A great cathedral

Cathedal to Pelor, Wheloon

A great cathedral filled with stained glass windows, statues to Pelor and his saints, altars and tapestries detailing the good works performed by the servants of Pelor. Outside, great steeples point towards the heavens as statues of angelic beings beckon in the worshippers along a bridge that runs to the north of the temple.

Situated around a quarter of a mile to the north of Wheloon the cathedral sits upon a table of rock with the Vale of Cathir to its west and the Wyvern River to its east.

Wheloon itself is a lively enough trading town of some 7000 inhabitants trading on being the last town on the road before the great plains of Tesseldale give home to many barbarian hordes.

Within the Cathedral itself, the “Trust of Pelor” has been offered, and accepted, by some

A great cathedral

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