Mortabi island

Rope bridge leading to Mortabi Island A volcanic island full of lush green vegetation. 2 tribes live on the island, one with an elven bias, the other made up of criminals, many with orc blood. A number of large stone temples, together with altar stones, hint at the possibility of this being the site of a lost civilisation. Great lizards roam around and seem to be dominant force upon the island with most creatures seeming that little bit larger, and more savage, than elsewhere.

The 2 tribes take part in a yearly ritual whereby 2 champions meet upon an elevated arena. The winner gets to live while the losers body falls into a spiked ditch. The losing tribe are then plagued by nightmares and disease until the following year. The winning tribe are then free for the year untroubled by such things.

A number of ancient, stone built temples are discovered. Altars stand atop a number of these, small pentagrams set within their backs.

Within the temple district lies a small underground library, dedicated to the work of a figure known as the Numerologist. A single undead figure existed within the library, consumed by a black smoke.

One of the effects of inhaling the black smoke is a bubbling of the flesh.

The Cave of Tears once held the Great Seal of light, now broken. A large cave system exists beyond the Great Seal. Inky black clouds existed within the caves.

Fey apparently exist within the forests to the east of the island and are responsible for many of the visions seen by the party and other inhabitants. They have a fey glade here and have little to do with anyone.

Within the Caves were two scrolls.

Scroll 1
Scroll 2

The Party were also subject to visions while on the island

Vision 1
Vision 2

Return to the island and two merchant ships are in the bay, we work are way ashore to try and get a look at who is here. Human crew on merchant ships suggest Vanbrert family.

Wooden constructions on top of old temple sites suggest that who ever else is here is trying to sort out the meaning of these many temple sites.

At the green skin village lots of elves are held prisoner. We relese one and a question him the humans that have arrived used giant kind to capture the elves about 2 months ago. The humans have been working on some of the ruins one group in particular, they would appear to be be taking sightings. One new site is identified that we had not investigated before that the humans have taken as their base, close to the one we investigated before (pictured above).

We find the last reasting place of Tyr Venardi, we are not the first to visit here, the crypt was protected by large trees and opened recenty. A hole pointed in the direction of the volcano, the message on the door suggested he could still see the place of his great thought.

Secret trap door above his tomb leads to a secret chamber , this contain a great puzzle of mathematics to allow access to more chambers these hold a great deal of information relating to these peoples understanding of what once happened and they deliberately left it to be found at a future point in time (now) when the world needs it most.

In simple terms understand what they have done here apply it to the world and find the hidden chamber.

While releasing the elves held by the ocrs we are again attacked by the fey with large reptiles.

While waiting above the island we were contacted by Amegan and with him Jenny Liddle and Avenging Red Avanti with some others from the pirate boat.

We attack the fort and kill some ogres a giant and one spell caster before we let out some horrible undead creature, during our attack the signal fire is ignited.

We move to the boats and mess up the attack as they are ready for us with a set of illusions while the real forces are hiding below deck. At this rate we will see the other boat sail off.

Mortabi island

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