Mortarbi Island Prophecies

Welcome stranger to this great island – if you are no simple grave robber and the Lerenderath have guarded this place appropriately then your presence here comes at a grave time in your civalisation. You have our greatest sympathy. But with what we leave behind, we provide at least hope that all is not lost. We trust you now seek to reveal that which the gods originally provided by their great sacrifice. Here within lies a little information towards your goal though the true secret is available only to those that share an understanding of Geometry and the Gamatria. For as the numnerologist told us – the path to understanding the will of the gods is through an appreciation of mathematics.

Know that we have built our temples in accordance with the will of Marakin himslef whose guidance in the arts of stonemasenry have been amongst the gods greatest gifts. Our understanding of the Gamatria and geometry have been essential in deciding the locations of the temples and are essential for you to understand if you are to map the temple thrones to the imaginary plane required.

Know also that this map is only one of some. Others such as these temples exist though most more subtilly woven into the fabric of the world than these great god inspired constructs. To be fully sucessful you must locate most if not all and anchor your sacrifice in the same way. Good luck and gods speed for your world will never be the same again.

When the temples have been mapped you must locate the temple of Mnemona – a temple that no living man has ever seen. This temple drifts as the anchor for the etherial chains itself moves through your world and in doing so maps its movement. To see that which Mnemona left befind you must understand the nature of her gift of reunion. From this understanding a grave realisation should befall you. A journey that one of you must surely make upon this island.

Mortarbi Island Prophecies

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