from the crystals in the cave system. He also explained that there were often Cinder Shards found in the same vicinity that would provide protection from the draining disease.

The party took some time to identify the magic items from the skeleton found in the caves.

Party Treasure

On the following day the party performed their guard duty during the day and then set off to continue their fight against the demonic forces in the evening.

The Wookie is immune to all disease because of his blessing from Pellor and so was chosen as the scout for this mission. He was greatly aided in this by an invisibility, silence and the boots of flying.

Sagramor discovered he could see through the Wookie’s eyes!

Brother Wookie explored several caves on the lower floor discovering the main temple area down there. He also ascended through the natural hole in the ceiling to see a rope attached there. On the upper system of caves he discovered a chamber with buckets guarded by a large slime beast, a huge Earth Elemental covered in slime and a ‘Breeding room’ – containing cocoons that appeared to be the source of the slime creatures.

In one room the Wookie found a glowing pool of shimmering green liquid. A natural bridge formed from the rock to cross the pool but Wookie discovered that the pool gave off a sickly vapour. Beyond this was the light from pink shards in the next cavern but the place was guarded by two humanoid slime beasts.

The party cast all of their buff spells on the Wookie and he and Sagramor attacked these two creatures and recovered several crystals.

Now able to progress into the caves without loosing their life the party joined these two.

We headed into the temple area on floor one and found eight creatures in the room including one large slime creature (an Ex-Troll). Another large slime creature (Ex-Ogre) dropped from the hole in the adjacent passage to block our escape.

To make things worse the High Priest of Jubilex threatened us and then rang a bell that summoned the Slimed Earth Elemental.

This corrupted Earth Elemental seemed to be tied very closely to Jubilex and every time hit managed to strike one of us our protective crystals shattered.

The family were all hugely drained and battered but we managed to kill the defenders and then Brother Wookie and Sparrowhawk went to get some spare crystals.

Leaving the caves we wearily trekked back to Verdinika. That night a humanoid scout appeared to check out all of the buildings in the town including the one we were sleeping in.

The next day Tor tracked the scout and suggested that two other humanoids had met up with him later that night in the area of the guarded cave.

Over the last few days we had gathered a collection of messages from father.

We identified the magic items from the Skeleton:-

+1 Longsword +2 Studied Leather Ring of Spell Storing (Lesser) Goggles of Night

We decided to rest the night in a different house and just as well as our existing house was set alight during the night.

Sparrowhawk got a message from Sarashal saying that the caves were under attack and to come immediately.

The family set off but were ambushed on the way way a group of greenskins including Giants and Ogres wearing the symbol of the Flaming Gauntleted Fist.

We mention that we are friends of Gru Charak but the hobgoblin replied that Gru Charak wanted us dead.

The giants were well armored and fight with tactics. Hobgoblin shamens healed thew giants and ogres and upon loosing the battle both of the shamen disappeared (teleported?).

Looting the bodies of the fallen we recovered the following:

3 Rings 3 Hide Armour 3 Plate Armour 2 Greatclubs 1 Heavy Mace

When we arrived at the caves we were told that the Red Forge Elite had been attacked while on patrol and two were killed. Sarashal suggested that we remain at the cave during the night.

Sarashal gave us the codeword “Monkey” should he need to contact us again.

Chapter 11 - Investigating the Caves

We headed back to Wheloon and checked on the progress of the fort. The family employed Baldrick to be our eyes and ears within the project.

Arbori visited the library of the Anathanaum and discovered a few details. Discordant was a shadowy realm where red elemental magic was enhanced. Undead were know to be prevalent there.

She dicvoered a number of leads including further information on Discordant, the Glass crown and the Pyramid. We decided not to follow a lead on a fey creature called the clockmaker.

Manstrus – a human mage cast teleport and took us to the region of the caves we were to defend.
Enteba Green – a druid was in overall control and was aided by a sorceror Sorashal Al Fahim.

Our role was to guard Manstrus who was a specialist stone shaper. We met him and teleported into a forest where his familiar searched the area. The forest went on for as far as we could see. There were mountains to the far south and wooded hills around the area.
The trees were very old and all of the woodland seemed larger than those we were used to.

A ranger spoke to us in Elven but no-one in the party was able to understand him. He engaged us in combat, doing vast damage with his arrows before escaping.

The mage tolds us that we needed to locate an old ruined temple. Water flows into the temple via a river and elves got out of boats and processed into the temple. A ceremony took place involving an elven boy. Manstrus cast a spell that he didn’t want the boy to see.

Brother Wookie explained that the elves had conducted a marrage ceremony that seemd to involve a person marrying a (dead) spirit.

Manstrus had cast a beacon spell on a tree so that he could teleport back to this location.

An appararition appeared at the temple and an elven woman was crying at the sight. The woman pleaded to the apparition not to go and was very upset.

We were attacked by giant beatles during the night and then teleported closer to the cave in the morning. We approached Verdinika – a small village that used to contain dwarven miners. There were less than 20 houses in the village and a single Inn – The Sleeping Dragon.
A small temple of Cuthbert was also in the village but the priest appeared to have things he was trying to hide.

A mercenary company had been hired to guard the caves during the day – The Red Forge Elite.
A wood elven ranger was alos coming to help set traps in the area.

At the mine we were introduced to Palygra who wore a large purple hooded cloak which covered her face. We were to guard during the day and the Red Forge Elite would take over at night. We noted that some very disparate groups had been gathered here and that we were only playing a very small part.

We were told to expect attacks from tribal folks – orcs and goblins. We were also warned not to go further than 500’ into the caves.

Sorashal Al Fahim met us and explained the plans – The site was going to be guarded for a very long time, our role was to guard while these permanent defenses were being errected.

On the following day we captured ‘ropers’ and took them back to the mine to form part of the guards. We were attacked by 5 clerics, an action coordinated by Codias.
Sparrowhawk lost control of his form and was chained. He was then dragged to the jail where guards attempted to feed him to a huge swamp beast within the jail. The creature started to eat people and killed Sagramor.

The party attacked the church which appeared to be the centre of these disturbances and killed several people who proved to be worshippers of Jubilex, some sort of demon god of ouzes. We recovered a map of some nearby caves and spoke to the mayor about the torubles in his village.

Chapter 10 - Closing the Portal

The party agreed to re-enter Discordant and attempt to rescue some of the priests still trapped there. We traveled through the swamps back to the manor house and passed through the black portal once more.

On the other side a guardian was killed and the Naga was once again discovered next to a boat by the dock. The Naga escaped and the family rowed for a day, approaching the monestry landing. Once again we were attacked by the Naga. Six shadowy armoured figures attacked us and were dispatched. While resting overnight a human sized winged creature was seen flying around.

Inthe morning the family decided to use the boat to approach the location where the priests were being held. A mind flayer watched us but did not enguage.

We discovered 4 clerics being held in cages above a huge drop to the river below. The mind flayer stood on top of a building and an Imp set light to the ropes holding the caged priests aloft.

As the cage ropes burned through the Imp was dispatched and feather fall spells were cast upon the cages so that they fell slowing to the river where our folding boat was used to revocer them. The mind flayer teleported away. We discovered that three of the clerics have been killed in the last few minutes. They were placed into the tapestry. Sagramor dicovered a new power in that walls were no longer up and down but were sometimes flat (to him).

The party decended into the arena and were attacked by a large farting demon (Malsamar) and two imps. It ran away.

We rested overnight so as to be able to remove all of the poison effects.

We rescued Arnold a Priest of Pellor.

Within a library area we discovered 4 bookcases of books and one open on a pedestal which described:-

Those foretold to hold the fate of the world in their hands.
The Fate of the world is in their hands

We used the tapestry to steal the entire library.

We destroyed one of the numerous sets of bellows before leaving and hiding in the woods to rest.
We sailed away, being attacked by leaches at night. Back at the portal building the portal itself was blocked by an enormous tree which animated and summoned insects. We passed through and then cast a spell on the portal which closed it.

Chapter 9 - Recover the Wookie!

The party scout out bridges between the towers and near the waterfalls. One needle-like tower is surrounded by a field of bones. A mechanical construct was discoivered inside the tower with flails for arms. It was quickly felled but not before several unusual skeletal creatures were summoned from the bone pile below.

Withing the tower a giant bellows guarded by humanoids lay in one direction and black waving tentacles lay in another. The party headed off in the direction of the bellows and faught the 4 shadowy guards recovering holy symbols of Shar.

We finally discovered brother Wookie but he had been turned to stone. A silver bull (Gorgon) then attacked the party on the ground and a black cloaked figure attacked us from a walkway above saying that Despair was waiting for us.

At this point we attempted to consult the rumes but they were silent!
There was much discussion around hollowing out Brother Wookie and using him as a canoe with suggestions on how to make him hte right shape to float best.

Just off the path from where the Gorgon was encountered we discovered a black shadowy beasts. We decided to investigate their lair. At this point we must have been running out of options as there was a further discussion over how Gabriella was slow but was she sufficiently chewy and difficult to digest?

Tor was killed during this battle and raised using a scroll.

Further investigations revealed a magical tapestry that allowed us to store things within it including living things. It was effectively a huge bag of holding with a capacity of 15,000lb (6.8 Tonnes) and folded to the size of a handkerchief.

The party used the folding boat for a whole 4 hours and then rested overnight.

Sagramor dreamed during the night:-

A guant figure on top of a 300’ monolith, the figure was covered in bandages or rags. Up the side of the pyramid monolith was a staircase with a throne on the top. The figure in a cloak sat upon the throne. The monolith floated over an army that marched forwards and matched their pace.

On top of the mans head was a glass crown embedded with white crystals. The ground was snad and dust was everywhere. There was no vegitation and everything was grey however the place seemed vaguely familiar.

It took 5 days to sail back to the portal area at just 4 hours per day. The family were attacked just as we approached the pier with fireballs and hideous laughter. A naga was sighted and she shouted across that our destruction in this realm has been noted and that we will meet again. She threw a number of effects at us including a hideous laughter spell, multiple fireballs, magical distractions and stinking clouds.

We headed back to the bright white portal and back in the old manor house in the middle of the swamp. Passing through the swamp towards the lizard man camp we were attacked by vines and two shambling mounds. A passing lizard man took us back to his village where they offered a scout to take us back to civilisation.

Upon our return we noted that Weloon had become a lot more active. Initial rumor gathering disclosed that a local farmhouse had burned down, Ogres had moved into the forest and raided but hobgoblins from the fort had cleared them out. It was also repoerted that Barbarian Hordes were headed in the direction of Weloon. A fort was being built in the town and taxes had been raised to support the King.

The family were offered the opportunity to govern a fort, which would protect the cathedral and be paid for by the church of Pelor.

The Warduke leads the forces of the barbarians. It is rumoured that he has eyes of flame and is terrifying to see. The barbarians claim that their king has been captured and is being held within Haalgard.

We were given a letter of introduction to the Libraries of the Anathanaum within Haalgard. This would allow us to access a greater level of knowledge and the price for the information will be reduced.

We were given a budget of 800,000 Gold to design the fort which needed to contain a small church and house 60 guards.

Tor visited his crap crap (cursed) contacts – a shopkeeper. They had held the Fey box for a time and he was finally given the provinance of the box.

Brother Wookie told us of his ordeal – he had regained his senses due to the figure in the boat. He had a vision of the figure in the hull of a beached ship and this had aided him to break the influence and shake off the charm effect. He had tried to flee but had failed.
A mind flayer with black tendrils and a number of grey skinned humanoids had been guarding him. Dark priests had him fight undead in an arena hoping to learn something from these battles. His vision showed him that the person on the boat was in pain and battled constantly. He recognised the boat but could not recall which it was (or where it was).

Sparrowhawk was invited to see Master Carillo – the head of the Order of the Veiled Fist. Master Carillo explained that this was a defining moment for our kind -that there was a cave that needed to be protected and that it was linked in some way to Lycanthropes eventually being free of our curse.

The family agree to travel to the cave via teleport and to take over the design and defense of the fort.

Chapter 8 - The Shadow Portal

Within the house the group discovered a beveled mirror with tendrils of shadow projecting from it. A globe of darkness was within and it projected darkness into the room.

After resting for the night the family passed through the portal into what seemed to be another realm. In this place light is adsorbed and light sources only projected half as far as normal.

There were several volcanoes off in the distance and larva gave off one of the few sources of natural light. On this side of the portal the mirror gave off light rather than darkness.

The mirror was situated in a ruined building with no roof. The portal seemed to allow people through it based on time.

Looking out from the building we could see a river and a forest beyond – all very sorry looking. There were beads of light in the distance.

An ape like creature with four arms appeared and attacked us. It appeared to have been hanging people on hooks in another room. Some of them had limbs torn away and some torso had been eviscerated.

One of the bodies was someone who had taken part in the ceremony with Brother Wookie. [Payment for passage past this guardian perhaps?]

Inside a chest several items were discovered:

Potion – barkskin Potion – Owls Wisdom Potion – Levitate Scroll – Diminish Plants Jewelry – Broach of Shielding

Upstairs is another room with a magical throne and shuttered windows. Having cast an identify on the throne we discovered how to activate it.

It held guardians (shadow elementals) within it and they would attack if it was not activated correctly. We had to wear the carved symbol of some unknown god which gave pause to some members of the party.

Those who did and sat in the throne gaining the following:

All abilities last for 1 month +5 to Hide Resist Cold 5 Superior low light vision (240 Feet) [Outside this place they also appeared shrouded in shadow]

Exploring we discovered that the river made an island around us – Swamp and trees stretched off into the distance. Armored footprints headed off in 1 direction and lizard prints in another.

Discovered another building on the island we rescued a Sharptooth lizard man. He explained that the other Sharptooth prisoners had been taken to the Shadowscale Clan base in the other direction – they later returned as undead. Humans were always taken the other way.

A sturdy wharf was discovered and shortly after finding it a boat approached. A plan was quickly hatched to fool the boat keeper into taking us across the water while the remainder of the party followed in our own boat. Tegan took the lead and Sparrowhawk accompanied her in Tiger form.

On the boat (rowed by skeletons) we were told that Lady Arthas had recently used it to travel to the Monastery. The ship was called the Necrene and its master Sethirial. He was a member of the Order of Cyrician and Shar. He described the Black Rift and the arena beyond as having many defenses. Further questioning revealed that they were gathering Priests of Pellor to experiment on. Testing their own anti light effects on the undead.

After 20 miles of following occasional lights which roughly followed a coastline the boat keeper played a harp. He explained that it was to quiet a guardian that we were passing over.

Chapter 7 - The Vast Swamp

We headed into the vast swamp and towards the Tomb of Chonis. We entered and were immediately shot at by shadowy creatures.

They turned out to be Gnome sized humanoids who claimed to have been warned against us by an armored human female on horseback. When they realised we posed no threat they relaxed a little and told us of an overheard conversation.

“Lady Arthas has plans for our friend” – Which apparently referred to Brother Wookie.

The next day we headed into the marsh, passing by the stump of a dead tree that was surrounded by hundreds of skulls.

We were quickly surrounded by a large number of aquatic creatures. They appeared to be unfriendly but not hostile and we agree to be taken to their leader Kesseckic.

We travelled South East for an hour with these people and met the leader of the Sharptooth. He cast a zone of Truth on us and questioned us. Once satisfied of our intentions he relaxed and spoke of events in the swamp.

Some of his people had been captured and taken to a place called the Lost Refuge. Those who went were never seen again.

He had combined forces with two other tribes in order to try and fight off the darkness:- The Blackscales and the Poison Dusk. However the Shadowscales continued to attack them led by Kitsara Shadowscale.

These shadowscale warriors did not appear to be alive – their skin was stretched over their bodies.

Sharla the mate of Kesseckic had been lost recently and he offered us magic if we would free her. He gave us a necklace that would identify us as friends to her and also told us to mention “The Fallen Woods”.

The Shadowscale were led by two people, Thea Raven who had horns that had appeared from his skull and Kitsara whose feet had turned to giant claws.

At this point the camp was attacked by a giant crocodile headed humanoid and a large number of shadowscale. A tentacled creature floats over and hits with ten tentacles that paralysed on touch.

Following this attack Tegan and Tor went out to scout with one of the lizard scouts and encountered a headless horseman who attacked them with pumpkins.

The next day the party travelled past where the alleged attack from the headless horseman had been and could find no evidence of the landmark tree the scouts had described.

Following a brief attack by Trolls we scouted out the Lost Refuge and then climbed in over a broken wall. The building appeared to have partly sunk into the swamp.

We met the Crocodile headed creature “Cromat” who very nearly cut us in two. We also encountered creatures that we suspected were being magically controlled with magical bands that had needles that pierced into the flesh.

We rescued Sharla and also the previous chieftain “Gethan” who asked to come with us and fight.

An impassable doorway led to us heading into the building via more conventional means. A wolf acted as an alarm and the defenders poured out.

We managed to kill a sorcerer and the horned leader Thea Raven along with the remaining defenders.

The guards in the guard house locked themselves in and shot an occasional arrow at us. One used some magic to summon a Will-o-wisp from the swamp to attack us.

Chapter 6 - Rescuing the Wookie

The group entered the temple in order to rescue the Wookie. We still believed he was charmed from the ceremony but we had to remind certain family members with wickedly pointy daggers that we should really be subduing the guards in case we had got it wrong….

A couple of evil clerics were killed but we managed to just knock out all of the (presumably innocent) guards.

Within the temple we discovered the black glove that had been used on brother Wookie along with instructions of how it could be used to influence minds.

Downstairs we met a demonic woman in plate mail accompanied by another Arab. This appeared to be a person from the desert country of Thalimbar.

We discovered an inky black portal that turned out to be an illusion. On the other side was an alter surrounded by skulls. At the centre was another black portal that appeared to be damaged.

Further down in a dock area the group were over matched and outnumbered by a variety of creatures (sea monsters) and humans including the demonic woman. We barely escaped with our lives by floating away down the river.

There was a prisoner in the cell area of the boat dock but no sign of Brother Wookie.

Outside we tried talking to the purple dragons but despite admitting to breaking into the largest temple in the area and assaulting the guards we couldn’t even get ourselves arrested never mind them taking notice of our rumours of evil forces at work.

We healed up at the Temple of Cord who were more than happy to take our gold and then crept back into the Temple of Pelor via the water entrance. We questioned the prisoner there who turned out to be called Viera. He said that Brother Wookie had been taken away on a boat that returned within an hour.

We discovered a map of the waterways around Wheloon and also a path labelled “The Way of the Mantacore” that headed into the vast swamp.

We discovered diaries of the Arabs who complained that they were never allowed outside.

We gathered all of the evidence together and went back to the Purple Dragons who managed to arrest Sagramor and promised to investigate the temple.

The next day we got a note from Tenaster which said that he had more information on the temple. With Sagramor still incarcerated we went to the meeting point but walked into an ambush. The attack came from the rooftops and had been carefully prepared. We avoided much of it by accident rather than good planning or tactics and managed to kill the mage leading the attack and his henchmen. Unfortunately Tenaster suffered a sad boating accident and was horribly murdered while under our protection.

It turned out that this group had just been hired mercenaries told to kill us for the disruption we had caused.

We spoke to Lord Sarp and Bishop Orvill who by now were both involved. We discovered that the portal inside the temple was not active and so the survivors must have fled on foot. We therefore set out quickly on the Way of the Mantacore to try and catch them up.

At a location known as the ‘Unknown Shrine’ we met two merchants, Noray Wayrocket and Cubert Draftworth and somehow managed to hire them as guides. They took us to a nearby camp where we rested for the night.

Chapter 5 - Escape

As we returned to the black hand camp we were chased by a HUGE dinosaur. The people on the gates did not appear to want to let us in and delayed opening the drawbridge which allowed the dinosaur into the camp.

It appeared that the people in the black hand camp were unhappy about us because of the dreams they were having. They had been targeted for extra nightmares because we had been investigating parts of the island that the Fey were unhappy about.

We agreed to assist Aruf on one final journey using the boat and we agreed to meet him at midnight.

That night the party were visited by a vision of a disembodied head that demanded we go no further towards the volcano. A cloud of insects then headed towards the black hand village and as we awoke people who dreamed this awoke with fevers.

Aruf revealed that he was working for the Vam Biert family. Two years ago he had committed a crime and had a choice of either this job or death.

The elven Champion (Lark the ranger) had also been working with him (until we killed him). Aruf had learned of the map through Lark.

We investigated some of the scrolls that we had gathered from the library……

“Sealed by a mirror Kari – Not to be opened by any Mortabi”

“Protected by rested monks in a chamber”

“Used Gamaptria – Assigned numbers to letters. This was used to examine part of the scriptures of truth”.

“Gamaptria used to derive the great constant”

“Creation of the “Sun and Moon”

111 – Sun Kavah
106 – Moon Kufvah

“Multiply by 3 to give the great constants”

We were attacked by giant crabs on the way back. During the night a body had been taken from a hut and flayed and dismembered. The black hand camp blamed us for this and attacked us.
After killing 31 member of the village including one of the shamen, a mage and 6 of the armed warriors they got the message that perhaps we were too tough to kill…..

We traded the wand we had pilfered from Arufs treasure trove for an unknown item… A small ivory stave.

Aruf added some powder to a fire and clouds of coloured smoke wafted up as a signal for a boat to come and pick him up.

We negotiated with Captain Bromanti of the Silver Rose for passage to Halgaard. In fact he let us off before we reached there and sailed away.

We heard news that the Barbarian King had been kidnapped. The barbarians occasionally sacked Halgaard (the last time was 80 years ago and they were now overdue).

Ashore we met with Bishop (of Pelor) Orvill Van Biert. A member of a merchant family who had fallen on hard times but were now coming into prominence by changing having changed their goals to the seeking of Art and Knowledge.
Also part of the party were a few guards, a member of the local constabulary and a tall figure in a red robe wielding a long gnarled black staff.

His new temple (Cathedral) was being built in Wheloon South West of Halgaard.
He offered us 17,000 Gold for the scrolls we had recovered from the library.

After concluding our business and walking away we were attacked by an armed group claiming that we had stolen the Idol of the Van Biert family. A prisoner of this group turned out to be a priest of Pelor. The group summoned a strange wolverine that breathed flame and had metal plates and tubes in its body.

The Priest of Tenaster, Draney – He had been to the Cathedral which was a huge building complete on the outside but unfinished within. He told us of a ceremony called “Pellor’s Trust” being conducted there. He was suspicious of Father Shanathar so had decided to leave. As he ran off the temple guards had attacked him. Back at Wheloon he had asked around and had met Mervin who told him of another priest that had gone missing. People had attacked Mervin and killed him and so he ran away and headed west. Mervin had already spoken to the authorities and nothing had been done.

We were attacked again in the night. We questioned a survivor who revealed that this group had been given a description of us and had been told to ensure that we were not carrying any maps.

When we investigated the corpse of the wolverine we discovered it had been killed and then augmented using enchantment and transmutation magic.

The idol carried by the first group proved to be of an ancient demonic or diabolic figure
During the evening a man approached the camp. He was middle aged and walked with a stick. This was Tobias Faucault – He invited us to spend the night in the lodge in Rose Wood. This proved to be an outpost of monks – Members of the Order of Dawn.

Umberto, Teamore, Duran and Strall were all monks staying there.

Verdelith Silveroot (an elf) and his companions carrying a heavy (magical) wooden chest were also staying at the lodge. They had come from the far West. As thanks they offered the monks a small bushel of Silver Twigs which burn very brightly when lit.

During the night the Wookie received a vision of a man sat at a desk in the empty hold of a ship. It appeared to be beached. The person looked up and looked directly into his heart (he felt a connection there). The ship appeared to be beached and was somehow familiar.

In Wheloon Lord Sarp Redbeard governs the place as mayor. There are 150 Lore keepers under his control called the Purple Dragons. Consul Maximanus Thol leads the Dragons.

Within the town is a Temple of Kord, Mystra and the Cathedral of Pelor. There is also a small shrine to Silvanus.

Within the Temple of Pelor we were greeted by Shanthar a priest and introduced to Lady Ardenia Arthas who was in charge. Several of us agreed to take part in the ceremony that had been described to us in order to find out more of what was going on.

We spent 3 days in the ceremony which consisted of starvation and religious garbage. At the end they used a magical item on us and Brother Wookie succumbed to its effects.


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