Boreas Giant

The Boreas Giants are cousins of Frost Giants. Little is known about them, although a travelling bard visiting Walsingham a few years ago told the following tale about Boreas:

Legend tells that Boreas was a Frost Giant renowned for his athleticism and hunting prowess. He was one of many sons of Thrym, God of the Frost Giants, and longed to impress his aloof father. However, Thrym had little time to pander to attention-seeking children, and did little to acknowledge Boreas.

The North Wind spoke to Boreas one day as he climbed across the mountain ranges. It told him of other giants who had built a great fire that prevented the North Wind from blowing southwards across the wide plains. The North Wind promised Boreas eternal friendship if he extinguished the great fire.

Boreas accepted this challenge, hoping that such an achievement would distinguish him in his father’s eyes. He ran the many leagues to the place of the great fire, taking giant leaps on the North Wind from one mountain peak to the next, and slew the fire giants who tended the flames. Aided by the North Wind, Boreas summoned a snow storm to permanently douse the blaze.

When Surtur, God of the Fire Giants, heard of this deed he was enraged. He assembled a small army of giants and marched on Thrym to exact his revenge. Thrym was dismayed when he saw the army approach. He did not wish to see his kin slaughtered by Surtur’s army, and neither would he make any concession to his ancient foe.

In desperation, Thrym appealed for help from Kord, the God of Strength. Kord set a high price for his assistance, for the gods and the giants were ever enemies, but agreed to lend Thrym his strength for a single day. Thrym strode out alone to meet the army of Fire Giants. Such was his giant strength, now augmented by Kord, that he was able to throw Surtur over the top of the mountains, beyond the edge of the world, and into the abyss. The other Fire Giants turned and fled.

Kord’s bargain was that Thrym should give him one of his sons in return for the loan of strength. Unwillingly, Thrym chose to give Boreas to Kord, estranging Boreas from his blue kin. Thrym and Boreas were never again reconciled.

Kord trained Boreas to be his messenger, and Boreas took an oath to serve Kord. Kord built for Boreas a great castle, high in the mountains, and charged him with the task of guarding against outsiders. Thus, acting as sentinel, scout and hunter for Kord, Boreas became both respected and feared.

A few descendants of Boreas are believed to survive in the present day. When a shooting star is seen in the night sky then some folk say that it is the trail of a Boreas Giant leaping across the sky, carrying a message for the gods.

Such shooting stars, or meteors, are most commonly seen in specific areas of the night sky. The meteors seen in the constellation of Taurus are known as the Toronids, from which Tor takes his name.

Boreas Giant

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