The Journals of Sparrowhawk

Chapter 51 - Back to the Demodans Ire

On the Iron Duke traveling to Thalambar, the day after the attack by Demigorgon, so effort is put into removing the target on Teghan’s chest. We are still a couple of weeks away from Thalambar

We plan to teleport Sagramor and Arbori ahead to arrange the deal with messaging ahead we track down the magic carpet guy but he is not in Thalambar however for 7% (who would have thought that vampires haggle) he will find someone to deal with.

One of the gifts of the gods is probably Mithral.
We also have some magical inspection from the swenger, Teghan squeals and squirms her way out of it – ah boy we don’t trust her now.

Tor wants to return to the castle as other people might take it over, we plan to teleport and set teleport marker on the ship so we can return. The castle is still ours – they report a glow a long way to the north east in the direction of Bucastle

Tor talks with the master smith about the possibility of removing sparrowhawks mithral implants this might take some more work than we first thought. as Tor cannot read the instructions by Teghan is keen to help what could possibly go wrong! Sparrowhawk appears to be one tentacle short.

We consider what else needs to be done, we think knowing more about the Order of the Dawn would be useful – location of the sun, process to restore the sun and location of the chains, it was the Order of the Dawn that were supposed to keep this information safe.

Tor and Sparrowhawk investigate:
Orville and Samsunthatch – A quick visit to the cathedral in Wheloon to find him turns up little they suggest a lesser sun has been created in the east (north of Bucastle). Wheloon has now got a lot of fortified towers, humans appear to be in control. Move on to Samsunthatch’s a few undead on the road before arriving at the manor house. No one appears to have been here for some time. The damage to the interior suggests that our dream damage has carried over although not quite the same.

Sagramore and Karma
Head to the light – 400 miles north of Bucastle Small town with a cathederal to Pellor the town appears very well fortified town with elemental creatures guarding the walls humans farming outside. A shanty town has sprung up outside the town and stories abound that the refugees might go missing or be chased off so that rich can live here. The light in sky looks like a sun but is only two miles up moving closer feels good. Outside the area the evil undead still exist but make no inroads to the sunny day.

Send to Tiralandi to find the location of Hell Fire Mountain – she says meet Jabba in Esterville and he will take you.

Sparrowhawk feels the temptation to be free of the bounds that constrain him from drinking more freely?

Visit to Gilsand to sell some stuff and a mini shopping spree ensues.

We meet Elin Yari in an inn in Gilsand.

Vaden Kiang suggested the meeting to work out a post-darkness way forward. We introduce ourselves with respect to the prophecy, our Library / new Sun story, the temple of Mnemona and our connection with Amigan.

She never knew Amigan. She understands what needs to happen and it’s quite a lot. She is unsure why Sparrowhawk and Teghan would be interested in the return of the Sun.

The crystal is well hidden and well guarded. It would create the sacrifice of hundreds of the great and the good in the King’s land to create the new Sun. Or the sacrifice of a god. There is discussion on ascension to godhood. She has never heard of Gathra, we let her know about her extinction plan.

The crystal is called Beleg Maril Anor Ad Onen. The crystal must be taken to Starswatch and people must be give themselves freely, saying what and why they are giving themselves. Once the crystal is seeded the Sun will light and take its path. The chains bend to the will of those who bear artifacts of the gods. They are god touched and have been handed down through generations. Wielding these items allows one to command the chains. They may be mundane items but are known by their guardians.

Sparrowhawk thinks that the Castle is controlled by the Boreas giants and we have the lifetime of Tor to achieve what we need.

Do the items include the Tears of Aurora? Time to talk to Bishop Orville. The Wookie certainly carried it to Dividens Ire, but we lost track of it there.

The Order knows the location of a small number of these items. She doesn’t think we need all of the artifacts. Sparrowhawk indicates our willingness to fetch any that the Order doesn’t control.

The chains are in a number of places including the Stormlord’s keep. She suspects you need the artifacts to enter such places. They have four or five and she thinks this may be sufficient to hold the Sun. Some locations move and they used to be tracked using the constellations but that isn’t possible any more since many stars have fallen.

We tell her of the Golden Child, the Hunter and the Monk. She says the child has a constellation birthmark showing the location of a set of Golden Chains. The Order
succeeded in stopping the chains being severed there, King Artemis stopped another but it wasn’t enough to hold the Sun. She suspects the items aren’t keyed to a location.

She will return, contact the holders of the items and places. We can contact her with sending. We were invisible to her – probably while we were in the Library. Sagramor does some kind of detect and finds her to be Good as do most of her followers. They teleport away.

Recap: Discussion on Dividens Ire, the angel, She’Shara, Vanthus (Death Knight), Orgosh the Lich and the artifact. (Chapter 39). Shami-Amora is Demogorgan’s mistress who is trapped in the Well of Darkness and Orgosh can take us there. The Barabu demon escapes and knows where the artifact is.

To Do List:

  • Check out Bishop Orville via Sansom Thatch’s mansion.
  • Return to Dividens Ire, find Shami-Amora in the Well of Darkness and recover the Tears
  • Sell the boat

We return to the boat and talk to the Captain. He has been visited by a Balrog and a flock of demons looking for Teghan. He tells them we went to the Stormlord’s Keep and are coming back. They search the boat and leave. We find two teleport markers and try with standard dispels which aren’t powerful enough suggesting they were cast by the big D himself.

We arrange for the sale of the boat and receive 260,000 for it and the mithril parts that were once part of Sparrowhawk. After an epic shopping trip we plane shift to the prison dimension.

We attempt to gain entry via a door and are attacked by the Gargoyle like creatures who immediately drain the life of many of the party.

Walking inside Arbori, Tor and Teghan immediately throw themselves onto the pillar of flaying and have their faces ripped off.

Arbori then realizes she can cast antimagic shell.

Speak to Orgosh the malformed Lich
Beltaurious has been around and gathered up everyone and placed them in cells.

The new warden Beltaurious (an armored pit fiend) is no in charge.
The half fiend has left the complex.
Teghan plays in the Poo and discovers a grand ring (10k gold) with the name Shamiamoray engraved onto it.

We explore this area fully and then move on. On opening the door two Hezeru demon appears and attacks. We kill both of the demons and proceed to the area with the Chasm.
Some failed scouting later we discover Cubalex and three more hiding around a corner.

Cubalex and 9 Heraru are quickly dispatched.

He has

Magical Ring
Magical Ring
Magical Battle Axe (Huge) *2

Opening the next door we discover Beltaurious (pit fiend) guarding the way across the bridge and 6 green skinned demons flying nearby.



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