Wolsingham Town Square A small farming community where the party originated from. A population of around 500 people, primarily humans. Traditional occupations within the community are farmer, fisherman, local militia. Occasionally harried to the north by small hobgoblin forces looking to raid farms for food. A small church to Pelor exists within the wooden walls that encircle the village. Contains a small stockade.

Hilltop Farm

HillTop FarmA fair sized farm (approx 100 acres) 1 mile to the SE of the main town of Wolsingham. Previously owned by the parties parents but recently sold.

Notable Individuals

  1. Baron : Kres Worsborough
  2. Mayor of Wolsingham : Marton Adwick, brother of Brampton Adwick – the militia captain
  3. Militia Captain: Brampton Adwick
  4. Militia men : Brack, Fidgewell, Harper
  5. Pelor priest : Brother Haysham

Tickhill Gap

Between Brides Bay to the west and Tickhill and Rufford Gorge to the east. An area previously used to defend Wolsingham from raids from the north until the fort at Brancomb was used. Now abandoned but does provide a good view across the plains to Brancomb Fort.

Brancomb Fort

Brancomb FortOnce manned by local militia drawn from Wolsingham and other nearby towns. Taken over by Gruu-Makara before Gruu-Sharak retook the fort after executing Makara and delivering his head to Wolsingham and the party.


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