The Journals of Sparrowhawk

Chapter 23 - We don't need to run away

Brother Wookie cannot understand why Quill, Tor and Teghan are really keen to leg it. Sparrowhawk has already run away.

The teleporting ape uses its ability to rescue the rending beast.

Various wall spells are cast by the party to slow the enemies down. We attempt to shadow-walk out of danger but there is some effect in place that prevents movement of this kind.

The creatures continue to attack us in waves, gradually wearing us down.

Our mage wears the creatures down with a series of fireballs.

The house protections appear to be stopping creatures being summoned in.

Teghan reveals at this point that she has information that the lady of the house is doing something that will bode ill for the city. We wonder why Teghan waited this long to tell us….

Quill demonstrates his spell repatoir and variety of powerful magical feats – hasting us all.

Teghan activates an item and spots an Ur priest hidden invisibly in the nearby room.

Pink effect spreads throught the building – we believe it is caused by the building owner.

One by one we sucumb and start to grow evil looking wings.

Wookie grows leathery wings, fangs, hands and feet grow claws and horns grow from his head. Eyes glow a balefull red colour. He feels affinity for the undead golum.
Mind is beset by darkness and hatred.

Tiralandi beconds Teghan over and has a conversation.

Feel that we can cast desicration and darkness. Gain darkvision.

Outside so many of the city have been transformed that the sky turns black with winged people. They congregate around this building. People who have escaped the effect are quickly ripped apart.

Feel slightly afraid of Teghan and feel she could bend us to her will.

Fly speed =40’
Smite Good 1/day +11 dam Vs Good
Darkness 3/day
Desicrate 1/day
Unholy blight 1/day
Darkvision 60’
Saves Vs Poison +4
Resistance Acid / Cold / Elec / Fire +5
Damage Resistance 5/magic

Magical hand axe *2
Magical Medium Full Plate
Elixir of Fire Breath *3
Potion of Cure Crit *3
Potion of Invisibility *3
Potion of Haste *2
Vial of Poison *3
Magical Bracers (Ape) – What do these do???

The party carefully removed the squares on the map and their fingerprints.

We descend into the passages that lead to Lady Wolvera

Plot / struggle for control of the power of the world.

Order of Dawn – 1 faction

Three groups that mimic us. One dead. One very powerful and us. These have been a pain in the arse to the evil faction.

Lady Wolvera – taken over all of us and will gain permanent control of us if she continues her ceremony.

We go down and search for her.

Huge circular room – very plush. Huge number (40) of rich figures that have been butchered in there.

Wookie starts eating hearts while Sparrowhawk loots. Most people have had their throats cut.

Ghostly spectres rise from the bodies. We destroy them with ranged magic.

Off the main corridor are offices with stairs up to small towers with no exits.

Loot 3 black metal rings (M)

Brother Wookie starts believing he can control undead instead of destroying them and is killed by a shadow. Then raised as a shadow. Then killed again. He’s going to be damm expensive to raise…..

Discovered a room with abjuration magic on one wall. Teghan just manages to spot a hidden door using all of her skills. Behind is a chest containing a number of wands (8).

Teghan attempts to get our items back from Tyralandi but she refuses. We decided she has annoyed us sufficiently to be murdered.

We search downstairs extensively but discovered nothing and so go upstairs.

Up there we are met by a large golum that is battered down.

Large room / auditorium below with many golums. Arbori uses some powerful magics to destroy them all. We explore through a maze of doors, all opening into bedrooms.

Loot a variety of books
Silk underwear
Pouch made of human flesh containing gold

Discover another large golum that looks like Lady Wolvera
It is quickly dispatched.

Large red fleshy golum in a room guarding several chests – we decide to come back later.

9 Pieces of artwork (3600g)

Shockingly realistic pictures of snakes eating humans.

Two snake-like armoured creatures cast darkness spells and attack us.

Tyralandi sends a message to Teghan saying that she managed to get a scroll of resurrection but it was very costly.

One dies and another runs away into a magical circle.

4 dark blue potions
(M) Spiked Chain *2
(M) Large Steel Shield *2
(M) Falshion *2
(M) Huge Mighty Composite Longbow *2

We walk into the circle and are teleported to another room below ground. There is a body of water and some stores.

We find a number of near naked females locked in cells but choose to leave them for the moment. Behind a series of portcullis we find another undead hydra and the injured snake creature.

Swim out of the water passage and discover a way out and into the harbour. Search the rest of the caverns and with the help of some tracking discover a secret door in the store area.

Huge cavern – containing a statue of one of the Lords of Discordant.

The cavern is almost completely flooded and algae covers the surface. One island houses the statue with another snake man, a mage and Lady Wolvera who now appears with a snake tail.

Teghan suddenly claims she has to slay Lady Wolvera on the alter which will give us control of ourselves and the horde outside. Then have to travel to Discordant. Can then turn us back into ourselves.

Tor consults the runes…… (What happens if we walk away)?

If we walk away we are weak and this will lead to bad luck and misfortune but we will get a boon at some time in the future. An alternative path will not get us anywhere.

Mage appears to have been coverted into a demon similar to us.

She says that the defense went well and that we should wait upstairs.

Lady Wolvera drains the life from Sparrowhawk, apparently killing him but he turns to mist and floats away just as the others finish off the winged mage.

NOTE TO SURVIVORS – Lady Woolvera is taking 2 actions a round!



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