Speculations of Sparrowhawk

The Library of Last Resort

The information in the Numerologist’s Tomb appears to contradict that given to us by Amigan.

The Numerologist believed that the Artifact of the Gods was designed to be found at some critical point. “We trust you now seek to reveal that which the gods originally provided by their great sacrifice.”

“To see that which Mnemona left befind you must understand the nature of her gift of reunion.”

This gives us a few possible next moves.

Use the Library of Last Resort (created by Mnemona) to examine the moment of creation of the Order of Dawn and see if their purpose is still true to it’s original principals. Are we hearing the truth? Is there still benefit to not discovering the artifact of the Gods, even at this time?

Use the Library to examine the creation of the Demon Forest Seed – ‘An Artifact can only be destroyed upon the anvil on which it was created’ – Fokelore.

Use the Library to see the moment of creation of the gift of Reunion that Mnemona created.


Ages come and go – cataclysmic events mark the end of an age and there exists a chance of great change at this point in time.

‘Known’ history

Piecing together fragments that we have learnt so far……

At the end of each age there may exist the opportunity for a mortal to become a god. {Pure speculation – perhaps this is the weakness allowed by the caves of light}. The mortal ‘Aurora’ fought a powerful follower of Kalzakar the Deformed at one such juncture after he activated the Black Monolith by placing the Glass Crown upon his head. Aurora became the Goddess of Light and Love.

Tapestries of Tzolo – Tapestry 4 may relate to Aurora. {Check out her image in the cathedral in Lanercost or similar to confirm}.

The Caves of Light

The ancient gods created a place of safety for the mortal races in order that they could survive the events of the end of ages. There are several types of caves and each is a part of the greater plan, requiring the cooperation of different races (each guarding one type) in order that everyone is able to survive. Ref: Prophecy from Gru Charack

The Great Shadow

The end of days is related to a great darkness and the loss of the sun. At this time the great shadow which we first encounted on Mortabi island dominates and is possibly a controlling force that all races have to defeat in order to begin the next age. It then hides and begins to grow again and eventually causes the end of the next age.

The end of an age

Certain prophecies have been handed down the generations. Certain groups including the Order of Dawn believe that they have been tasked with ensuring that the age ends and a new one begins. They may know further details of the weakness inherent in the caves of light that spur them on {something to do with rising to Godhood as above?}

The Order of Dawn believe that a particular group of people will help see in the new age and so give prophecy a helping hand by gathering groups of people together and forming a bond that will result in such a dispirate group of individuals being willing to work towards a common goal. In order to hedge their bets they create multiple such groups so that the prophecy has the greatest chance of succeeding.

Possible locations of the anchor points (Caves of Light)

Orc Fort
Far Northern Forest location
Tzolo’s Complex
Possible location at Blackmore Prison

Speculations of Sparrowhawk

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